Scrapbook Sunday: October Messy Box

October Messy Box Scrapbook Sunday (1)Happy October! I hope you’re enjoying this autumn weather as much as I am. It’s still a little warm here in Phoenix, but the mornings and evenings are wonderful. Sitting on the porch in the morning with a cup of tea is quickly becoming my new favorite routine. The October Messy Box is so perfect for documenting the cooler weather, love for coffee and tea, and Halloween! If Halloween isn’t your thing, the colors and patterns are still perfect for capturing your favorite autumn memories.

October Messy Box Scrapbook Sunday (2)October Messy Box Scrapbook Sunday (4)There are many things I like about this month’s kit, but I immediately fell in love with the stunning eye and cat patterned papers. They are so unique! The stamp set in this kit has both the eye and cat stamps, so I thought it would be fun to recreate the patterns. I used the eye stamp on vellum to create a cool, transparent journaling card. If you don’t like the transparent look, you can do this with regular paper. I think black paper with white, opaque ink would look neat!

October Messy Box Scrapbook Sunday (5)October Messy Box Scrapbook Sunday (6)My little coffee breaks throughout the day are such a joy for me. I love documenting these little, happy moments!

October Messy Box Scrapbook Sunday (7)October Messy Box Scrapbook Sunday (3)This time of year is so fun. Sitting around the fire pit with my family and friends while passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters in their costumes will forever be one of my favorite traditions! What special autumn memories will you be documenting? xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Hager. Photos edited with Scrapbook from the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.  

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