Shoe Obsessions




I have to be honest… my shoe obsession is a little out of control as of late. I just LOVE shoes. It hit me yesterday while working on organizing my closet just how many pretty pairs I really own. I think they will be my inheritance to my (imaginary) children someday. To be fair, I only have a few collections… shoes, dresses, floral suitcases, vintage swimsuits and sunglasses. That's not too bad, right? (enable me, please?) This pair is my latest fixation. That heel just makes my day! 

Outfit Details: Dress/Vintage, Shoes/Jeffrey Campbell c/o ModCloth. Photos by Emma

  • I love shoes too! But I get nervous about wearing too many high heels. I am already 5′ 8″ and although heels are fun, they make me a good deal taller than my boyfriend. It’s almost a good thing that we live in different places for a bit so I can wear as many heels as possible when we aren’t together!

  • If it makes you happy it’s totally okay! And you utilize your collections, so that makes it even better. 🙂

    Love the dress like crazy, Elsie!

  • they are wonderful. there are more than a few of us out of control. so happy b doesn’t mind. i’d be in trouble.

  • I completely understand! My closet is slowly being taken over by all my clothing and shoes. I’m going to need a creative way to start storing things 🙂 I think it’s totally ok to have several collections 😉


  • You’re right, that heel is great. Also, when I saw these pictures, I thought you were missing something. Then I realized that it was a belt! You always seem to be wearing a belt, or so it seems to me. Anyways, you look lovely with or without a belt!

  • i just got 4 new pairs of shoes in the mail in the last 2 weeks (whooops)

    these are adorable!!! maybe you need just one more pair…in another color…?

  • I’ve been dying for a cute pair of red heels all summer that are casual for everyday wear and these are the perfect pair. SO cute! Xo

  • robyn,
    you’re right! i have some other (vintage/home) collections that are sorta maxed out (ie. no longer collecting because i have too many, but i still love em!) good memory! xxxx elsie

  • That comment about inheritance made me think of the SATC line, “I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes”. After being pregnant and having a baby I haven’t been able to buy any new shoes for quite a while (babies aren’t cheap). I’m aching to get a new pair but I think it might have to wait a little bit longer.


  • Hahaha. “Enable me please”… Hilarious! I wish my fascinations/obsessions/collections were enabled by those closest in my life. So far, though, no one else agrees with my cardigan collection. Anywho. I LOVE those shoes! I’m all about enabling. :]

  • I think calling it a shoe obsession sounds much better than a shoe problem, which is how I normally refer to my desire to own too many shoes. But there are just so many cute shoes out there! And you need the perfect pair for every outfit! My husband only has 3 or 4 pairs of shoes, so he doesn’t understand why I need so many, but other girls get it.

    The ones you’re wearing are super cute, and I love the background!

  • wow, these are a-w-e-s-o-m-e.
    if you ever think you have to many pairs, you can give them to me immediately 😉
    and noo, these aren’t too many collections, because you can’t collect too much pretty stuff, alright?!

  • When i saw Shoe Obsession…I obviously immediately clicked! And of course those JC’s are amazing…good color too!

    XO Emily Jenny

  • I think jeffrey campbell shoes are ur obsession. How many pairs of jeffreys do u own.

  • I love those!
    I’m definitely obsessed with shoes. I realized last time I moved that I own an embarrassing amount.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • I once counted my pairs of shoes, and then stopped once I got over 100. I never realized I had so many! Of course that hasn’t stopped me from collecting even more. Who can resist such pretty things?

  • If I could afford to spend that kinda money on shoes I’d totally own that pair… Love em! Do you get a lot if this kinda stuff free or discounted? Shoes are a dangerous addiction but you rock it !!!

  • I think a few collections is definitely a healthy thing. I used to collect rocks when I was little so your collections certainly seem more sensible 🙂 Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog, it totally made my day xo

  • Hi! First time commenting here, looove your blog! I always say to my fiancè: there is no such “too many” when it comes to shoes 😉

  • I have a friend that said she can’t shop with me anymore because I am an enabler. Whenever she sees something really great, if it’s not insanely priced, I tell her she should go for it. So here I am, to enable you, too: your shoes are amazing!

    Also, I totally keep things to pass down to my hypothetical children one day. When I was a kid, I looked through old photo albums of my mom in the 60s and she was this amazing dreamy protesting feminist hippie, and I wanted to wear her clothes so badly, but she’d gotten rid of them. Not on my watch, future children.

  • You do have an amazing shoe collection. Those JC are adorable and the heels reminds me of the Matterhorn at Disneyland with all the swirly wood work.


  • Super cute outfit! your shoes are gorgeous! I’m seriously loving Jeffrey Campbell, he’s amazing. I’m saving up for a pair of his wedge heels [hopefully the fruit ones!] I normally used to wear only flip flops and ballet flats, but lately I’ve been really interested in collecting “fancier” shoes. I just ordered a new pair from Blowfish Shoes and I’m so excited to get them! :]

  • hahha if you help enable me in my dress obsession, i will justify your shoe obsession. deal? 🙂 they are gorgeous!

