Simple Asparagus Soup

Easy asparagus soup recipe from abeautifulmess.comI was just researching to see if this was, technically speaking, a cream of asparagus soup.

And by "researching" we all know I mean googling. Google is so the new Dewey Decimal.

What I uncovered in my search was two things. First, did you know that "cream of asparagus soup" doesn't even have it's own wikipedia page?! It's like it doesn't exist. Whoa. And second I learned that this probably isn't, technically speaking, a cream of asparagus soup. And that's because it doesn't start with a roux (it's like gravy, like when you start making baked macaroni and cheese). 

But I'm basing this on cream of mushroom's wikipedia page. So, not sure that's accurate. Different veggie. Different rules?Best asparagus soup recipeBut this soup does seem creamy, whatever you call it. It's also hearty and substantial. And that's because (drum roll) I added a potato. Boom. Instant sustenance.Making soupSimple Asparagus Soup, serves two as a meal and four as a starter.

1 pound asparagus
1/3 yellow onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 small russet potato
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 tablespoon butter
3 cups vegetable (or chicken) broth
a lemon
a little greek yogurt (or sour cream)How to make asparagus soupFirst chop up the asparagus (reserve about half of the tips), onion, garlic and potato (peel and wash it first). Prep work: check.

In a medium pot heat the olive oil and butter over medium heat. Cook the onion until just softened (2-3 minutes). Add in the garlic, asparagus and potato. Cook until the asparagus begins to turn bright green (3-4 minutes). Season with a little salt and pepper and then pour in the broth. Allow to simmer for 20 minutes or until the potatoes can be easily sliced through with a knife. Now use your immersion blender to blend everything up. Or you can work in batches and puree in a blender (but be careful when transferring hot liquids).

In a small pot filled with 2-3 cups water blanch the reserved asparagus heads until bright green and cooked through but still crunchy. Drain and reserve. To serve garnish with a big dollop of greek yogurt and a few of the cooked asparagus heads.Cream of asparagus soupI highly recommend squeezing a little lemon juice over the top of the soup just before eating. I love how citrus can add just a little pop of flavor to veggies, salads and lots of soups. Yum! xo. Emma

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  • This is the best asparagus soup! I make it all the time, thanks for creating the recipe 🙂

  • Excellent work with this divine contribution, I hope more of these and continue like this, greetings.

  • this is fantastic! thank you so much for sharing, most definitely going to have to give this a try! perfect for all seasons.

  • just letting you know that I made this last night and it was AH-mazing. especially when I stirred in a dollop of plain greek yogurt… just the perfect amount of “tang” for this simple soup 😉

  • though i guess it isn’t a “cream of asparagus” soup, it looks positively delicious! Plus, it’s not as bad for me since it doesn’t have a bajillion pounds of cream in it! 🙂

  • I have never tried a green asparagus soup, only the white one. But it seam, here in the USA there not that many stores who sell the white one.

  • I’m in need of making more soups and this is just the recipe I needed! Yum!

    Lulu xx

  • Sounds great! I love asparagus, but I rarely make anything without kale these days, so my asparagus puree also included some kale and broccoli!

  • Mmh, it looks and sounds delicious! And just when I was contemplating what to make for dinner tonight 😉


  • This looks so good. AND the photography on this is good too. For a minute I thought I had opened Smitten Kitchen’s blog by accident.:)

  • Wonderful in every respect – a winner! Great photography too!

  • I really like asparagus. But I never know how to prepere those white ones… 😀
    anyway, I’ll try it for sure!
    Greetings from Poland
    and feel free to visit my blog 🙂

  • I love me some asparagus and wondered how it would taste in soup form. Guess I have to try it out. Thanks for the recipe from

  • I love asparagus soup but never did one on my own. So I think I really have to try your recipe. It looks tasty.

  • Looks yum! Had a lot of soup this week (which is weird because it’s been 35 degrees over here). Sweet potato soup last Monday and broccoli soup last night. This may be next. Thanks!

  • aww this sounds delicious! I’m a big fan of asparagus!

    hannah xx

  • No Wikipedia page? That’s almost criminal!
    I love asparagus so will be interesting to see what it tastes like as soup!

  • I don’t really like asparagus – but somehow you girls just seem to make everything look delicious!!

  • Oh yes, this is a recipe I may actually try. Yumdiddlyumptious!

    Gemma typically.pretty.english

  • Looks awesome, I’m gonna make a vegan version (with coco oil and veggie broth:) Where is the bowl from? Would love to get my hands on a set of those!

  • Looks yummy and I ll try to do it. Looks perfect.

  • I’ve never had asparagus soup, but this looks great!

  • Pro tip: For less mess, separate the veggies and the liquid before pureeing. Only food process the veggies, then add the broth back in. I can’t tell you how much easier that is!! Happy souping!

  • Oooh yummy, I love asparagus!

  • It’s getting into winter where I live, so I’m loving getting a lot of soup recipes to try!

    Carina xx

  • This looks delicious!

    Seaside Beauty

  • I love asparagus… never thought of using it in a soup. Thanks! I’ll have to try this out.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  • mmm this is looks good! Can’t wait to try it 🙂


  • i think this would be perfect for winter:)

  • Yum. Recently introduced to nicknaming asparagus Aspergrass. favorite part of spring. minus the pee smell.

  • Such a coincidence, I made this yesterday for a few friends who came over! It’s so tasty and definitely spring-proof.

  • Holy cow, I cannot wait to make this. I just made a chicken poblano soup and it’s made me kind of soup-crazy!

  • I kind of want walls the color of this soup. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!


  • Ooh I’ve never tried asparagus soup before – ‘cream of’ or otherwise! Looks great 🙂

  • Where did you get that square wooden bowl? That is probably the coolest soup bowl I’ve ever seen.

  • Yum! And I’m all about adding a potato to thicken soup. I love making kale potato soup, which would be kind of runny without potatoes in it.

    Love that dish too!

  • This looks gorgeous! Want to eat this soo bad!

  • I love how easy this recipe is! I will definitely need to try this out!

  • I’ve asparagus in a variety of ways, but I’ve never had asparagus soup! The horror! I’ll to try this recipe!

  • I love asparagus soup. Super yummy! Think I’m going to give this recipe a try over the week. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Have you tried adding a little bit of pesto to your asparagus soup? I tasted it in Germany last summer and it was amazing!

  • That looks delicious! Do you think it would work as well to replace the asparagus with my beloved broccoli?
    By the way, love that retro bowl! xoxo

  • haha, oh goodness wikipedia, not there, doesn’t exist. Sounds delicious! And sounds perfect for summer!

    Juliette Laura

  • yum! this looks delicious. never had a cream of asparagus soup!
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    Zara giveaway
    Gap/Old Navy Giveaway

  • Looks good! My mom used to make cream of asparagus soup and it actually has cream in it so I think you’re right that this one is different!

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