Scrapbook Sunday: How to Make Scrapbook Pocket Cards

How to make scrapbook pocket cardsHey, friends! After nearly a year in development, my scrapbook album system and kit are getting very close to launching. I'll be revealing the first Messy Box and albums here in a few short weeks!! So to lead up to that, I am going to spend the next couple weeks sharing fun, EASY ways to make things for your scrapbooks from scratch. This week we'll make pocket cards! In my album system, there are four pocket sizes—9×12 (which is a full page), 4×6, 3×4 and 3×3. We do have a few ledger packs available that fit the pockets, but since I want even more variety, I decided to make some. Plus—I LOVE making cards. It's super fun and addictive. 

Today I'll share three easy ways to create your own custom cards from scratch! 

How to make scrapbook pocket cards Prepping paper: I always like to have a stash of 3×3 and 3×4 cardstock on hand. I prep this in advance by cutting down cardstock to size. It's nice to have a stash always available. 

How to make scrapbook pocket cards  Watercolor paint: I love watercolor paint because depending on how much water you use, you can really control the color intensity. I like cards that are easy to journal on and messy but have soft patterns. 

How to make scrapbook pocket cards   Markers: Use markers and a ruler to create your own grid and line patterns for journaling. I like to use soft colors for journaling so that the black pen shows up better. 

How to make scrapbook pocket cards    Stamping: Stamping is a super fun way to create patterns. I am a big fan of repeating patterns and usually just fill the card with one stamp impression over and over. I also love letter stamps. My "no way bae" card is a joke for my husband because he won't stop calling me Bae. Good story, right? No? OK… moving on.

So anyway! On the red cards you can see I am using white ink. It's super fun to play with. I normally avoid a color base on my cards, but that white ink is a game changer! 

The stamp set I am using for all of these cards is the newest Ali Edwards Story Stamp. I like that they are small and text based. Easy to mix and match. 

How to make scrapbook pocket cards     Here's a completed page. You can see here that these cards are super easy to mix and match. I like that the patterns are soft, but personalized. If there is one pet peeve I have in scrapbook products, it's when stuff feels really generic. Making my own cards and customizing them really eliminates that problem. I like my books to feel simple, but personal! 

Hope you guys have a great Sunday! Who's watching the Oscars? I am! xx. Elsie 

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Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson 

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