  • oh my gosh, i was literally looking at them online this morning and trying to figure out how many of my unused shoes i could sell on ebay to buy them! laughed to myself when i saw your blog post about them a few hours later. they are truly beautiful.

  • Where do you store them all?! I have the hardest time storing my shoes and I just have a lot of flats. I can’t imagine if I wore heels!

  • That heel IS pretty cute! and I love the first photo of you. Such a sweet face!

    To answer the comment right before mine from Katie about storing shoes … I heard clear shoe boxes were a good way to go. Yes, if you have TONS of shoes, you’d ideally have tons of space to store them, but clear boxes (from a place like the Container Store) are good for keeping them organized.


  • I dream of a fabulous shoe collection. Unfortunately I lessened my addiction to shoes over the years and moved onto collecting bags, fabrics, and records. Anyway, I adore these heels and you! =]

  • hahaha. I don’t think you have too many collections 😉 I also “collect” shoes, dresses, headbands, lipsticks and cardigans. I have never really been a bag person. LOVE the vintage dress, the check pattern is gorgeous x

  • Those shoes are fantastic!! Like a lot of your other readers it seems, I don’t wear shoes with heels too often (much to the disappointment of my partner). I’m 5’10 and do you know what the worst thing is about being that tall and wearing heels… you can’t hear the shorter people around you talking! Seriously it sound silly but it is the main reason why I don’t like to wear heels.

  • Oh I totally adore shoes too. Too bad God made my feet so huge. I wear a size 11 (sometimes 12) and no one makes really cute shoes for my size. I love these though !

  • You ALWAYS have the cutest shoes on! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve looked at your shoes and went a huntin’ for a pair similar to them! These little red shoes (and especially the heels) are beyond amazing! <3

  • I have never seen heels like that! they’re super cute and unique.
    …. Just like you!
    Sorry, I saw that opportunity and couldn’t resist. You deserve as many compliments as blogger followers can throw at you.

  • I too have a shoe obsession…before my hubby and I were married, there was a time he helped me to move and he made the comment,” I never met a person who owned so many pairs of shoes!”
    BTW….I love your Red ones!

  • Those sound like good collections to have! I finally broke down and bought a vintage style swimsuit from my friend Angela of They are so cute I might have to get another!

  • shoes are becoming my new obsession, too, but my problem is that i live in a tiny little apartment with no space for them! i also collect dresses and cameras!

    i dieeee for those JC’s you’re wearing! super cute outfit, elsie!

  • I love this outfit and especially the shoes! Keep the shoe collection! I have a friend who hides some of her shoes at my house! Shoes are such expressions of how we are feeling sometimes – at least I think so! You look great!

  • Ah, but Elsie, with the business you work in surely your collections could come under the title ‘research’? 😉

  • oh my word, they are insanely cute! no wonder you’re obsessed with them! it must be pretty great having companies send you things for free, lucky girl!!

  • This really has nothing to do with this post, but mama just got a sewing machine!! I am so excited about taking your dress sewing class! woot.

    and if it means anything to you, the fact that you can justify shoes basically enabled me to buy shoes.

  • Elsie…if some day your (maybe-in-the-future-not-so-imaginary)child will not love all that VINTAGE stuff, please call me!!!!! I’ll surely appreciate the inheritance!!! 😀
    (ps.Italian girls love your blog too!! :D….well that means I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!)

  • I Love your smile Elsie!!! you should show that more often on pictures…

    And that Dress
    AND the shoes.
    my gosh


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  • Shoes are one of my addictions. Have you ever tried on Fluevog a shoe? Do it and you’ll be hooked.

    FYI: I “tagged”/awarded you! If you want to find out why, come visit my blog post. Don’t feel as though you must partake in the taggin’ circle, I just wanted to share the love. Here’s the post:

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  • The heel is so fun.

    I would love to see the vintage bathing suit collection. That is not something you hear people collecting – very original.

    Lost our oven in recent storm so I can’t even attempt to make lemon cookies which I’m craving because of you.


  • Those shoes (or very similar ones) are featured in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! When I saw it recently, I was reminded of this post.

  • Well the blogs sound good..You’re right, that heel is great. Also, when I saw these pictures, I thought you were missing something. Then I realized that it was a belt…

  • Love those shoes! They are such a statement piece. My obsession is dresses. I always buy too many dresses when I know that I have nowhere to wear them.

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  • New shoes would definitely help! They are both inripsing and comfy. Your shoes look pretty worn down. I suggest either reading about shoes or going to a nicer running store to get help finding a good kind. If you look at the website for Brooks running shoes, I believe they still have an info sheet about how to fit shoes. In a nutshell, you look at the wear on your current shoes. This shows how you tend to roll (inward, outward, or maybe not at all) as you walk/run. Then, knowing that, you can find various fits that work with your feet. I have a high arch and roll outward (I wear down the outer edges of shoes), so I get shoes with a strong curve to the sole to help correct for my tendency.Good luck with the running! I am just wrapping up couch to 5k. I am still much slower than I should be on the program I run each mile at ~ 12.30 pace. But it is still good, and I find that two months of running means I now miss running on the days I’m too busy to get out.

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