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Happy Sunday! It’s Laura here, and I’m back to share my June Messy Box scrapbooking pages with you. One of my favorite things to do is travel. And when I’m traveling, I always take lots of pictures, collect paper, and save tickets from where I go. I love coming home with a variety of photography and memorabilia to scrapbook. I have a box where I save all my treasures until I’m ready to scrapbook. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten very behind on my travel books. I was so excited to see the travel theme! It was perfect for helping me get caught up on some of my past travels!


When I saw the tropical leaf cards, I knew that I wanted to use them to get my Hawaii pages started. I added the location with alphabet stickers and used a stamp to mark an X on the destination card. The chipboard letters that come with this month’s kit are so fun. I used them to add the abbreviation for Hawaii on the bottom card. Then, I filled the last pockets with pictures from my trip. It became the perfect first page for my Hawaii trip scrapbook!




I recently went to Portland to visit my friend, and I’m trying to get these pages finished before they get added to the “to be scrapbooked” box. My photographs had a lot of pink tones, so this kit matched perfectly. It really made my photos pop! On this page, I added several of the cute little tab stickers that were included in the kit. These helped me bring out more of the colors in my photos. 


I still had some great cards left, so I decided it was finally time to pull my Paris photographs out of the box. The pink city card was so perfect for this page. I wanted to keep the title page for my travel albums simple, so I just inserted a few more cards and added a little bit of text. I love how this page turned out! When starting a new album or section of my travel album, I like to have title pages to get things started. 



What I really loved about this month’s Messy Box was that I was able to work on pages from three totally different destinations and the cards were able to match each one perfectly. This kit had such variety that it’s possible to document almost any vacation! Plus, the colors are gorgeous! I had so much fun working on these pages and it feels great to be getting caught up on my scrapbooking.

Do you also have a “to be scrapbooked” box of treasures? What vacations or memories will you be documenting with your June Messy Box? xo. Laura

 Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Hager. Photos edited with Scrapbook from the A Beautiful Mess actions.
  • i LOVE laura’s scrapbooking posts!
    im definitely going to miss her.
    i hope whatever is next in terms of scrapbooking that she’s part of the team once again!!!!
    and i do agree this set is beautiful for scrapbooking. cant wait to go o n my vacations and use this set!!

  • Your travel pages turned out so great! I recently went to Portland as well so this was exactly the inspiration I needed to get started on my scrapbook!

  • I don’t have a “scrap box” but I do have tons of mementos from travels that are nicely crammed into travel guides for that place etc. One day I’ll get around to making the albums!

    And I know it’s not strictly promoting the messy box product, but would have been nice to see how you incorporate your ticket stubs etc into your pages! Those are the bits that add the most personality to a scarpbook, in my opinion. (Other than the actual photos, obviously!)

    • Keeping your memories in a travel guide is a great idea!

      – Laura

  • Oh exciting, I’m looking forward to getting my box now, I’m going to scrap the last holiday my son and I took together to Cairns, Australia

  • My family is going to Greece this summer so I am hanging on to this for later. Some of the images on the cards (sandels, passport, suitcase) are perfect!

  • Love the pastel pink and blue colour scheme – so girly and cute!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • The color scheme is perfect, they definitely all go together and bring out the exciting parts in each picture! We had our first trip to Charleston this month so I’m going through picture to commemorate that 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

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