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This is going to be a big post. so, guess what…. I'M OLD! My sister surprised me by walking in the door while i was talking to her on the phone at my family birthday dinner…. i screamed so loud that i scared my grandma! ha. 

2 34These are a few family shots from thanksgiving. I made sushi. 

5678910I moved this past week! I love my new loft. 

11 12Currently working on the Christmas tree…. can't wait to share!

1314A new face that you might be seeing every now and then…. this is my boyfriend, justin. he's pretty much the sweetest boy i know. i'm sort of shy about sharing these kinds of things… but i wanted to at least "introduce" him. i met him through his band, Flashlight Party. 

15One last thing, i took a new christmas photo for my friends' band, One Star Story this was fun.

well…. i guess that is all for now. :] i'm off to work on my PEZ ornaments! xo. Elsie

  • Elsie, you are such a cutie! So awesome of Emma to surprise you like that 🙂

    And your new boyfriend is cute! (Be good to her, Justin! She is pretty much one of my favorite people) 🙂

    Your loft looks great!

  • Happy Belated Birthday! Don’t worry – 25 isn’t old – wait til you get to 33! Love the loft and can’t wait to see more pics.

    Take care!

  • Aww! I love the new loft! Very chic and cozy.

    Justin looks like a really nice (he better be good to you- you deserve the best!!). I am so happy that Emma was there to share your day with you.

    I was in LA this weekend and was thinking about you and your sister (and yeah- like a dork I was looking around for her) but I hope that your birthday was awesome and that your holidays are warm and full of love 🙂

  • Happy birthday to you. 🙂

    Nice new home you have there. I love your pictures, makes me want to (re)decorate my own place. 😉 And start scrapping of course.

    Good to see you’re moving on. What a great new scrapbooksubject! Love to see some new lo’s. 😉

  • ahh, looks like the long round of pseudo-threats on justin has already begun. he may laugh now, but i am not sure he realizes what a group of loyal scrapbookers are capable of when given a pair of scissors, a glue stick, and a reason to use ’em! 🙂

    treat her well justin, treat her well!

    so fun to see you happy, settleing into your new place, and with new cutie cute beau! life is good in springfield, mo again.

  • Elsie…thanks for such a long, lovely post! It’s so good to hear of all the wonderful thins in your life, Emma, your grandpa, new loft…and Justin!

  • awww…elsie…I am so happy for you! Tell the new BF that we here in internet world LOVE him…for loving and making you happy 🙂

    YAY!!! You totally made me smile.

  • I gaspedd when I saw you have a new bf!!! Awesome name, my son’s name is Justin. Justin rocks! So happy for you!

  • Well this explains why you hardly post anymore!! If I had a boyfriend that looked like that I would be too busy too!!

  • Happy 25th Elsie!! When you turn 29… call me, then i’ll tell you that your heading towards 30 and your getting old. LMAO! Looks like your loft is becoming your own, can’t wait to see more pics. Glad you had a happy Thanksgiving too!! hugs! Missed seeing you on your blog 🙂

  • elsie girl!! you look SO freaking happy!! love it!

    i love your new digs, can i come to springfield and hang sometime?? LOL!! before my travel schedule gets hectic again…

    that is awesome that emma surprised you!! i am so like that too with my sister!

  • Love the new loft! You have great taste! Glad you intoduced us to your new boi! He’s a cutie!!!

  • CUTE post!! love love love emma’s surprise, and WOOOOHOOOOO for having a boyfriend! 🙂 what a cutie! thanks for sharing. your fans have been wanting good news like that from you!!

  • Happy belated birthday! Glad to hear all the awesomeness going on in your life! And welcome, Justin!

    And thanks for introducing me to Keri Smith’s work — loving it!

  • Happy B-day, Elsie! Thanks for sharing pics of your new sweetie – congrats! Can’t wait to see some more pics of your new place and your PEZ tree. TFS!

  • Elsie, 25 was one of the greatest years of my life. Enjoy it! Your new beau is a cutie. He’d better treat you right–you deserve it!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (belated) And you are NOT old.

