Sister Style: Summer Outfits

Emma Chapman Emma Chapman Emma Chapman Emma Chapman Emma Chapman It's summer time, and I'm excited for all the summer clothes! Lately I've been dreaming of camping, outdoor music festivals and my honeymoon (next week, OMG). All the while planning my outfits for each one, like a total dork. I think warm weather clothes are my favorite. Even though they offer less options, since layer isn't always a great choice (too hot!). But I still love trying to find an unexpected way to wear items. :) 

Emma's Wearing: dress c/o Abby Galloway, shorts/really old jeans I cut off, shoes c/o ModCloth, scarf/ ABM for ModCloth.Elsie Larson Elsie LarsonElsie Larson   Elsie Larson   Elsie's Wearing: Dress/Dear Creatures c/o Ruche, Hat/H&M, Glasses c/o Bonlook, Shoes c/o Toms

Happy Monday! Emma + Elsie 

  • The blue of that dress is gorgeous!


  • Emma: That first picture of you is gorgeous!
    Elsie: So impressed and inspired by your style (and photogenic-self) as always!

    I feel the same way about summer clothes. They are a relief after bundling up for months on end (I’m in MN, we bundle 9 months out of the year), but also overwhelming to decide what to where! This year I’ve been impressive with my constant shorts and t-shirt look 😉

  • You gals both look so adorable! Elsie, I really love your dress and Emma, that headscarf is so pretty!


  • I really like the print on that white shirt. It’s so much fun. And those crochet shoes are adorable!

  • Elsie’s dress is amazing!!!! *.*
    You both look ready for summer! 🙂

  • I’ve been looking for that horse scarf for awhile now, and I can’t find it any where? Can you still purchase these some where?!

  • Those glasses suit you so much Elsie! I keep seeing those Saltwater sandals everywhere too. They must be all the rage.

    Maria xx

  • Love emma’s looks…always have been fascinated by the bohemian look…
    great pictures 🙂

  • This will sound random but I would love to see a nail polish collection post. I don’t have a fetish but Emma’s been wearing some cute nail polish and I’ve been wanting to know the brand names so I can buy it at the store.

  • Super cute – love the headband!
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  • I’m in love with Elsie’s Toms! I have a phobia about ruining light colored shoes so I don’t know if I can buy them. Could I be more neurotic? 😉

  • Love these outfits!! I want to get more summer clothes, now, but it’s winter in Australia!! I guess I’ll just have to dream and save up ^_~

  • I love Emma’s scarf and Elsie’s dress and shoes! Sister style is one of my favorite features that you guys do. The Toms are really cute too by the way. I’m guessing the dress is vintage but could you do a tutorial on how to make a collar like that on a dress you might have at home?

  • Such cute shoes on both of you!
    Perfect for some summer-time adventures.
    x eva

  • You girls are so cute, love the outfits! Can’t wait to see pics of Emma’s wedding …there will be pics, right?? Happy summer!

  • Looking lovely as always ladies!

    xo Jennifer

  • Summer clothes are the best! They’re so fun and effortless. Plus, summer weather is just fabulous.

  • Perfect summer outfits girls! Super excited about your wedding Emma!! 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • Love your dresses, so original!

    Carina xx

  • Gorgeous outfits! x

  • Summer Angels. My sis and I are really into clothes and fashion so I just adore your Sister Style posts. Sissy and I are super close besties, so your sister blog just melts my heart.

  • elsie your hat is from my dreams! your dress is precious too. and those toms are love!

  • Love your dress Emma.. hope you’re not too nervous for your wedding day! 🙂 Rosie x

  • Love the scarf and hat…Great pics as always.

    xo Janika

  • really cute!

  • I’m not a huge fan of summer because I don’t like heat, grass, or the outdoors. lol. BUT I love all the ways we can change upp all of our favorite summer pieces. You can totally rock some layers in the summer. Just make sure they’re very lightweight. I like doing contrasting colors, neon cami, contrast sheer blouse, and a cute summer scarf is my favorite way to do summer layers. Great post and cute outfit! So fun and girly!

    Stick Out!

  • Okay, serious question: does it get humid where you live? Because you guys always have such gorgeous, unfrizzy hair! Do you have an awesome anti-humidity product, or naturally awesome hair, or is the climate just agreeable? Because my hair is a MESS come this time of year…

  • I love those lace espadrilles and once again both lovely looks! xx


  • All the photos are super cool, and I just love the Elsie’s look.

    Have a sweet week
    Hugs from Brasil

  • I love Emma’s headscarf and Elsie’s hat! You two always accessorize so well.


  • Love the scarf, hat and pants. Such cute pics 🙂
    Jen & Kelly

  • Cute pics!! The second to last picture (portrait of Elsie) is seriously stunning! You guys rock at life. 🙂

  • Well this is quite unexpected 🙂 love the head scarf .

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  • Camping is my FAVORITE thing to do. Both of those outfits are awesome as is ya’lls hair. Had to say that.

  • Emma has the best ombre hair I have ever seen! Also, I would adore it if the two of you had a post about what kind of makeup you wear for these photo shoots — particularly the lipstick. It always looks so perfect, subtle, and pretty. Whenever I wear lipstick, I feel like it never looks that good….

  • I love both of these outfits! Especially that floppy hat!

  • such perfect outfits for all kinds of summer antics!


  • loving those head accessories! the floppy hat is adorable and really love the head band pattern!!

    – Janine

  • I love how you mixed the two prints from the head scarf and shirt! Mixing prints is always a little tricky but if done right, looks great!

  • I love your hair Emma 🙂
    Both outfits are so lovely!

  • Emma, I love your head scarf! It’s so cute!

  • Perfect camping clothes – I’m just back from a camping trip this weekend (loved it!) and now I have more ideas for fun outfits to try next time. Thanks 🙂


  • I love Salt Waters! Going into my second season of a pair that I keep looking new by hosing them down regularly.

  • Amazing post!

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  • I love the headscarf and the hat! So cute! BTW, Congrats for the wedding! I’m so excited too!

  • Oh yes summer!
    I am looking forward to put my new clothes but weather here it is being so cold annd rainny!

  • Cute dresses huns

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  • Love that dress Emma ! Elsie’s Toms are so perfect for summer…

  • You guys are always so lovely! I love the floppy hat. This Summer I’ll be rocking lots of dresses and skirts, hats, braids and vests!

  • Elsie I love your hat, dress, and toms! Emma I love that head scarf so much! Love the outfits ladies!

    Juliette Laura

  • I love the horsey headband and those crochet toms! You both look perfectly summery.

  • Oh my goodness I adore that scarf, Emma. And those Toms are darling, Elsie! You guys both look beautiful:)

  • You both look so adorable! I’m head over heel in love with Elsie’s hat: I’ve spied it in several Instagrams, and I’ve been thinking of it ever since! I need to hunt down one for myself 🙂

    Have a fantastic new week!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  • Love both the outfits – especially the glasses Elsie…you both are ready for the Summer for sure!

  • I love dressing for the summer time and I have the jean shorts like from the picture, but didn’t think to pair it with a longer short. Great job and now gave me more ideas for sure!! 🙂

  • I love the black and white photos:)) aww..good for you guys. Summer’s already ending here in the Philippines. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  • I love summer time camping (: it’s always so nice!

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