Sister Style: Army green, blush pink and other things we’re loving right now…

Elsie LarsonLately I am crushing hard on army green and blush pink. I am trying to limit how much of it I add to my closet, but it’s not easy. That and white! My husband has a joke that I have 25 of the exact same white lace dresses (which is not, not true…), but what I can say, I like what I like. Haha!

Anyway! I am fully embracing and LOVING shopping for fall and winter clothing this year. It’s so fun. In the past I’ve always been more of a spring/summer fan, but I’m trying to stretch myself and learn to really celebrate all the seasons (even winter after Christmas is over—aka THE WORST). I want to be more well rounded and find cute go-to, easy outfits for every season. This outfit definitely fits the bill because I’ve worn it seriously five or six times this month. On repeat. And if it does actually get cold this year (which of course it will at some point), I can always add tights.

If you have tips and tricks for easy outfits that feel cute and more polished than a t-shirt and jeans (or yoga pants if I’m being honest—haha!), please share them with me in the comments!

Elsie Larson Elsie Larson Elsie’s Wearing: Jumper/ModCloth (similar), Bag/Golden Ponies on Etsy, Boots/TopShop (similar), Bracelets/Madewell

Elsie Larson Elsie Larson And a couple more shots we took with this cute bag from Fossil. Ugh—it’s so adorable.

OK—take it away, sister!

Emma Chapman Emma ChapmanFull sun photos Emma Chapman Emma Chapman Yes, I am all for hearing your tips! For me, I’m working on finding ways to take pieces I loved during the warmer months and transitioning some of them to this colder season. For example, you can see me wearing this army green dress back in late August when I didn’t need any layers at all! I love the fit and structure of the dress, so I’ve tried it out with a few layers. And although I like it a bit more in the summer (sandal season—my favorite!), I like finding ways to transition pieces to other seasons. Elsie and I grew up and still live in areas that have all four seasons, so finding ways to transition some pieces is always nice.

But I must admit, this year has been unseasonably warm—I won’t mind if that trend continues. I’m praying for one day of snow on Christmas Eve and then for spring to start on January 2nd. Dare to dream! 🙂

Full sun photosEmma Chapman Emma’s Wearing: Dress/Calvin Klein (similar), White plaid top and choker/F21, Tights and belt/Target, Boots/ASOS (similar), and Purse/Zara

Tips for putting together outfits? Tips for transitioning clothes to other seasons? We are all ears! xo. Elsie + Emma

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Photography: Amber Ulmer and Janae Hardy. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Army green looks good on the both of you! The romper is so comfy and fits well!

  • Hi Kate! Here’s a similar one from Asos: -Jacki

  • Where is Elsie’s pom hat from? I’ve been trying to find a similar one lately with some slouch!

  • As a Canadian living in one of the coldest cities in the country and as someone who is never comfortable under 25 degrees Celsius (77 f?) style has pretty much vanished from my winter wardrobe. Now at work, I do circumnavigate that by just dressing warm and comfy to survive my commute to work and changing once I get to work but I absolutely hate wearing skirts and dresses in the winter, even in the office because it’s never warm enough there either (I mean the men always complain it’s too hot so they have to balance the heat for them and as a result, the women have to bundle up). And honestly, I can’t stand tights for a full day. My go too is either some “professional” leggings with a tunic or straight pants with a sweater or blouse with a jacket/sports coat. Once in a while I’ll go for a skirt combo but then I get home after having worn tights all day under it and promise myself “never again”. I don’t do long or midi skirts because I’m short and anything bellow the knee makes me looks stocky and bigger than I am. It’s a challenge to say the least! And on the weekend? Ha, comfy and warm all the way, I don’t care about style as long as I’m warm!

  • I am a fan of dresses, but usually were jeans. to work with a jacket at home with a sweater. I like my clothes comfortable…What can I say I am a lazy girl kind of dressor

  • You can get away with wearing yoga pants if you throw on a pair of knee high boots and a floaty or long top.

  • Love your Sister Style posts! Elsie, your Etsy bag is the cutest! Do you remember what color option is it online (peach/pink)? Thank you!

  • Haha, I am so with you regarding snow, Emma! I’d love it if Christmas had snow and then it went away and spring returned.

  • Already adding that blush pink bag and pom to my Christmas list.

    Chelsey |

  • Gorgeous playsuit and bag and hat!

  • My favorite fall/winter uniform is definitely a sweater dress, fleece tights, booties and a pendant necklace. It looks pulled together but feels like you’re wearing pjs. Also I love throwing on patterned open cardigans to add depth to a t-shirt and jeans & as a sweatshirt alternative with leggings for lounging.

  • I LOVE that you guys have been sharing so many sister style posts lately – so cute, and I’m digging the army green! I usually add a long blazer or coat to fancy up jeans and a tee, like I did here:

    And here:

    I also restyled a “summer” piece for fall just with some simple layering:

    Sorry for the mass links! Just thought I’d share some examples. 🙂 It’s been warm in LA too, and I am PRAYING that the glimpse of fall weather we’ve gotten this week is here to stay.

  • I found the easiest way to get out of wearing crummy clothes is by not owning any or keeping them in inconvenient storage. I keep my t-shirts in a cube in the top of my closet that I have to think of before I can just grab one. You can’t put yoga pants on if they aren’t easily accessible! 😉

    Finding comfy/quality clothes is the helpful too – if your nice clothes also feel nice, throwing something on is even easier. You (Elsie) look like you wear great quality clothes though (jealous of all your Madewell), so that shouldn’t be a problem!

  • Emma, your outfit makes me think of a 1970’s anchorwoman. Like Christina Applegate in Anchorman. And in case you are wondering, I mean that as a compliment! ? You both look happy and cute.

  • LOVE the green jumpsuit. So cute. ♡
    xx Taylor | | @taylorwinkelmeyer

  • Emma: I have that same Calvin Klein dress! And I haven’t even thought about how to transition it, but this makes me so happy (and gives me ideas)! Thanks so much for sharing!

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