• I love your blog so much that I’ve even got my daughter’s reading it! That’s one of the things I love about it, its daughter-friendly:) When I went without a computer for awhile, I even looked up your daily posts and read the comments from my phone. It really gave me hope and inspired me through a difficult time in my life. Glad to be back on the net again and I’m looking forward to upcoming posts.

  • looks like you have some exciting things coming up! can’t wait to see them all xoxo

  • I am beyond excited for September’s post line up! The hot chocolate has me swooning. Goodbye summer, I’m ready for cooler weather <3

  • Let me guess – the first pictures is a recipe for hot chocolate with cinnamon and marshmellows?! Thinking of this, there are some reasons to look forward to autumn and winter…my favorite drink for the cold times of the year is hot chocolate with marshmallows spiked with rum. This year, I will enjoy it without alcohol but because of that I’m looking even more forward to your hot chocolate recipes!


  • Oh, whatever is in that drink looks amazingly delicious! Can’t wait!


  • Did you make the scarf in the 6th picture?? In love, literally! DIY soon, pretty please? 🙂

  • Oooooh those pancakey things look DELICIOUS!!!!!

    Can’t wait for this recipe!!

    Seriously, ABM should have it’s own magazine!

    Elise xx


  • Eeep im so excited! looking forward to everything!!!!

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  • Hi elsie + emma. I love your blog and it really inspired me to start my own. I love all your ideas, posts, fashion, crafts and recipes and I would be so grateful if you could check my blog out. I have only been blogging for a few days so my blog is VERY average but I’d love to hear some tips and have you check it out! Thanks xoxo


  • You guys have the cutest blog!!! I am loving it and trying to catch up on everything that you have posted so far. 🙂

  • Purple hair! Hot chocolate! Crowns! and Collars! Oh my it must be fall!


  • exciting! love the candle in the mason jar & the crown that kinsey is wearing. can’t wait 🙂

  • I just found your blog and this Post has me hooked – I want to know more and love the design of your site, so thanks from a new fan!

  • You had me at pumpkin spice;) Can’t WAIT! Although my hubby and I had our first “we miss American autumns” day in Seoul, S. Korea this morning~ so we are doubly counting on you all to bring us that fall charm;)!!

  • looks good 😀 Especially the chocolate :>


  • I want some of the dessert/drink in the first picture! 😀 Look so yummy!

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  • lovely pictures !!

    XX Luba
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  • AHHH-mazng pics!!!


  • This blog is nowhere near as good as it used to be. It’s cheap and lame. There are so many more quality people who have blogs with actual QUALITY yet they don’t make 20000 a month like you do. And they actually deserve it because they don’t half ass their content. You can’t even use proper English.

  • Whoo-hoo! Is that a hair tutorial featuring Elsie?! Beautiful!

    Stephanie May*


  • I decorated for fall today, so i”m a little excited too. These posts look great. I cant wait to see them!

  • I can’t wait for the food ones. They look so delicious. And happy Pumpkin Spice Day to you too!

  • oh goodness these photos are divine, cannot wait for the posts. and yes it is here’s to pumpkin spice day… thank goodness!


  • Mmm this makes me excited for fall!



  • looks like you’ve got plenty of fun things planned.September always seems a bit of a slump as its back to school after the summer holidays but this looks like you’ve got lots of nice things to make and do


  • That first picture looks delicious. I can’t wait to see what great things you have for fall.


  • Really looking forward to the first one, here’s hoping it’s a recipe for that delicious concotion!
    Also the third looks interesting.


  • Ooh yay! I can’t wait to see the fall DIYs!


  • How exciting! This is my favorite time of year. It looks like you have some great things planned for this month. I’m hoping to see a DIY post for the candle – I really want to make some! Have a happy Pumpkin Spice Day! (I celebrated by making some pumpkin spice cookies)

  • All your pictures are so beautiful and yummy! Just love you gals! Can’t wait to see this months posts!

  • HOORAY!! I’m so excited for pumpkin spice lattes, fall colors, boots and sweaters. My favorite time of year. Love your fall photos! Can’t wait for all the posts.


  • Can’t wait!! I love September… And Pumpkin spice!


  • The hot coco looks absolutely delicious. Really looking forward to read them.


  • Your Hot Coco looks yummuy! And your photography is lovely! September is wonderful! I am soo happy it’s here!

  • Looks like this is going to be a great month!!

    first – YUMMY!!

    Is this in the third photo a beewax candle? I made beewax candles in the beginning of june and I LOVE them!! They smell great. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a nice weekend!

  • They all look so interesting. The first one has me craving s’mores! So looking forward to September.


  • Can’t wait! Seems like you have some fun exciting posts planned out for us. Looking forward to what this month will bring 😉

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