Scrapbook Sunday: Keepin’ It Simple

Scrapbook SundayHi, friends! Happy Sunday. Today I'm here to share some super simple scrapbook pages with you. I made these three pages in an hour (or two?) one afternoon last week. I've probably said this before, but my favorite way to scrapbook is current and FAST. It's so much easier to scrapbook things that just happened. So even though I am trying to catch up on past, years I am prioritizing THIS year at the top so that I can stay caught up from here on out. 

Here are three simple pages I made. They all involve full page photos and stamping. 

Scrapbook Sunday My friend Kelly Purkey just sent me a bunch of stamps that she designed. That's mostly what I am using today along with Staz On ink and my own inks, which you can get in our shop. Staz On ink is what I always use if I am stamping on a photo or other weird surface (leather, plastic, metal etc). 

Scrapbook Sunday  For this page all I did was use one stamp all the way down the edge of the photo. I love big, simple pages like this. 

Scrapbook Sunday    Yes, please! 

Scrapbook Sunday   Scrapbook Sunday     Coffee needed. :) 

Scrapbook Sunday      Scrapbook Sunday      Next up I did some letter stamping and then filled the letters in with colored markers. I love the finished look. And you see how the stamping isn't perfect? Even better. 

Scrapbook Sunday         Here's the finished page. Gotta print ALL our selfies REAL big since we only get a few on every vacation. :D 

Scrapbook Sunday          This is a sneak peek of a new product coming soon for the Messy Book. Clear printed page dividers. I can't wait to show you the rest! They'll be out in a few weeks—don't tell anyone I showed you, k? 😉

Scrapbook Sunday            At the moment, the best part of scrapbooking to me is putting my new pages into the album and seeing them add up over the weeks and months. I'm so excited to be back in this habit! 

Chit chat with me in the comments, OK? Happy Sunday! xx. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions.

  • I need to get myself one of those printers and and a messy book! This looks amazing!

  • These pages are so fun! I love how you embrace the imperfect – I struggle with that sometimes.

  • This has probably been talked about in every Scrapbook related post but pretty please, share with us your printing process. PUH-LEASE. I have the album, I have the cards and the photos, and I’m having trouble figuring out how to best get my pictures printed out. 🙂 Thank you.

  • Love these posts, feeling inspired to create something soon.
    Would you ever consider adding 4×4 pockets in addition to the 3x3s? I have a ton of instagram pictures printed in 4×4 and am looking for somewhere to keep them!

  • Hi! I want to give a friend a messy box, but if i click “I want to gift this subscription” there is no one month option. Is it impossible to give just one box or can I have it sent to my friend if I choose the one month option and just don’t klick the gift subscription button?

  • its extremely impressed with your graphic yourself? Either way keep up the excellent quality design.

    thanks for sharing it

  • Gorgeous! I’ve just started doing something similar to this too 🙂 // photography & lifestyle

  • This is a great post thanks!! I am currently putting a scrapbook together and enjoying it so much! It has been years since I have done anything to do with scrapbooking and I forgot how much fun it is!

  • I love your style of scrapbooking. I’m not a life scrapbooker myself but it’s still great that I can get inspiration from posts like these 🙂


  • Hi! I really enjoyed this post – I’ve been trying to get into scrap booking/smash booking but it is hard to find the time. It’s these sorts of ideas that make me realise it can just be a few moments out of my day to create something memorable!

  • Still wasn’t ready to plunge and spend a hundred on a silhouette portrait on zulily today but then went on your shop and spent a hundred on scrapbook supplies, lol. Oh well need pages to put stuff in before I can start printing!

  • Okay let me start by saying i sooooo want to go to the Madonna Inn. I was recently showing my bf how cool the rooms were. And also I have been dying to get into scrapbooking but I just never really know where to start. I think I’ll pay a visit to Michaels craft store.. thanks for sharing 🙂

    Lifestyle Blogger |

  • More things to add to my shopping list! Super stoked for the next messy box and I haven’t even started using the first one. Need to get some more printer ink first.

  • Thanks for the encouragement Pam! I look forward to working on it every week!!! 🙂 It’s seriously so fun it feels like I’m not working.
    xx- Elsie

  • Hi Hannah, They are clear stamps so I just use an acrylic block to stamp with them!
    xx- Elsie

  • Hi Aimee!
    The colored markers are from Pentel. Any type of marker will be great as long as it is acid free (so stay away from Sharpies on photos!)

    The next Messy Box will be released April 10th!

    So excited to see your scrapbooks!! Please send me some photos or tag me on Instagram!
    xx- Elsie

  • Scrapbooking does look fun, I’m just not sure about the faff of it!

    G x

  • Hi Elsie!!
    Please please help me!!!!!
    I have always wanted to scrapbook but have literally have no clue whatsoever where to start!!!
    Also, I’ve been told that scrapbooking is really expensive, is this true? I don’t have my own color printer (and don’t have the money to buy one) so how will I get my pictures without spending a lot of money?

  • Elsie I love these! I hope you continue with these Sunday editions because I am finding my way back to scrapbooking and I want to scrap right along with you.

  • This is so pretty! I love scrapbooking myself and am always looking for inspiration! Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  • These are my favourite posts! I’m trying to catch up on an old one and don’t always feel inspired..but this helps so much! Definitely going to work on it today now!

  • I love scrapbooking! You made it lovely! Especially the one with the little note on the picture is great.
    I’m making an album of my entire life (1993-now). That’s going to take A LOT of hours but also so much fun!

  • Ooooh! Super excited about the dividers! I am loving mixing and matching sizes of pages and the 9X12 of Messy Book is working nicely with my usual 12X12 layouts.

    I look forward to this feature every week! Thanks for being so inspiring and creating such wonderful products!

  • This reminds me to work in my scrapbook! I love the very raw and charming look of your pages and will check out the supplies you used (especially the letter stamps. How do those work?.

  • scrap and smash booking are one of my favorite past times i love the cut and paste feel that you CANT mimic with technology photo collections!! your handwritten days of the week washi tape is such a nice touch to this ensemble…..totally fresh n colorful pages all around!! excited to see more

    xoxox, Naomi

  • Elsie, I adore your Scrapbook Sunday posts! I’m SO CLOSE to being caught up and, like you, intend to stay that way from here on out. Constantly inspired by you!

  • Love your pages…..I’m also trying to keep scrapping life as it happens….loving my PL album…..LOVE the look of those transparent dividers…..there’s definitely a hole in the market for those……

  • Those macaroons in the last pic look so good- now I want some!

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  • Hi Elsie,
    You have totally infected me with the scrapbook bug. I am doing 2 books now, my firsts, one forwards and one backwards and your messy box is what got me started! 2 questions (since I have so much to learn): what colored pens work well on photos? – I love that on your b&w page above.
    AND…when is the next messy box going to be released? I signed up for the first one, but now I want a subscription!
    Thanks for inspiring me! xo, Aimee

  • Love this! That page divider makes me anxious to get my hands on the next Messy Box. Quick question: what pens are you using with the stamps on the photo? I’d love to try out some colored pens on my printed images, but not sure what to use. Thanks for sharing some inspiration!

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