Scrapbook Sundays: December Daily Begins

1Hi, guys. Happy Sunday! This month I am participating in Ali's #DecemberDaily challenge, which basically means I'm trying to capture photos of my family and friends during the holidays for a fun little scrapbook. I made my first December Daily book last year and had a great experience. So much so that Laura wanted to join in on the fun this year. (Yay!) 

2Just like last year, I am working mostly with Ali's kit. I also have Kelly Purkey's kit and the Gossamer Blue kit (that my pal Ashley G. did some designs for). So yeah… too many kits for one person to possibly use, so Laura and I shared and split them up because #sharingiscaring! Later this month when I share my completed album, Laura will also share hers. 

3The most important part of any scrapbook is the photos. I am carrying around a list to remind myself of photos I want to take. I'm not going to lie—this part is challenging. This week I was a little discouraged at how few photos I got, but I'm determined to keep going and capture some fun memories! 

4In typical Elsie style, I vowed to keep things "super simple"… then five minutes later started tricking out my album cover with a homemade foam stamp. I decided to make my album pretty colorful this year and try to incorporate a lot of black and white photos (my husband LOVES black and white, so that part is for him too). 

5Here's the inside of my cover. It's a bright orange-ish red. For some reason I always have to decorate the inside of these covers. It's so fun. 

6I went ahead and started punching holes. This year I want to try to add a lot of things to my album that aren't in page protectors to spice it up. 

Like last year, I will also store all the holiday cards we receive in the back of my album. 

7Here's my opening page. Just some things I am looking forward to. 

8And I went ahead and created some 3×4 cards for my book since stamping is my current obsession. This was fun. 

9I'll be back later this month, probably right after Christmas to share my completed album! If you want to join in, there's still time! I hope my confession that I didn't really take many photos this week encourages you that it doesn't have to be perfect! These things are never perfect and there are a million different ways to make a scrapbook. The memories you capture will mean 100x more by this time next year when you open your book back up. It's worth the effort. 

OK, guys! I hope you have a great Sunday. I'm off to do a little shopping with Katie and prepare for a busy week. I have barely even started Christmas shopping yet. Lots to do! Sending love your way! xx. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with Stella of The Signature Collection. 

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