    Life just seems to be awesome for you right now. Yay! 🙂 Happy holidays to you!

  • Hi Elsie, I’m a lurker, not a poster, but a long term admirer, I’ve got the books, the fonts, the stamps and now the paper and rub ons range, I’ve read your blog for well over 18 months and followed all those exciting things and in your layouts learned where you came from, grew and developed, inspiration etc. I was shocked you were married so young but so impressed with the mix of maturity and childishness that your relationship appeared to have. so, when out of nowhere you announce you’re single, naturally, I’m curious. what happened etc, but that’s your private life and you can tell whomever you want lest of all some random lurker.

    now you’ve got a nice boyfriend which is nice too.

    however, I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering wtf happened? this time last year we were still getting tj layouts and tales of marital love and happiness then with no explanation you’re single and loving it (which I don’t disparage you for in the slightest, long term relationships are tough to break up and with the added complication of marriage I’m sure that when it’s finally finished an enormous weight was lifted and it was party like it’s 1999).

    My only complaint is that after letting us into your life and his so intimately in your layouts and blog when it’s over to say ‘we are divorced, end of story’ is just a bit of a cop out. now you have this bf and as I say very nice, but what if no one had ever asked about your ‘single’ status on whatever site it was, what would you have told us about your new bf? would he have appeared in layouts as my bf with no explanation to your fans as to what happened to your husband?

    Whether you think it or not, you’re immensely popular and have placed yourself in the public’s eye. for example, if gwen stfani suddenly rocked up someplace pashing some random guy, would we not all wonder where her husband got to? same same, but different.

    as I say, not looking to cause trouble or be labelled a troll, just wanted to say what I’ve been thinking for months.

    best of luck in life and love elsie, enjoy yourself, you only get one etc

  • NICE place Elsie, Love the decorations.

    This is the post we have all been waiting for. I’m glad your happy. And cant wait to see some new layouts.

    It sure is taking a long time for that camara to come.

    Speaking of camara’s I’m asking for that new flip camara that I can take video on for christmas. Then I can send videos to my sister. She is becoming a scrapper and I am sending her lots of yummy’s for christmas this year. Ooooh She doesn’t even know what she’s getting into. She has never scrapped before. So I will need to send her some how to’s. Anyway love it, love it Elsie.

  • Love the new place it looks fantastic so far!! Can’t wait to see it all decorated for Christmas! What a fabulous surprise to have your sister there to celebrate your birthday that’s awesome!

  • LOVE the loft pictures. And, that skully welcome mat is KILLER! I so want one! Congrats on the new guy. :0) Hope you are enjoying the holidays!

  • happy birthday! i don’t know you but i didn’t know i was addicted to your blog until you took a few days off and i kept checking to see if you posted! your work is awesome and i love your blog!

  • Quarter of a century is that all? Happy Birthday Elsie! and Justin looks like such a sweety, I hope you are forever happy, he also has such a pretty face for scrapbooking. The loft looks great too! What is taking your camera so long. I live in Canada and we are usually last to get everything and the local Camera store down the street already has the 40d in stock. Hope it comes soon I can’t wait to see what you post!

  • New loft … new camera …. new music …. new boyfriend … and a new year for you …. WOW, life is looking good … here’s hoping that the new boyfriend is ….

    A. photogenic

    B. likes having his photo taken

    C. loves pugs and sushi

    D. willing to accompany you on photo shoots

    Enjoy all the new things in your life Elsie … Pip

  • HaPpy BiRThDaY ElsIe!

    and congratulations on your adorable new place and your handsome new boyfriend…many good wishes coming your way…SueXOXOXO…

  • HaPpy BiRThDaY ElsIe!

    and congratulations on your adorable new place and your handsome new boyfriend…many good wishes coming your way…SueXOXOXO…

  • Elsie, do you mind if I ask what printer you use? I know you’ve told us all before but, for the life of me I can’t find where you told us!!


