• They are so gorgeous! The idea really rocks! I think it would also be good if the shots are taken in a black-and-white or sepia theme. These themes may add dramatic appeal to the pictures.

  • I was at the store for the first time when this picture was being taken. ha thats cool:)
    i came back this weekend and got the cutest glittery glasses ever.
    ive worn them everywhere.

  • Your shop is AMAZING, Elsie!! I’ve never seen a vintage store with such personality in all my 33 years. And I’ve been to many. They’re usually, in my experience stuffy, a little smelly, and the decor is so dull. Yours looks like so much fun!! I’d like to see Emma’s sweets shop, too!! I’m sure it’s to die for.

  • I wish I had a sister… I got 4 brother’s and two lovely daughter’s instead!! just found your blog and your store and if I lived anywhere close, I’d be there. Nicely done! Good luck!

  • these pictures seriously make my heart swell up because i love my sister so much and it makes me want to call her…like right now 😀
    haha. congrats on the shop and i think it is so rad that you guys can live your dreams together!

    *maybe one day i will make it out there to visit because your shop looks so lovely!

  • I love the photo (well I love them all really!) of you and your Emma and your eyes are closed and her eyes are open.

    I don’t know you in person but to me, from what I can gather online is that you are the dreamer (but not one that doesn’t put any into action) and she is the practical (and not practical boring but practical good) one. I am probably wrong but I just love how it comes across in the photo.


  • Beautiful. The energy around you and your sister is so peaceful and sincere. It looks like you really love each other. That’s so great to see.

  • It’s *so cute* that you guys are working together on such a lovely dream!! 🙂 And your style is so rad – opposite but complimentary? 🙂 Lovely, no matter.

  • haha! thanks so much. i can’t sell this dress b.c it’s the most perfect fitting 50s dress i’ve ever found. but i’ll list some similar ones in our next update. i love floral dresses to death!

  • aww i LOVE this cus i love working with my sister too! :))


  • aww that is so sweet. makes me miss my sister so much. she’s my bestie but lives far away. i wish i could work with her all day too!

  • oh I love those pictures! you two looks beautiful!


  • All these photos are adorable, but the first one is my favourite 🙂

    So lucky to have Float Away Studios come in and do loads of snaps for ye. They’re wonderful! Can’t wait to see the rest.

    Aoife x


  • oh you two are SO pretty! ♥

    i’ve been reading all these posts and i’m just so, so, SO jealouse… why, oh, why do i have to live on the other side of the world?? 🙂

  • she did a really great job.

    the ones of you sitting on the counter are absolutely my favorites from the whole shoot so far!


  • beautiful photos elsie! you and emma are adorable. this shop seems like such a dream come true 🙂

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