Sister Style: Bagel Crazy Ladies

Sister Style… We really really really like bagelsSister Style… We really really really like bagelsToday we finally got to try Mighty Bagel, a cute little bagel cart outside of one of our favorite coffee shops! It was, of course, an epic moment. We're kinda bagel crazy. 

Emma's Wearing: Dress c/o ModCloth, Belt c/o ShopSosie, Jacket/American Eagle, Camera Bag c/o Kelly Moore, Shoes c/o Sole Society. Elsie's Wearing: Denim Top/American Eagle, Jeans/Jessica Simpson, Bag + Shoes c/o ModCloth, phone case c/o Bando.Mighty Bagel in Springfield, MissouriMighty Bagel in Springfield, MissouriMighty Bagel in Springfield, MissouriMighty Bagel in Springfield, MissouriWe loved the Date Lady and Lox Almighty bagels. We will be back soon. If you're local, you should totally drop over there for lunch. Mighty Bagel is located outside of The Hub on the corner of Chestnut and Boonville.The HubTGIF! xo. Elsie + Emma 

ps. If this post just made you hungry for a bagel you should try Emma's everything bagel recipe this weekend! It's SO good. 

  • Love your style! I’m eyeing those green pants for sure. Thanks for sharing the recipe!! 🙂

  • Yummmmmm, I love bagel sandwiches!! Love both of your shoes!


    Kristina does the Internets

  • OH MY GOD that looks so delicious, I can’t handle it!


  • mmm yes! tulsa has a place called Old School Bagel Cafe. it’s one of my favorites & now i’m craving some!

  • I actually work at Greene County Jail and I noticed the cart out there the other day! Looks yummy – I might have to stop and try it!

  • Mmmmm, lox. Now I’m craving an everything bagel with lox and cream cheese! Cute pictures.

  • I am a HUGE fan of bagel sandwiches! And I’ve never had lox, but I might like to try:)

    Stephanie May*

  • May I ask you guys what kind of app/programe you use for writing on your photos?

    P.S: love your blog!

  • Mmmmm, drooling now. I am a bagel freak too. I used to have one right next to my work and I went there nearly every day. Now that I’ve moved away from home, I miss it so much and try to flavor up my bagels but it’s never the same. These look amazing.
    ♥Emma Deer

  • I love this! I’m going to need to try the bagel recipe because I can never find good gluten free bagels. 🙁

    xo Sara from

  • Bagels are my weakness and these look amazing.

    xo Clare

  • You two are just too cute! And I love bagels! Bagel veggie sandwiches in particular!

  • It’s so hard to resist buying swedish hasbeens (for now) especially because you always look so darn cute in them!!

    Ohh and bagels are just always a good decision! perfect for every occasion!

  • Sister Style is so cute. I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect pair of green jeans… and I think I may have just found a pair I really like online. The bagels look delicious!

  • Elsie, I’m diggin’ the green pants, so cute! You girls always look so stylish.

  • Mmm so jealous, I love bagels might have one for breakfast tomorrow! 😀

  • great pictures..Love your sister style..

  • Love the light green pants!!!!!!Nice post!!!

  • Oo, I really, really like that pics. I need to do some with my brother. I havent now. Hm. Have a nice weekend.

  • Umm, I will now be craving a bagel for the
    rest of my day…thank you 😉


  • Green jeans ftw! Have a fun and colorful weekend! 🙂

    xx Kaisa

  • Love bagels !! yummy…

    Check out my new outit post :

  • I have the exact same American Eagle shirt. Such a smart purchase because it goes with everything. I’ve worn it with mint, coral, red, and green jeans so far.

  • This is adorable! Elsie, I love your bag and Emma, your shoes are to die for!
    Fantastic post, as usual.

  • This is one of the cutest outfit posts I’ve seen in a while, love that you guys combined it with presenting a local bagel cart!
    By the way, I would love to hear more about thr Red Velvet Shop – is there any chance you can give us more updates on your local shop, like displays and such?

    Thanks and have the best weekend,

  • Wow so yummy and delicious burger. Thanks a lot for sharing with us !!

  • I basically need Elsie’s clog heels. I couldn’t get the link to the shoes to work. Please help me get these on my feet asap!

  • Mmm! Bagel! I can’t get them in India, but I might just add them to the list of things I am learning how to make so that I don’t get fully homesick while living here!

    xo Naomi │ Be Ready Bravely

  • those look delicious! LOVE your phone case too, by the way!!


  • The bagels look delicious! I wish they were more popular in Europe; it’s a rare thing for me to have one…


  • I think it is amazing that you blog about the local places you visit, chat them up, and with your blog visitors I bet those business are lovin’ ya’ll. Way to go in supporting local! P.S. Hubby agreed to let me do one of our living room walls with photos!!! I’m already planning the photos. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Good bagels are very important! Love those green pants by the way! They’re awesome!


  • I love bagels! I wish we had cute little bagels carts outside coffee shops here in Northampton, England. Those bagels in the second before last picture look so yummy!

    Lulu xx

  • this is fantastic! i wish i had a cute little bagel cart! what a perfect idea for outside a coffee shop.

  • Love this! Looks so yummy and I love both of the cross body bags you two ladies are wearing.

  • There is nothing that I love more than a good bagel with lox! Drooling (literally) over this post!

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent – Check out great BRIGHTly COLOURed fashions to transition from winter to spring!

  • That just made me want a bagel so bad. The one on the top looks especially delicious.

  • Elsie, your green pants are the perfect color! Love.


  • Love those Modcloth shoes and your guy’s denimwear!

    Those bagels look good too.

  • YUM. Bagels are my absolute favorite food, I eat them every day.

    Juliette Laura

  • YUM!!!
    i adore that teacup bicycle sign too! I want one!


  • Oh gosh those bagels look delish! Love the photos.

  • Great pics ladies! Love the outfits…wish we had a bagel cart in Jamaca….lol.

    Have a fab weekend!!


  • I laughed when I saw that second photo of you two! Such a funny (and cute) photo!

  • only 3.50 for a delicious bagel like that? win! there are so many delicious ingredient options! mmmmm

  • oh my gosh there is nothing better than a good bagel sandwich 🙂

  • You girls look so nice!
    You are beautiful and fun and the photos you take are always perfect for your post!

  • I wish we had a bagel cart like that where I live, it looks so incredibly tasty!

  • Oh my gosh! that second picture made me giggle. LOVE it x


  • My first thought? “You two look sooo good!” Unfortunately, I wish looking at the bagels. Ladies, besides those delicious treats for Heaven, I have to say I’m loving your outfits. Especially Elsie’s green pants, wow♥

  • These look so good! I’ve been on a bit of a bagel craze lately.

  • I love the grass green pants! super cute.
    I love bagels a weird amount too! Everything bagels are the all time best, especially right out of the oven. mmm. I want one not just thinking about it.

  • You guys are so cute!! Love the green pants, and the tan booties. And I think I need to go find myself a bagel now…


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