  • OMG, I love your loft and I can’t wait to see more pictures!!!! 🙂 I hope you had a great birthday! That is great how Emma surprised you, so sweet. 🙂 My sisters and brother mean the world to me, so I know how much you must miss her. Your new boyfriend is super cute too!! 🙂

  • E,

    I’m so happy that Justin is in your life right now and that you and Em got to spend good sister time together! Now we just need to move out there to be neighbors and all will be fabulous!

    Thanks for the virtual tour of your loft. Its looking cozy.

    Love you!!!!


  • Hi Elsie

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    Your new loft looks fab

    so pleased to see you are happy and moved on hi Justin from Australia!

    We all adore Elsie you are a very lucky boi!!


    Marelle (Australia)

  • welcome back elsie! you were certainly missed!

    happy bday…so happy emma surprised you. i know you were thrilled!

    and congrats on the new sweetie. enjoy your new bliss! you truly deserve it girl..

    and i also love that skully mat…where did you find it? i must get one…

    anyway happy holidays!!


  • Congratulations Elsie!

    Looks like life is treating you well these days!!

    The loft photos are great…keep ’em comin’!!

  • OMG ELsie! The loft looks so cool (and your bf too!!! *s*) I can’t wait to see more of your scrapping place and your christmas tree 🙂

  • oh so many good news!!! Love to read and see it all!! I am so happy for you!!

    About Keri Smith, read her book Living out Loud!!! It is so much fun!!

    As for Justin, be nice to Elsie ok? Welcome to the fabulous world of Elsie 😉 (and all her fans hehe)

    Hope to see more soon!

    Love and hugs

  • GREAT post! There’s really a lot happening in your life right now, it’s a miracle you still find the time to post at all! Your loft seems great; I’m glad you had a nice birthday and that your love life is back on tracks. Being divorced at 26 (that was ten years ago…), I know how hard it is to start dating again after being married for most of your adult life. I wish you all the best – you’re a great girl.

  • GREAT post! There’s really a lot happening in your life right now, it’s a miracle you still find the time to post at all! Your loft seems great; I’m glad you had a nice birthday and that your love life is back on tracks. Being divorced at 26 (that was ten years ago…), I know how hard it is to start dating again after being married for most of your adult life. I wish you all the best – you’re a great girl.

  • Ugh, I happen to read the post a bit above…some people, ugh! ANYWAY, LOVE the pics so far of your new house and Justin is a cutie, love the shy picture of him. oh yeah, happy b-lated b-day!


  • Happy Happy Birthday Elsie! Justin is a wonderful present for you, and you for him.

  • Glad to see that things are going well. I was kinda wondering how you ended up with a boyfriend that lived all the way down here in Florida (near me). How did that happen exactly? Oh yeah, I’m nosey!

  • WOW Your place looks gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for sharing photo’s of your boyfriend too – treat Elsie good Justin she has a lot of friends 😉

    Bet you were over the moon that Emma surprised you 🙂

  • Oops! Too late for your birthday…so errrrm…Happy being-25-and-still-feeling-young-day!

    Love those black apple prints!

    And I think your boyfriend is totally cute 🙂

    x Marcia

  • wow…can i just say i am SOOO HAPPY for you??? I seriously mean it…you seem to be SUCH a total sweetie and I couldnt be happier for you…that boy is one super cutie! please please please dont say you are old at 25 though missy…it will make me cry (at ahem, 35 here!! 🙂 oh, and one more thing…TOTALLY ignore the unbelievably rude and inappropriate comment i saw above because honestly, this is YOUR life and you dont need to put up with that…it’s just awful and horrid and it makes me sick that people can actually truly be that way…hugs to you sweetie! 🙂

  • 25 is sooo not old!!! I hit the big 3-0 last year and I felt like I was close to death. We girls can be so silly about our age! Enjoyed the update. Thanks for sharing =)

  • I am really loving all the stars you used to decorate in your new loft! And the doormat is AWESOME. How exciting to have a new place. I got a very cool necklace at Forever 21 the other day that I thought you would LOVE. It’s a camera charm! Check out my blog to see a picture of it! I love it so much that I had to post it on my blog 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  • Happy birthday Elsie!! (And welcome back to the wonderful world of online blogs). It’s so nice to see that things are going so well in your life … I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! :o)

    Love the Noel line, by the way!


