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Sister style 4Sunday is our official "day off" each week. It's the day we sleep in and catch up on our hobbies like baking bread, taking photos and playing with our puppies. My favorite Sunday ritual is to go to a couple flea markets with Mr. Larson and try to talk him into buying me the same amazing kitchen table set… We've done that so many times! How do you love to spend your Sunday? XO. elsie + emma too

Outfit Details: Emma- Top/J.Crew, Skirt/Vintage, Satchel and Clogs c/o ModCloth. Elsie- Dress/borrowed from Katie, Necklace/TopShop, Boots/Hunter, Hat/Thrifted. 

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  • Super cute, I love both of your outfits! I love how colorful you both always are!

    xo Jennifer

  • I really love you girls’ style and love the Hunter boots! I really want a pair!

  • Ah love Sunday’s so much! It’s a day that I get to take my mind off of the rest of the week, go to church and spend time with my closest friends and family!

    Every Sunday I drive a half hour home to have dinner with my parents and then spend the evening hanging out with high schoolers at our youth group! Such a refreshing way to get pumped up for the rest of the week.

    You ladies are so adorable! <3 love following you and seeing your great fashion!

  • What do you wear on your lips? It always looks so pretty! Have you ever done a makeup post — makeup you generally wear in your blog posts? It always looks so nicely done and fresh!

  • You girls are too adorable!!! Love both of your outfits.

  • Is that a cambridge satchel company bag? If it is, love it in the neutral color. I’ve got one of the fluro’s and want to see a classic version styled by someone who has one already, because I can’t decide between the brown or black colors.

  • I love your outfits they are SOO cute, I’m in love with those boot elsie!

    xo Sarah

  • Sundays for me involve usually waking up early to go to church which is ok because I get to sleep in the rest of the week. But this also means that I get to take a glorious nap (or as we Mennonites call a medaschlope!)in the afternoon which I love doing so much!

  • On Sundays I love to go to church and then come home, make lunch for the family and relax the rest of the day. Sundays is my favorite day!

  • Sunday’s are when my husband and I can finally ‘catch up’ from our long week! Sleep in, coffee, walk the dogs, lunch and maybe a movie. I love Sundays!

    BTW, love your knitted cap!

  • Sundays are so relaxed here in Germany. Everything is closed, so we stay home. I watch the weather, which is quite cold now, from the big windows in the study and try and see red squirrels in the morning. A new ritual is to bake on Sundays. During the week I find a recipe and then on Sunday I try it. Yesterday it was peanut butter and jelly cupcakes, courtesy of your recipe, and they were very nice, thanks 😀

  • Yay, I love Sundays! Hubby and I lay in and then have something yummy for breakfast like pancakes or a bacon sarnie 🙂 Then we go to Church for a couple of hours and then do something fun like visit a vintage fair or car boot sale, or go for a walk round the local parks. And then we head home to watch typical Sunday late afternoon films. It really is my favourite day! Lovely pictures, your wellies are so cute! Hx

  • Golly, so pretty! :-)) I happened to stumble onto your blog & can’t get enough of it! As someone who’s a total DIY freak, and likes to merge the worlds of Art & Fashion together… I LOVE what you’re doing here….. Total rockstar 🙂

    I’d really appreciate some inputs from you on my blog on [ Indian ] Art & Fashion at:


  • I love the satchel!
    Do you know the italian brand Il Bisonte?
    i’ve bought a similar bag!

  • I love to spend my Sunday watching movies and news channels, and I love to sleep for long hours which i always miss during other days.

  • These outfits brightened up my day!
    Gorgeous wellies!!


  • Oh my, I’m in love with your boots. The color is perfect! Typically, I work on Sundays. :p

  • I like relaxing Sundays but it does depend on the weather, it was minus two degrees this weekend but despite that, I wrapped up and took our dog for a long walk in a lovely park nearby and came home, made butternut squash soup (recipe on latest post) for my lunch at work and a lamb roast dinner!! So pretty relaxing really!

    Love your duo photo!!

    Esther xx

  • I had a little trip close to Florence and then I enjoyed the sunset from a perfect location just over the city!

  • Oh my word, how adorable you are. I need a pair of colored rainboots STAT!

    Roots, Wings, and Other Things.

  • I love Sundays! Funny, because I used to hate them! We normally go on a walk, then for lunch or dinner and then just chill out with reading or catching up on DVDs- so fun!

  • Sundays are great for sleeping in, taking two hours to drink coffee while looking at books and magazines, and then working on a crafting project!

  • i love that bag! i’ve seen a lot of variations when shopping today!

  • I LOVE this series! so sweet! its so cool to how you both incorporate vintage into your different styles.

