Scrapbook Sunday: Felt Cut Outs

Three ways to use A Beautiful Mess wool merino felt in your scrapbook pages. More at Have you had a chance to play with the new Merino wool felt from the A Beautiful Mess shop? I fell in love with the colors as soon as I saw them and knew I needed to add them to my scrapbook pages somehow. I love the saturated colors, and the thickness of each sheet means cleaner lines when cutting out shapes and letters. I used about 3/4 of a single sheet on these three pages and already have some ideas for other ways to put this felt to work!

ThreeFeltCutOutsI wanted to create a negative space cut-out with colored paper behind the felt as part of the composition on this page. I found alpha stickers that would work with the dimensions of this pocket and then traced the reverse image on the reverse side so the pen lines wouldn't accidentally show. I scooted the alpha into the corner as far as I could. It held up really well while I was cutting because it's so thick. 

OneI then placed a mint-colored piece of card stock behind it for contrast. It's an easy way to add a lot of color and texture to a page.

FeltOneFor the next page I just cut out a square slightly narrower than the pocket protector and added alpha stickers in mint on top of the pocket protector. I cut out a second square and then free-hand cut a heart shape to create another graphic element. It could easily be used as a frame overlay.

FeltTrueLoveFeltCutOutHeartFor my third page I cut out the word 'hi' without using alpha stickers as a template, but you could easily use the same technique from the first page. Just be sure you pay attention to whether you're cutting in to the inside or the outside of the letter shapes as you go. I simply stapled my felt to the page, but you could also stitch it down.

FeltCutoutsHiFeltIt's so much fun experimenting with new products, but especially when that product can be used in so many different ways. Also, this is my favorite shade of yellow. It's not too sunshine-y if you know what I mean. -Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photo edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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