  • Your new pad looks fantatic Elsie… I may well be ‘stealing’ a few decor ideas from you:)

    Cute new man too.


  • im so glad you had a great birthday and thanksgiving! your new loft looks awesome, cant wait to see more pics! Congrats on the new bf, he looks nice! Can’t wait to see some cute layouts of you two. Now I’m off to give those bands a listen. 😉

  • Hey Elsie, I have followed your blog religiously for the past year etc, got the scrap stuff, book (and loved it)been a contact on flickr and myspace, and I would just like to quickly say how utterly chuffed I am for you to be having such a good time right now. I dont think its anyone else’s business to know more. You enjoy yourself, enjoy your boy and your wonderful family.Enjoy your new space and new outlook on life. We all love you immeasurably and love to see you happy:)

  • Elsie! This post makes me SO HAPPY!

    new photos,

    new place,

    new art,

    new music,

    new love!

    it’s so wonderful, hope you’re having fun!


    (i also just got RVA clearence stuff today, YAY!)

  • I love all the new pictures Elsie. I just want to comment on what the above commenter had to say. Don’t worry about that crap. You don’t have to tell your readers anything you don’t want to. Gwen Stefani doesn’t have to either. That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. Seriously.

  • elsie…you seem pretty happy so i am happy for you…in ALL new things going on for you in your life { GIGGLE }

    can’t wait to see what you’re doing with PEZ!!


  • so happy for you..seeing the new pics put a giant smile on my face..enjoy a fresh new start to a new year..thanks for introducing justin..nice to meet him!!

  • I have soooo been waiting for loft pics! LOVE how you have decorated. The stars rock! I wish you all of the best that life has. Looks like you are starting to find it.

  • Happy Belated Birthday! It was very surprising to see we have the same birthday!!! Obviously it was awesome as was mine. Congrats on the new relationship the new place.

  • Tell the UPS guy to hurry up so you can get your camera to take more pics of your place. From how you decorated the last place you lived (which I totally loved by the way) ,, this is going to be 10 times better!!! That was so awesome that your sister showed up and totally shocked you! Those are the best kinds of surprizes!! Congrats with having a new guy in your life. I think it’s totally awesome that you have moved on with your life ,, and don’t mind other people on what they say. It is your private life ,, and when you choose to share it with others, that is also your business. You don’t owe anybody any explanations on how you live your life. And by the way ,, your boyfriend is pretty darn cute!!

    {{hugs}} xoxo ~ Toni

  • I would like to comment on the comment made by “not trying to cause trouble.” You mention that Elsie did not mention her divorce with TJ and I would just like to tell you that she did mention it a few times in her posts. But, regardless of if she did mention her divorce or did not mention it, it really isn’t our business at all. Yes, she is in the public eye, but that is no obligation for her to tell us every detail of her personal life. Any time she does share, that’s great…it’s just an added bonus. It’s always nice to hear what’s going on in her life, but she is not required to tell us. I would have e-mailed you directly, but I could not access your e-mail from the post.

    Elsie, thank you for all of your inspiration and art!

  • HAppy BirthdaY, i hope that you have a lovely day with your family and your new CUtiE. (and a lot of presents) I hope that you have a lot of lovely time in your new house.

  • Hi Elsie,

    First of all, Happy B-day! 25!! It’s only 2,5 years away for me!

    Your still young and fresh, wait untill you turn 30! (sounds awfull to me :D)

    Realy love the pics.. Those bottles with buttons! I’m sooo jalous! Love the doormat too!

    And you have such a cute cute boyfriend! Totally loves his shirt! 😀 Love the pose on the first photo… Let see if my bf would pose for me like that 😀

    Wish you all the luck at your new place!

  • such cute stuff!


