Simple Horse Throw Pillows

Horse pillows DIYHorse pillow3I just adore horses—it's one trend that I hope never goes away! Here's a simple applique project. We used store bought throw pillows to start with, so only a little hand stitching is required. You could change up this project to be any animal silhouette you like—but we loved using yarn for the horses' manes. Too cute!Horse pillow steps DIY1. Supplies: Throw pillows, fabric (we used tapestry), yarn, needle and thread, scissors, sharpie, tissue paper. 2. First, draw a horse silhouette onto tissue paper with the sharpie. It might take a few tries to get it just right! 3. Once you've made a silhouette, use it as a pattern on the fabric. 4. After you've cut out the horse in fabric, begin sewing pieces of yarn onto the edge, right below the ears. This will be the horse's mane! 5. Continue this process all the way down the back of the horse, then trim the yarn for the perfect length. 6. Hand stitch the horse onto the top of the pillow!Horse pillow2These horse pillows are the latest addition to my bedroom and I couldn't love them more! xo. emma

Yarn used for horse mane's c/o Premier Yarns, and patterned fabric for second horse c/o Waverly.

  • Awww, I missed this post in April, these horse pillows are so damn cute! I’m definitely going to make one for my little girls nursery! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Really cute, love these! Might try with other animals!

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  • Oh my how cute!! I live in the west around a lot of cowboys and i just might have to make these!!!!

  • This is adorable
    I will be trying this right away!!!!
    Your DIY’s are AMAZING 🙂

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Cuteness attack!!!!!!! These are so cute! I have a horse [sweet ole bay Quarter Horse gelding :)] and I could SO make these for my room. I could do a variation with it and make it look like him (red-brown with black mane). So adorable! Thank you all so much for being you and running this blog! It is such a blessing and is my new favorite site/blog.

  • So creative! You know how to turn simple things into treasures!

  • I made a very girlish version, but am so pleased with your inspiration!!

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  • My daughter has a horse-themed bedroom. SO making these for her.

  • Theses are AMAZING. So glad to find your blog 🙂 its so inspiring 🙂

    Josephine. xx

  • holy cow (or horse!) those are adorable


  • I’ve got two adorable puppies, a beagle and a beagle mix, and I’m just imagining how cute it would be to make a silhouette pillow with floppy ears!

    Glad this doesn’t require a sewing machine because I’m rubbish at that. 🙂

  • They look so cute! Question: How do you keep the fabric from fraying? Thanks!

  • Those are great! love the horses and the afghan goes perfectly with them I did this with a bunny silhouette a while ago and made a yarn pom pom for its tail. it’s still one of my favorite projects i’ve done thus far!

  • Oh my gosh! I’ve got to make these for my girls! What a fantastic project:)

  • These pillows are amazing!

    Love it!

  • These are so cute! 😀 But won’t the yarn get a little ticklish? 😛

  • I LOVE these, and the cute fox pillows you posted a while back, would love to give them both a try if my sewing skills were slightly less terrible!
    Faye x

  • Seriously cute! love the mane on it!


  • This is just great!

    Hugs from Roxana.

  • My sister and her husband are so getting these for their combined birthday’s later this month.

  • They are too adorable! Sounds like there will be a trip to Ikea soon for getting some fabrics and pillows 🙂

    Thank you so much for all your effort!

  • these are so sweet! it’s such a good post cause you can totally do it with any kind of animal. love it!

  • jajajaj lovely Horses…amazing DIY my dear.

    You can check my new DIY CUTE HEART in:

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

  • Oh I literally chuffled and chortled at this. Hilariously cute! Well done taking the equestrian theme to the extremes of homespun.

  • these are fabulous – such a cute idea! i think i will make one of these for our home since i’m the biggest horse lover around. (:

  • One day my house will be full of cutesy stuff, that I’ve learned to make from your blog! This is adorable! xo

  • This is quite possibly the cutest craft project I have seen in a while!!! I love the colors and the bedspread! Is it crocheted? It’s absolutely fabulous!!

  • Those are funny. I need to come up with a version for myself. Or maybe unicorns for my daughter. She would love that. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • omigosh! i love them!!!! i think i have everything i need, too! time for late night crafting!

  • Whauw tha’t really amazing, even though i don’t like horses 😛 And it fits perfectly with the plaid you have on your bed. Very nice!

  • adorable project – I’ve passed this on to all my friends in the horse industry I’m sure they’ll love it too!

  • Your horse DIYs have been some of my favorites recently! So cute 🙂

  • So cute, great DIY decor idea! Thanks for sharing. <3

  • Beautiful and lovely cushions. This idea is perfectly complement your home decor!


  • Those are cute pillows! I know some whose son loves horses this would be perfect for them!

  • This is such a great project & so inspiration. I can imagine making something similar in fish, butterflies or fairies for some of my very young friends & family. I truly don’t know how you keep coming up with these ideas & getting them done. Thanks Elsie & Emma for inspiring me everyday.


  • A little too ambitious for my skill level, but still super cute!


  • So adorable, yet simple! Plus it’s such a versatile project, because the silhouette can be whatever you prefer. LOVE

  • These are adorable I’d love to make something like this with another animal!

    Amanda Rose

  • Very sweet, it looks like they are in love : ) Rx

  • Super cute!!! I love the country vibe!

  • Hi Elsie & Emma,

    I get so inspired by both of you and your DIYs!

    I’m graduating from High School this year, and am going to have a cookout graduation party at my house. I was wondering if you all have any DIYs for decorations or fun ideas for graduation parties? Or, do you have any already posted DIYs that would work that you could direct me to?

    Thanks for reading my comment. I LOVE A Beautiful Mess! 🙂


  • Those are cute! I have a quilted cow pillow and a squirrel pillow, so these are right up my alley!

  • Haha, these are great! Question though: do the fringe manes ever tickle you and you think spiders are creepy crawling. Knowing me, that would be the case. Great DIY though.


  • I love these, have seen many pillow projects around the web lately for a double bed, and I think I become more and more convinced that a matching yet different pillow set looks so sweet and fun 🙂 I have to come up with something cute too, to surprise my “partner in crime” :))
    Would be nice 🙂

  • Oh my! This is so cute! Shame I can’t even sew a button on >.<

  • Ohmygosh…these are so sweet!! They remind me of something from my childhood! 🙂

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