Scrapbook Sunday: February Messy Box

Scrapbook Sunday February Messy Box ( you also obsessed with office supplies? I find I’m always stashing away my favorite scissors and pens. Do you hide your favorite supplies too? I was so excited to open my February Messy Box to find the cutest retro office supply themed kit. I think my favorite part of the kit is the cork board number stickers. Plus, the colors are perfect for this time of year in Phoenix. It’s already starting to feel like summer! The bright pastels are so cheery!

Scrapbook Sunday February Messy Box ( Scrapbook Sunday February Messy Box ( Something I really love about the Messy Books are the 9 x 12 page protectors. I feel like these challenge me creatively, but I always like how they turn out. I wanted to use those adorable cork numbers, so I used a two from this Messy Box and spelled out February. The weather is getting warmer and the sun is setting a lot later here in Phoenix. It has been so wonderful, that I wanted to make a page to highlight the beautiful February weather.

Scrapbook Sunday February Messy Box ( Scrapbook Sunday February Messy Box ( Scrapbook Sunday February Messy Box ( The little 2 x 2 inch plastic cards are so cool! The retro phone was perfect for documenting my time catching up with friends from out of state. They are slightly transparent, so I layered one by just stapling it to a 3 x 3 card. I went with the vintage phone and keyboard print to symbolize my video chats with friends. Documenting the little special moments are always my favorite!

Scrapbook Sunday February Messy Box ( Scrapbook Sunday February Messy Box ( The peaches ink pairs really well with the colors this month. The bright pastels are so pretty. This retro office supplies themed kit was so fun to scrapbook. My February layouts are all about time with family and friends as well as my new garden. I’m hoping to get everything planted before it gets too hot! What are your February layouts about? How are you using those cute 2 x 2 plastic cards? xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Hager. Photos edited with Scrapbook from the A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • i love (all of) Laura’s post!!!!
    every time i think i have no idea what to do with this months messy box, she comes and blows it out of the park!
    i love her style!!!!

  • I am such a planner/ office supplies nerd! I love hoarding everything from post it notes to paper clips, to the point where it just gets ridiculous. 🙂

  • Those stamps are darling! Love.
    – Katie

  • Love the idea! I need to start scrapbooking again and make my own.


  • Ahh I really want a Messy Box, but I already have heaps of scrapbooking items! First world problems ?

  • This is so cute!
    I really need to get back into scrapbooking. x
    Izzy |

  • I love your pages, always, but especially that large one with the black and white stamps! So pretty!


  • As usual, really love your messy boxes! I journal too but it’s a bit of a scrapbook so once I just up my current stash of knick knacks, this would be a great thing for me.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I definitely do the same I’m obsessed with office supplies and all things stationary! This messy box is so cute I love the scrapbook and photos!

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