    🙂 Aw, im so excited for you right now!! Im smiling.:) yes. right now. 😀 GO YOU!

    does he like know how famous you are? oh my gosh. fun stuff! 🙂

  • Majorly awesome music that your bf’s band creates. How’d you meet? Because I’m insanely curious, but won’t be upset if that remains private- I’m just the kind of person who always wants all the details…

    Oh, and I so want to know where you got the skull doormat 😉

  • Happy Birthday! You’re so talented and have accomplished so much for being so young! I have a son your age!! Geez! To be young again and full of so much spunk!!!

  • i just wanted to say that i was happy to see that you are happy and have a new beau in your life 🙂

    thanks for having such a cute site and introducing me to the red velvet gals and their kits 😉

  • hi elsie,

    i just had to post again…cause i read that comment again about the person comparing you to gwen stefani & how you should share all your life details w/ the world. i couldnt believe it….i’m sorry that anyone has to encounter people like that…it really peeves me. the scrapping community can be the nicest & most supportive & yet there are also some truly ugly people out there. just know we arent all like that. i even posted something about that on my blog…cause i remember some months back we ran across a blog of women who were bashing you & other people who have similar tastes…saying its childish to love hello kitty & stuff like that. i couldnt believe it…and this is worst! i’m soooo sorry you had to read that, no one deserves to be treated like that…no matter if they are “celebrity” or not. geez…and the fact that they didnt even have the guts to put their name, what a coward. its prob one of the same women who were saying nasty things cause you like hello kitty & such….

    ok i’m done just pissed me to no end…



  • I maintain Elsie that I’m not here trying to cause trouble and make you feel bad, but the world is made up of different people and they all think differently and this was my thought for a long time. I love your work, love your style, love reading the blog and following the links you recommend.

    corinne – Tanya Webster – Lisa (spikesmom) – Toni – Katy

    As I said, I was never trying to cause trouble which is exactly why I didn’t give you my email address for you to yell at me without witnesses.

    It was a juxtaposition to compare elsie to gwen. Neither of them have to tell anyone anything, but the world still wonders regardless. I personally don’t read the gossip mags, but I bet lots of you do. As I said, same same, but DIFFERENT, it’s a smaller scale but no less a public life.

    I was never asking for an explaination.

    I was never flaming elsie. If you see I make mention of how much I admire elsie and the example she sets for young women today. Determined, passionate and generally pretty cool.

    I understand it’s a sensitive topic and I feel like I explained myself clearly in that I was never having a go at elsie or her choices. Is it less intrusive to ask how she met the new man or details about it then it is to question what happened 12 months ago now that she appears to have moved on?

    If it was all made mention of in some blog post I’ve missed I’m sorry to have bought up what was already public knowledge, as I said after reading for 18mths or more it was the biggest shock to me. As I said, never trying to cause trouble, just putting it out there that a long term loyal fan of this woman/artist/blogger was confused and curious ESPECIALLY considering how much of her work except this year has focussed on that subject.

    jen street – settle yourself woman, I am not one of those ‘ugly women’ and I LOVE hello kitty and rainbows and unicorns and all that stuff. But you seem like the type to keep this going for days, maybe you were one of those women?

    Let it go because I feel completely justified in how I presented my thoughts. That I worded the entire comment in a way that expressed my feelings and did not abuse, insult, look down on or in anyway disparage elsie her happiness.

    You could learn something.


    and after all that. go ahead and take the worst from it, ignore all the parts about supporting and enjoying the art and blog and just hear whatever you want to make up. Try and think of the glass houses if you’re going to respond.

  • elsie i am so happy for you…your new boy is soooo cute! can’t wait to see you scrap him…and see more pics!

    I love your new loft…it is just gorgeous. and that skull matt is so rocking!

