Secret Notes Monkey DIY

Love this-- monkey plush with pockets for notes and little things!I have mentioned this before, but I love giving the gift of handmade. There’s something so heartfelt about handing over a gift you have made with your own two hands… even if the recipient isn’t old enough to understand what that means. One day they will. 🙂

I made these monkeys for my daughter who is three now, and it’s amazing what the addition of a pocket does for a toy. Often she will love a stuffed animal until the newness wears off, and then it sits untouched. Adding a pocket to this monkey has added a whole new level of playability. Poesy has had a blast filling them drawings, crayons, small toys, and basically anything else that will fit into the pockets of these little stuffies.

Plush Monkey Tutorial (with printable pattern)Download Plush Monkey Pattern

Step 1: Download the pattern above, print it out, and tape together. Cut out all the pieces of fabric you will be needing for this tutorial.

Step 2: Grab an embroidery hoop and a piece of felt and stitch the face for your monkey. You will end up cutting this down, so don’t worry about the size just yet. Go ahead and stitch the ears together at this point as well. Make sure the back side of the fabric is out, because you will be flipping these right-side out. Also, make sure to leave the bottom part of the ear unsewn.

Step 3: Take the felt you just embroidered and cut it down to fit your monkey. (Mine was about 3 3/4″ across.) Fold and iron the edges of the pocket square.

Step 4: Use your sewing machine to stitch the face and pocket to the top piece of fabric for your monkey.

Step 5: Now it’s time to sew the body! Put your main fabric pieces together with the back sides of the fabric out. You will also want to pin the ears in place because they will be sewn on in this step too. (See picture for help on lining them up.) Sew all the way around the edges of the monkey, but leave the bottom portion open.

Step 6: Flip your monkey right-side out and stuff! Use a chopstick to push that stuffing through the tail.

Step 7: Hand sew the bottom of the monkey closed. I left a generous opening on mine because it makes stuffing a little bit easier! Step

8: All finished! Yay!

Secret Notes Monkey (with printable pattern)DIY Plush Monkey (with printable pattern)Secret Notes Monkeys (click through for printable pattern)Adorable plush monkey tutorial with free patternI made these monkeys with kiddos in mind, but I also think they’d make adorable love note keepers for couples. Maybe I need to borrow one from the girls… xo. Katie

Credits // Author and Photography: Katie Shelton

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