Scrapbook Sunday: August Messy Box Fun

Scrapbook Sunday fun with Messy Box. Get more details at www.ABeautifulMess.comThis week's Scrapbook Sunday is all about the summer vibes inside the August Messy Box. I fell in love with the ombre, tie-dye effect on the paper in this kit and loved the marbling. I may be hoarding the rest! The oversized alpha were really fun to play with, and I put the lip stickers and dots to work for a bit of that pop art vibe. One of my favorite things about the smaller paper options in this kit is that there were prints on both sides. So this would be the perfect set of papers for a summer mini album!

ScrapbookSunday-August Messy BoxSummerVibes2The gold overlay on this card meant it needed to be one of the focal points of this page. I paired the pink with some sherbet and mint colored photos and then added in some photos from last summer and an Instax from our vacation to So Cal. The crystal illustration was a postcard that I cut down to size, and I used a ledger paper from this pack as well.

SummerVibesI wanted to see how I could customize one of the larger alpha, so I rubbed it directly on an ink pad. It had kind of a watercolor effect with some ink pooling. I let it dry to see what would happen and it has a little depth to it. It almost looks like a swimming pool. I thought it still needed something, so I just added some journaling on top of it with a messy pen and it didn't bleed or smear. So it was a win!

SummerToDoListRoadTripFor this page I wanted to include specific photos that didn't necessarily fit into designated pocket squares. I cut an Instax down on the sides and just stapled a larger print from Artifact Uprising centered over four empty squares without stapling the inserts closed. Then I added a few of the smaller cards from the Messy Box and a few more photos. 

Go On an AdventureI didn't alter the large alpha for this page because I wanted the white to help balance out all of the busyness on this page. I was going to use the blue sky for a journaling spot but then filled it up with some fun stickers from a previous Happy Mail package

VacationPage1SummerDieCut2I was thinking of another way to customize the alpha die-cuts when it occurred to me that they would work really well as templates. I found a full bleed page in a catalog I was hoarding that didn't have any text and decided it would be perfect for cutting out my word. It had three layers of color and wasn't so busy that the shapes of the letters would be hard to make out once cut out. You could also use a personal photo printed as an 8" x 10" or larger and cut out your text. Once I had my letters traced and cut, I stapled them onto the transparency with the gold marbling effect. I'll add this in to my album and layer the other two pages behind it. 

SummerDieCut-August Messy BoxAugust Messy Box-Scrapbook Sunday 1It's so much fun to get lost in a project like scrapbooking and I love that it's helping me think ahead to print out more photos and get these memories off my camera and into an album! Have you already started scrapbooking your summer memories? –Rachel 

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

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