    Can’t wait to see your PEZ tree. :0)



  • Happy belated Birthday! Looks like you had a great one…so nice that you got to see your sister. 🙂 Your loft looks great…how fun to decorate a new place! So sweet to see you have a new boyfriend. He’s a cutie! 🙂

  • love your new loft!! don’t forget to send more pics! your new boyfriend is adorable – how long have you been together???

    one question – where do you get all of those buttons in bulk??? i’ve looked everywhere. i need the white, green and red desperately!! help! ~cathy

  • love your new loft!! don’t forget to send more pics! your new boyfriend is adorable – how long have you been together???

    one question – where do you get all of those buttons in bulk??? i’ve looked everywhere. i need the white, green and red desperately!! help! ~cathy

  • Wow you’ve really turned over a new leaf. Congrats on all the positive changes in your life. Your new pad looks cute, your new man is DEFINITELY cute and boy do I love the sound of Albert Hammond Jr. Thanks for the recommendations again! You have a fun music style.

  • Happiness to you for all the good things happening in ur life right now. And your place is looking great Love those prints.

  • I think people want to know because they want to relate to you. I think there are a lot of hurting people out there and you give them inspiration. Then when something not so great happens and they want to see how you handle it. You’re a role model and can be a help and support to a lot of people, if you don’t realize that already. JMO

  • I agree with the last post. I think whatever it was that led to the demise of your marriage is something many of your fans probably have gone through also, and you could be a source of inspiration to them not just in the happy times and with art, but with frankness about life’s hard times. It is a little hard to understand you when you say you are sooo happily married, and then within a few months you are so happily single. Something major had to have happened, and one of the two times you had to have been struggling more than you let on. You do have the right to not tell us personal details about your life, but I feel like your fans who have followed your blog & sb pages, bought your sb lines, your books, attended your classes, etc and by all of this have supported you, well not that we have a right to know necessarily, but we are a bit justified in asking. I feel like with different forms of success/celebrity their have to be certain drawbacks. For actresses & musicians in Hollywood, the drawback is the paparazzi hounding them. I never understand when they complain about that, because I think “with all of the money you make, freebies you are given, special priveledges, etc- how can you think there isn’t going to be a drawback somewhere?” Likewise with Elsie’s life, she has it good with her career that is obvious & she has ppl that worship her & will buy anything she makes, there has to be a drawback somewhere & I think hers is people wanting to know about her life because we feel like we know her & in a way think of her as a friend. This doesn’t mean she has to tell us anything, but I dont see why so many of her fans endlessly kiss @$$ (which is understandable because of her immense talent) but refuse to question her at all or just ignore the fact that honestly, at some point, she was not exactly being honest about life.

  • Love the shots of your new home Elsie, can’t wait to see your tree. Happy Birthday to you also. Glad this world was blessed with a special person like you. Thanks for sharing a pic of your new honey, you two sure make a cute couple…

  • Whata great cakeeeeeeeeeee, pics are beautifull and your boyfriend is so hadsome!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!! I do your challenges and I love your style!!!!!!! Congratsssss for all!!!! hehehehe And Kisses from México City!!!

  • your style is amazing. in everything. to the cute new boy, to the new artist that you’re inspired by, to the bands you are liking, to your new loft… just every freakin’ thing about you, elsie! =P

  • I’m glad you’r getting on with your life and happy. You look VERY happy and that’s good to see because, having met you briefly at CKU San Jose, I know you have a truly beautiful spririt…

    Justin looks like a very nice boy. Take it slow, you are NOT old!!! 🙂 Such a silly girl.

    Enjoy your holidays, and enjoy life!

  • I’m glad you’r getting on with your life and happy. You look VERY happy and that’s good to see because, having met you briefly at CKU San Jose, I know you have a truly beautiful spririt…

    Justin looks like a very nice boy. Take it slow, you are NOT old!!! 🙂 Such a silly girl.

    Enjoy your holidays, and enjoy life!

