Scrapbook Sunday: Road Trip Mini Album With the December Messy Box

Use the December Messy Box to make your own mini book during your holiday travels. See the full mini book at www.ABeautifulMess.comOn every holiday road trip, I love bringing a project along to keep my creative energy from bottling up and making me crazy in the car or while the kids are busy having fun with grandparents. Sometimes that’s a weaving project, other times I’m finishing up a handmade gift. This year it was bringing along my December Messy Box kit to put together a quick mini album using some photos I took for a Christmas Home Tour on my blog. This month’s kit had such fun colors and accessories, so all I had to add-in were some extra alpha, fun glitter stickers and a stamp from my stash. I printed out my photos on the road and bought an inexpensive photo book, and I had an easy project on my hands!

CoverThe inside of my album was less than cute, so I cut some paper to cover it up and glued it down. Then I used double-sided tape to attach another layer of pattern on top and then one of the darling die-cuts on top of that. The ‘Merry’ clip was another way to help keep the papers together on both the outer cover and the inside cover.

Christmas scrapbooking on the road with the December Messy Box from See how simple it is to create fun pages with just a few color-coordinated suppliesHomeSweetHOmeI used the acrylic page as my intro page and added some little tags on top and then journaled directly on some photos. The confetti was a festive addition to the next spread.

Oh!Dear!SoVeryMerryI made sure to include photos of the kids and journal some of the elements of this year’s build up to Christmas so I don’t forget that time one of them decided on their own we should make cookies to pass out to strangers downtown.

CozyNaughtyOrNiceSpreadThis has been a watershed year for my oldest who is starting to make up his own mind about Santa. He’s nostalgic about how that all plays out but has also heard the origin stories of that tradition. He’s decided he’s willing to be a good big brother and still join in the fun for the sake of his little brother and sister.

NaughtyOrNiceDeckTheHallsThe best part of the drive to our first holiday destination was singing Christmas carols through that last twenty minute stretch to keep everyone from asking how much longer. I love knowing our kids will probably be doing the same thing with their own kids on their way to our house some Christmas break years from now.

ScrapbookingOnTheRoadSimple and sweet was the name of the game for this Scrapbook Sunday, and I now have a sweet little mini album to add to my growing shelf of big albums. Do you take supplies for crafting when you go on road trips or does it make you crazy crafting out of a suitcase? What are your essentials that you bring with you? –Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • Love this project and the idea of doing it on a road trip! What did you use to print your photos on the road? Some kind of small printer that connects to your cell phone?

  • Oh!!! That is SO LOVELY!!!!! Every road trip we take I bring this old polaroid case, for the big kind, and stuff it with every craft supplies I can fit in there and sling it over my shoulder! (Sigh) the best times!!

  • Hi Rachel,
    To bring my scrapbooking supplies or not – that was my dilemma when I went away for Christmas. In the end, I opted not to but later really regretted my decision. Would really love to hear your tips on what essentials to take on the road! And do you scrapbook in the car? And if so, how?!

  • This is gorgeous, I’d never thought to take a scrapbook project with me, instead I’d do it after the event was over, this seems a lot more fun!

  • So cute! I’m not fortunate enough to be able to craft in the car – I get way too carsick 🙁 But great idea on taking a project with you when visiting because there is ALWAYS downtime and I can’t relax at other people’s homes…

  • I was wondering if you had a link to the photo album you have used. Your book is lovely!

  • Love this album! I could never do something like this while road tripping though. My whole living room turns into a bomb site when I’m working on an album. I take the instructions to go “make a mess” very seriously!

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