Sew Your Own Pineapple Oven Mitts

Pineapple oven mitt tutorial If I could make a housewarming gift for everyone I knew, this would be it. Seriously, you should probably just go ahead and move this month in case I run out of this fabric. I came up with this pineapple oven mitt design after realizing how perfect the shape would be for such an item, and I just knew a few of you might be feeling brave enough to dust off those sewing machines to make your own.

As far as sewing projects go, this one is pretty simple and straightforward, so you can finish your first one in about an hour and then whip up your second in about thirty minutes. Cut out all of your fabric at once to make even quicker work of things. They’re roomy enough to grab onto things and the pineapple leaves help protect your wrists from hot trays from the oven. As darling as they are, though, you may just want to keep them on display all summer!

Pineapple oven mitt tutorial Pineapple oven mitt tutorial Supplies Per Oven Mitt:
-pineapple oven mitt template – Download Pineapple A 1 of 2Download Pineapple A 2 of 2Download Pineapple B
-1/4 yard fabric for pineapple side
-1/4 yard fabric for shorter side
-1/2 yard of natural cotton batting
-1/2 yard of Insul-Bright
-10″ of double fold bias tape
-straight pins
-iron and ironing board
-chalk (optional)
-sewing machine
-access to printer

Pineapple oven mittsDownload and print out the templates for the oven mitt shape. The pineapple shape will print onto two sheets of paper, so line them up where the dotted lines are and tape them together before cutting it out. Cut along the outside lines and use these as your template when you cut your fabric, cotton batting, and Insul-bright out in the next step.

Pineapple oven mitt tutorial For each piece of the template, fold your fabric in half with right sides facing each other. Then place your cotton batting down next, then add your layer of Insul-bright on top of that so that you have four layers on top of each other. Place your template on top of your layers and pin it down with straight pins before cutting through all four pieces. Remove your template and repin all four pieces together. Repeat with the smaller mitt side. Go ahead and plug in your iron so it’s ready when you need it.

Pineapple oven mitt tutorial Here’s a close up of the layers peeled back so that you can ensure the right sides of your fabric are facing each other.

Pineapple oven mitt tutorial Place your pineapple shape under your sewing machine and stitch along the perimeter so that you’re stitching through all four layers. Leave about  1/4″ of room from the edge of the top layer. You’ll want to start your stitching near the bottom of the pineapple shape and near one edge, and then stop stitching on the other side about 4″ from where you started. This will leave a gap big enough for you to turn the whole thing right side out.

Pineapple oven mit tutorial Trim your edges and make a very precise cut into each pineapple corner so that you are separating the fabric enough that it can turn right side out and have some stretching room, but not quite to the stitch line or else it’ll show a hole on the other side. You can also snip off the top corner of your pineapple points so they don’t bunch up when you turn them right side out. Again, be sure not to cut past the stitch line.

Pineapple oven mitt tutorialPlace your fingers inside your pineapple shape so that they are in between the two layers of fabric, and then turn it right side out. Use the eraser end of a pencil or the cap of a sharpie to help poke your corners out. Once you have everything smoothed out, iron your shape to give it a little more reinforcement.

Pineapple oven mitt tutorial Free-hand stitch lines across your pineapple base for a quilted and textural look. Add lines for the leaves as well. Back stitch on the leaf lines where you start and stop and then trim your thread. I like to use a contrasting thread that will show up against the fabric, but the quilted texture will show up regardless. This also helps secure all four layers together. You now have half of your oven mitt done!

Pineapple oven mitt tutorial Pineapple oven mitt tutorial Repeat the same process with the smaller mitt side. I didn’t add quilting to this side, but you can if you’d like. Notice I stitched my opening at the bottom of this piece as well so that I could turn it right side out. For extra interest, I pinned a length of double-sided bias tape over the top edge and stitched it on. This just adds another layer of color and gives it a more finished look.

Pineapple oven mitt tutorial Place your mitt and pineapple sides together so that the bottoms match up and pin along the perimeter. Starting at the top corner where the two pieces meet, back stitch, and then continue stitching them together until you get to the opposite corner on the other side.

If you would like to add a little loop of bias tape or ribbon to make a little hanger for your oven mitt to be on display, you can add that to one of the corners before you stitch things down. Just be sure to fold it in half and tuck the ends in between the two oven mitt sides so that the top loop is facing inside the pineapple mitt. When it’s turned right side out again, it’ll face outside the oven mitt.

Pineapple oven mitt tutorial Turn your oven mitts right side out and iron them flat again. These are one of the most fun sewing projects for your kitchen you’ll ever make!

Pineapple oven mitt tutorial Tie up a stack of mitts with a ribbon and finish it off with a few of your favorite recipe cards, or tuck a trio of bamboo spatulas into the mitt and gift them to your favorite cook. You’ll surely be invited over for brownies very soon! –Rachel

Credits//Author: Rachel Denbow. Photography: Janae Hardy and Rachel Denbow. 

  • Hi Rachel, these oven mitts are fab! I’ve included your tutorial in our latest Crafty Like Granny craft inspiration roundup. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Jodie 🙂

  • Love these!! I’ve had some Insul-Bright forever, but I’ve never been bothered to use it. We need new oven mitts and home, but I hadn’t found quite what I was looking for until now!

  • This is such an adorable idea! I will definitely have to try this! Lovely fabric choice too!

    Freya xx

  • Awesome!
    What a great idea. They look really cute on. How do the feel over time?
    I live in a place that has min on fabric shops. can you suggest a good website that I can find unique patterns?

  • These are the cutest oven mitts I’ve ever seen! I love this idea! I’m definitely making these for myself and for gifts! Thanks for sharing!


  • I LOVE these!!! The fabrics your chose are awesome. I’m just getting into sewing so I am going to try these. You guys are so creative. I love your blog!


  • Hi Cindi! So sorry about that. We didn’t receive your email! Could you resend it to hello AT acolorstory DOT com? -Jacki

  • I love these! I actually want to go out and finally get a sewing machine just so I can do this project – I can forsee oven mitts for everyone come Christmas morning hehe!

  • I love pineapples, and I love this! Such a cool project!

  • These are so great! I am obsessed with pineapple lately! I just bought a pineapple float =o)

  • Your app doesn’t work on my HTC one M8! I asked for a refund, and customer service rep asked for my receipt which I promptly sent. Now crickets. I’d like a refund for an app I can’t use!

  • Totally started making these tonight but I didn’t have the right kind of thread. I read that it’s best to use 100% cotton thread when stitching with Insul-Bright. I unfortunately only had polyester on hand and it kept breaking. I’m going to go grab a new spool tomorrow but wanted to see if what type of thread you used. Thanks!
    So excited to make these guys!!

  • What a great idea! Love how they look when they’re on, so silly and fun! The patterns are so cheery and lovely too.


  • This is so smart! I’ve accidentally burned my wrist because mitts didn’t go far enough up and the rack or bakeware got me. The extra protection the pineapple shape gives bakers is genius.

  • Never thought I would call oven mitts cute but these definitely are x

    Jessica — WS Community

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