  • Both of you look so beautiful!!! Sunday is really a nice day and I use to have nice moments with my sisters too.

  • Holy Pink!! Love it 🙂
    And I totally totally adore Emma’s bag, you two are so wonderful 🙂


  • I’ve read both your blogs for a while now – they’re great and always super inspiring – and while I knew you were best friends I’ve only just realised you’re sisters. How great! You’re both so interesting and inspiring and thanks for updating your blog so regularly.

  • Just got back on my Sunday outing with family in tow. Spots hit? The Marin Headlands, downtown Sausolito, raced across the Golden Gate, tore down Lombard St and hit up a quirky hidden district off of Gough and Fell to have Gourmet burgers and a Latte. Evening activities? Perusing abeautifulmess.

  • i love sister style SO MUCH! the hunter boots are gorgeous

  • You look so happy together! I love that!

  • I also like spending Sunday’s in the kitchen. Typically Sunday’s are slooow days for us; I really look forward to that each week!

  • extremely cute! both of you have fantastic style although i especially like emma’s swedish hasbeens

    xo katrina

  • Adorable photos! Our Sundays used to be just like that. Now, we still relax, get caught up, I try to get a little quilting done. Cook a slower meal. Going to a movie tonight. Happy Sunday, everyone!

  • Sundays are pretty relaxing here. Playing with the kids, hanging with my husband. A little laundry, a little grocery shopping. A lot of reading and a lot of writing in my journal.

    Love Emma’s bag!

  • I love, love, love the purple hunter boots.

  • I love Emma’s skirt! I thrifted a couple of them and shortened them like Emma’s. I love the school girl look!

  • I like Sundays as my very own secret days where I don’t have to come into physical or audio contact with anyone but Him Indoors. I like to spend it in the comfiest clothes, sans make-up with plenty of tea and crafting.

  • ADORE your Hunter boots and you two are so adorable! Love these photos 🙂


  • You look adorable love the wellies & that satchel wouldn’t happen to be from The Cambridge Satchel Company would it? I’m obsessed I already have to but would sooo get another xoxo

  • Aww I love the sister style posts! That bag is amazing, it looks like Mulberry!


  • Love Sundays too! Hope my little ones have a great sister relationship like you two someday!

  • I love Emma’s shoes and bag! Cuteness:)(

    Stephanie May*

  • so cute! flea markets and movie marathons with luke,baking too!


  • Today was spent lazing around, crocheting a granny square for my granny-a-day project and catching up with my knitting. After lunch, we went for a long walk then came back and lounged around some more.
    My girl (she’s 9) finished this

    I ♥ Sundays xx

  • Cute outfits! Love Elsie’s boots!

    I like to spend it trying to force my cute boyfriend into watching silly cartoon movies with me <3 Poor boy 😉


  • Adorable beanie!! did you make it yourself? if so, would you consider putting the pattern up for sale or better yet, free? (I’m a cheeky one).

  • You two are so cute! I hope that when my sister is older we’ll be as close as you two are!

  • On a sunday do I prefer to stay at home, watch tv and eat a lot. If the weather is good, do I go for a walk or spend the day in the park. Don´t let it rain on a sunday… Usually do I spend some time with planning the upcoming week in the evening as well.

  • beautiful! Love the satchel and plaid skirt and those hunter boots are a tremendous statement piece. Hope you had a great weekend!

  • Happy Day Off 🙂 Sunday’s are always relaxing for me. My husband + I usually go to a diner + get breakfast. Then he usually goes to a friend’s house to watch football while I hang out with my mom or craft in the studio 🙂 Its a beautiful sunday today 🙂 sunny +warm.

  • Yay Sunday! Have a fun event to go to tonight and was going to go out for an afternoon walk now, but I wimped out. It’s too darn cold out! Wish it was bare legged weather like it is where you guys are. Lucky. Looks like you’re having fun.

  • Aw that sounds so fun! On our Sunday “funday” we sleep in (a must!)then Toby makes what we call “bebe breafast” which is always yummy. Then we watch a movie or take a trip to Goodwill or go for a walk! It’s my favorite day 🙂


  • Aren’t Sundays the best?! Its the one morning that my hubby and I get to sit down and enjoy breakfast together and then I usually try to trick him into going antique shopping with me – sometimes it works 🙂

    xx Ashleigh

  • Great outfits girls!

    I wish to have some flea markets nearby. For us Sunday is also a day to sleep in, since short time our children do not demand to go with them downstairs when they want to watch TV. Then we have nice brunch and after that we usually go for same trips, to another city or to walk in the forest and dunes. It is time to relax and visit friends. Love Sundays!

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