  • Oh my word your apartment is like my dream one. So cute and artsy I would never think of doing the stuff you did. Can I steal it from you please? But your thanksgiving looked fun! I hope it was! I love that art you showed us too. It is really creative! Thanks for the insight! And please share how the 40d is I would love to know. I have the 30d 😀 I love it 😀

  • hi everyone… i am going to try to answer a few of the questions on these comments…..

    this is where i found the pirate door mat…..

    the owl is from rachel’s etsy shop…..

    will i keep flannigan as my last name?

    yes… until i get married again someday, i will keep it. i don’t want to do any more paper work and i am fine with having this last name, it’s not a big deal to me. :]

    about the divorce….

    i *completely* realize how it must seem from the outside looking in and why some people would be curious as to what took place. i would probably be curious too….

    i don’t share the details of my divorce online for two reasons…

    1. because i think it is awkward and i don’t want to make it a bigger deal than it already is.

    2. because i told TJ i wouldn’t.

    i understand that there are probably many many women out there who are going through similar situations who would be able to connect with my experience. honestly, it’s just beyond my level of comfort to go there and i just can’t and won’t do it because i do NOT feel qualified to offer advise in those sort of situations. i believe in professional counseling and i know that every single divorce situation is SO unique and complex… i hope that explains why i tend to shy away from the subject. i keep my blog positive for a reason… i don’t like drama. there are hundreds of self help books out there for people who need advise about failing marriages that are written by qualified professionals. it is just not style to bring up those sort of topics on my blog on a regular basis. i prefer to keep the atmosphere of my blog focused on creating/eye candy/photos and art… that is what i am EXCITED to share and talk about. :]

    So… i hope that clears things up a little bit.

    I never tried to *lie* about my marriage or make it appear more perfect that it really was. I was actually just trying to make the most of it and enjoy it for what it was at the time… there were good aspects of it (as there is in everything) and that is what i chose to scrapbook and share. i don’t regret that.

    I am not trying to be secretive about what happened…. i am literally just not comfortable talking about it online…that is the truth. sorry.

    So… i hope you understand, I am just doing my best… trying to make good choices and live life as fully and honestly as i can. I feel SO blessed to have such a warm and sweet group of blog readers. the scrapbooking/craft community has been a huge part of my life and i am excited to keep moving on.. learning, growing and creating.

    I am very very excited about my life right now and i was happy to be able to share my new relationship with you. Since this is just a personal blog that is what i plan to continue to do…. post about whatever i am excited about both personal and professional. 🙂

    thank you for all of your love and support. :] i know there are so many good souls out there… i feel honored to connect with you.


  • Hi Elsie – I just wanted to say thank you SO much for sharing your loft with us – it is totally gorgeous and inspirational! LOVE it – and congratulations for your new boyfriend too – I hope he fills your life with MUCH happiness and laughter…

  • Elsie, thank you for the nonexplaination explaination, I’m just glad you didn’t think I was really having a go at you because I can’t gush enough about you.

    J and jennifer – thank you for understanding the motivation for my original post. sensible people rock my world.

  • Congratulations on all of the exciting things going on with your life. I love your art, you are amazing.

  • Happy b-day, late! I am happy to see your loft is being Elsie-fied quickly. It’s no fun when you move into a place and can’t get it all decor’d right away. I am listening to your bf’s band’s music on myspace… me likey! I am bobbin’/ dancing as I type.

    P.S. It’s good to see you smile!


  • Happy Birthday, Elsie!!! Mine’s coming up soon, I guess I just wanted to wait until closer to Christimas so I could get all those wonderful Christmas AND birthday presents. (Okay sometimes, not okay when your three sibling get the exact same thing, but it’s their Christmas present only. I LOVE Cat Power. I discovered her this time last year when I heard her on that diamond commercial. Also from that time is the song the mating game, from Bittersweet. Give it a listen, you might like. I’m jealous of your loft! I wanted one sooooo bad, but the one we wanted wasnt coming up for rent in time.

  • Oh I love the photos of the loft! The stars in the window are perfect. I never knew you were such a fan of The Black Apple! I’m waiting for the day I can call one (or many) of her prints my own! The framed set of 4 you have looks great arranged like that.

    Have fun getting the holiday decor up, can’t wait to see what you do!

  • Your apartment looks sooo cozy, I wanna come visit 🙂 <3

    Congrats on the bf, hes very cute!

    Hope you are doing good!



