Scrapbook Sunday: December Daily

1Hi, guys! Scrapbook Sunday is backkkkk. Apologies for the short break. I've been scrapbooking for an upcoming e-course (I'll share a peek at the end of this post!). So thanks for being patient with me and I'll be back next week. With that said, this week I have something AMAZZZING to share with you! Laura's December Daily Album! She did such an incredible job. You'd never believe this is one of her virgin voyages into scrapboooking. Here's what she said about her experience-

"I had known about this challenge for a couple of years now, and although it sounded really fun, I think I was also intimidated by it. I haven’t really done much scrapbooking, so to be honest, I was afraid I wasn’t going to be very good at it. Thankfully, Elsie convinced me to give it a try this year and I’m so glad that she did! I will admit though that this was not an easy challenge for me. I found it tough to take pictures (let alone interesting pictures) on the mundane boring days, I kept forgetting to take pictures at events I wanted to remember, and the whole process of choosing/editing/resizing/printing/cutting the photos took way more time than I was expecting. Once I had all the photos printed though, it was really fun to finally put them together and see the book come to life. I would definitely suggest completing the book in stages throughout the month so it doesn’t all sneak up on you at once at the end. It makes the process a lot more manageable. Overall, I love the end result and I’m so glad that I accepted the challenge this year. It was definitely a lot of work, but I documented so many special moments that I’m sure I’ll brave it all again next year!"

2222222222222SO cute, right?!!! Thanks so much for sharing, Laura. 

And here's a little sneak peek at my upcoming e-course… 

Sneak peekHappy Sunday! xx. Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Laura Gummerman and Elsie Larson. 

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