Scrapbook Sunday: 10 Random Facts About Me

10 random facts about me (scrapbook page inspiration)Hey, pals! Today I'm here to share a quick photo book page idea with you! This one is called "10 random facts about me". It's a fun page to do every few years to see how you change and what stays the same. Bonus points if you make pages for your family members too! 

10 random facts about me (scrapbook page inspiration) This page is a great way to use extra, leftover embellishments you've been hoarding. I used a couple items from this month's Messy Box as well as some leftovers from previous kits and this fun little pin from

If you haven't already, start a small box for random "happy bits" like these. Keep cute little pieces all in one place so you'll have them for future Messy Book projects! 

10 random facts about me (scrapbook page inspiration)  Print out 10 random facts about yourself. Cut the sentences into strips for your page. 

10 random facts about me (scrapbook page inspiration)   Adhere all the strips to your page. It's good to choose a photo with some "white space" like this one. So avoid photos where the subject is taking up the entire frame. I like to add the words first and the embellishments last. I use the embellishments as color pops. 

10 random facts about me (scrapbook page inspiration)    I added my embellishments and called it done. This is a super easy 30 minute page! The hardest part is just thinking of 10 random things! By the way, my little pin will be clipped to the outside of the page protector, not the inside. 

Oh—and a few explanations about my 10 things…5. black coffee. Boy, have things changed! I used to only drink frappuccinos and sweet lattes. But mind over matter, I forced myself to get into black coffee and it worked! 6. What's your soulmate city? 7. Did you know I was a fan of Jeremy's music before we met each other? Some things never change! 8. My taste in movies. 10. I could have put a lot of things here. #treatyoself 

PS- I see those mistakes too, but whatever—scrapbooks do NOT have to be perfect. Happy Sunday! xx- Elsie 

  • I love this. For me, scrapbooking isn’t just a way to store pictures, it’s a way to journal about my life in that moment. I think it’s important to include OUR stories in our books, even as we focus on the bigger moments. 🙂

  • This is so clever! I love how simple you made this look!
    It’s funny how you refer to a soulmate city…mine is (and always will be) Pittsburgh. I love everything about this city – the people, the food, the places! 🙂

  • I get soooooooooooo excited for these scrapbook Sunday posts!! I always finish them feeling inspired to make something, ASAP.

    Also–I must have a bad eye or something, because I don’t see any of mistakes you mentioned! It’s perfect and completely adorable.

    Jo Farmer

  • This is so cute! Thanks for the inspiration. I love you random facts. Fried pickles are delicious! I like them with ranch.

    Dori | dorigamii

  • Happy Sunday!
    I only recently came across your blog and found out about these subscriptions and I signed up immediately for both happy mail and messy box! I love the concepts so much! However, I’m kind of bummed out about all the previous months I missed out on! :'( Do you guys think you’ll ever have a throwback Thursday themed kinda month? Maybe we could vote on the items we want back or maybe sell them in the shop? It’s just a thought! Have a lovely day! xoxo
    PS: I love Scrapbook Sunday!!!! <3

  • Great idea for a page, Elsie! Such a cute photo of you! I will spend National Scrapbooking Day having fun with my Messy Boxes!! I may just steal your page idea so I can get a quick page done right from the start! I am absolutely, thoroughly, enjoying your Messy Boxes!! They are AWESOME!!!! And your customer service is FABULOUS!!

  • We aren’t planning to sell items from previous kits (the exclusivity is a part of what makes them special!) but I’m curious which items you’d like to see more of in the future!
    xx- Elsie

  • Don’t be silly your scrapbook is more than perfect!

    How to: get perfect winged eye-liner in 10 seconds

  • 7. I remember you coming home from your first of Jeremy’s shows, and gushing that you had the chance to meet him afterwards. Love is sweet… 😉

    This page is adorable Elsie! Can’t wait to try. It would be cute to make one for my puppy Eggnog too… Too far?

  • I totally understand! I absolutely adore all of the prints, any cool notepads/stickers (specifically the circle ones used to seal envelopes), and I’m obsessed with the vintage cameras, black and white thankful, and just any simple blank/hello/no specific occasion cards!

  • Stuff I’d love to see from the kits- that days of the week washi. I LOvE it!

    Which printer did you use for your photo? I’m deciding between the two canon printers that you gals talk about the most on here.

  • What a great prompt and layout! More like this, pretty please… I always need prompts 🙂 And by the way… I love love love seeing so-called ‘mistakes’. I mentioned on your Instagram a few weeks back that as a mom and wife with a beyond full time job/career I struggle with finding time to be creative, so I can’t let unrealistic perfectionism get in my way of leading a creative life! Thank you!!! xo hil

  • Since you asked 😉 i would love to see more “for dudes” cards like the one you made “happy bday bro”. I sent it to a friend and he absolutely loved it…i like all the happy mail cards,but it is hard to find one to send to a man!

  • This is such a great idea! I try to write cards for my scrapbook every so often like what things I like, what shows I’m watching, etc, but I’ve never thought of making a whole page out of it like this!

    The White Corner Creative

  • I am finding myself looking forward more and more to these posts on Sundays! I just ordered a Messy Book and signed up for the Messy Box and am beyond excited to get them and start scrapbooking! I love this idea you made here!
    Time to print out my photos 🙂

  • Dude such an awesome layout! Now to come up with ten random things…. my messy box is calling 🙂

  • This is such a great idea, I have limited means to print out pictures so when I print too many I get very bummed out but now, thanks to you, I can make random facts pages for my kids. I can wait to use more of my messy box stuff to make some pages tomorrow!!!! I am so in love with you messy boxes I have been scrapbooking for a year now and now that I get a box full of scrapbooking supplies I find myself getting more excited to scrapbook, it’s such a pain to start on a page and realize you don’t have much to work with, now I do!!!

  • Love it! It’ll be so good to look back on this in 10, 20, 30 years!

    Scrapbook Sundays are my favourite posts, you guys are so inspiring!

  • This is such a cute and simple idea! I love your ten facts. 🙂

    Nina xo |

  • Absolutely love this idea! Oh, and p.s. I am totally with you on the Dinosaur thing! There’s something about them that melts my little heart!


  • I love hearing that you’re your husband’s biggest fan! Mine is also a musician and sometimes it can be hard (this weekend was a particularly insecure one for me), so it’s always really nice to hear of others making it work. You guys make a beautiful couple!

  • Love this! And I love how easy you made it by breaking it down. You guys have an amazing customer services and always shocked about how fast your get things shipped! When do you suspect your 9×12 page protectors to be back in your shop? And will you being getting new albums in as well?

  • Great layout!

    I’d love to see a ‘progress’ post or video walkthrough of how your book(s) are coming together with all these pages you’ve been creating lately 🙂

  • I love this idea! Such a fun way to see how you (and your family) change over the years. Especially if you use similar categories or prompts for the facts. Palm Springs definitely ranks among my favorite cities, but Santa Barbara holds the soulmate spot.

  • My two daughters and I made one each of these this afternoon. They are very young but it kept them absorbed planning and decorating for over two hours. It will be a really nice keepsake. Great idea.

  • Could you do tutorial about making your own happy mail? I love your ideas, and was wondering how you come up with them!

  • I love your wedding ring. Could you share with us, the brand? I like the simple style! 🙂

  • I just turned 23 and I want to document my life weekly. I think this would be such a fun page to have at every birthday or end of the year to see that changes that happen! I’m going to get scrapbooking a page like this today!


  • WHERE ON EARTH DID YOU GET YOUR OVERALLS?! I am so in love with them. I have been looking for a pair but have not had any luck!

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