  • Your apartment looks sooo cozy, I wanna come visit 🙂 <3

    Congrats on the bf, hes very cute!

    Hope you are doing good!



  • LOVE your new place….I check the details…where did you get your cute fabric wood coasters? Too adorable!!!

  • LOVE the pictures on the wall!!! You have to tell me who drew/painted the one with the girl wearing the heart eye patch? You, maybe? I’m dying to know!!

    Your loft is beautiful.

    Good luck with this new chapter in your life, it sure sounds like a lot of fun! 🙂

  • Yeah! You found Cat Power, she is sooooo great. Your rug is so cute and I love all the black apple prints.

  • Elsie, Elsie, Elsie!

    I love your positive attitude! It is so beautiful 🙂

    on an unrelated note, can you fill us in on your new book: whats the name of it? (I know its a “recipe” theme.) when will it be released? I have been on the prowl but with no luck yet!

  • I just have one thing to say – so far your new place is looking great and I want it!

    That is all.

    🙂 x

  • Elsie,

    Your fans are truly happy for you! Don’t worry about the NAYSAYERS … ignore it. People will judge but like it says in the bible … let him without sin (problems) cast the first stone.

    You go GIRL!

  • i went on itunes and found one star story, i hope that it’s the same one, but they are amazing, tell your friends they are doing an amazing job.


  • awwww, the boyfriend is a super cutie!!! so is the loft! I cant wait to see more pictures! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELSIE!!! hope this is your most FABULOUS year yet! thanks for sharing all the inspiration! you are delightful!

  • Happy Belated birthday, Miss Elsie!! So glad you got to see your sis 🙂

    Lovin’ your new pad and your new BF is a little cutie!! I hope your holidays are going great-You deserve it!

  • Yay for you. I’m so happy you have someone to share the holidays with. You are so freakin cool and I only wish beautiful things for you… Have a great week…

  • Loved the peak into your home and life Elsie. I’m excited for you and your relationship with Justin. Blessings and love this Christmas season! xoxo

  • Happy Birsday, little girl!!! (I use Birsday because that’s what a friend of mine calls it)

    Here is my age: (Ex2)+3=me –now that is up there. but it only gets better each year, it only gets better!!! I love the new place…and recognized the black apple. You are very, very, very talented and an inspiration to even we age’d ones. Happy Hollydays…keep twinkling!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!! (25 isnt old LOL … I’ll be 25 in 3 months and I’m not ready to be old hahaha). Love the loft pictures, I can’t wait to see more!! Your bf is totally cute too!!!! Take Care!!

  • All right… fess up. That door mat is ADORABLE. Give us the link!

    Give us the link!

    Hehehe… You guys are great! I’ve got myself a Dustin. You’ve got a Justin. We need to start a “_ustin” fanclub. It’ll rock. OH gosh. Be prepared for the crazy aunt who never learn his name and call him “Dustin” as long as she’s alive (My Grandpa’s girlfriend STILL calls Dustin, Justin. Yeah, we’ve been together for 7 YEARS and she still calls him by the wrong name! Ha!).

    OK.. you can go back to Candy Cane Wonderland now. Mmmmm. 😀

  • Wow Elsie

    What a lovely post of super news!!

    Do whats right for YOU and not anyone else girl! Im glad you are happy, Justin is the one that has made your lovely smile turn more radiant in the last few weeks of pics I take it?


    xx renee

    PS – Its a shame im in AUST and cant get that door mat 🙁

  • I’ve been away from your blog for a while, but really glad to come back and see all the joy and happiness in your life right now. Well deserved. Have a happy holiday season!

  • OMG, i haven’t checked your blog for like a month as i’m a bit busy travelling the world… Anyways, just wanted to say, i’m super happy for you that you’ve found a new mand & congrats on the house move!!

  • elsie

    please,please,please display some scrapbook layouts with your new christmas papers!

  • I am a loser… i just realized that after looking at your “cribs” video and not seeing TJ anywhere.. then scrolling along that whhen you said BOYFRIENd that is what you actually meant.

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