Simple Horse Throw Pillows

Horse pillows DIYHorse pillow3I just adore horses—it's one trend that I hope never goes away! Here's a simple applique project. We used store bought throw pillows to start with, so only a little hand stitching is required. You could change up this project to be any animal silhouette you like—but we loved using yarn for the horses' manes. Too cute!Horse pillow steps DIY1. Supplies: Throw pillows, fabric (we used tapestry), yarn, needle and thread, scissors, sharpie, tissue paper. 2. First, draw a horse silhouette onto tissue paper with the sharpie. It might take a few tries to get it just right! 3. Once you've made a silhouette, use it as a pattern on the fabric. 4. After you've cut out the horse in fabric, begin sewing pieces of yarn onto the edge, right below the ears. This will be the horse's mane! 5. Continue this process all the way down the back of the horse, then trim the yarn for the perfect length. 6. Hand stitch the horse onto the top of the pillow!Horse pillow2These horse pillows are the latest addition to my bedroom and I couldn't love them more! xo. emma

Yarn used for horse mane's c/o Premier Yarns, and patterned fabric for second horse c/o Waverly.

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