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Emma ChapmanPastel purple purseEmma Chapman Plaid and flats I tend to think of the majority of my days as two main occasions (for dressing purposes). I have work from home outfits, and I have going out outfits. Yes, of course I also have gym clothes, pajamas, and a few fancy things for special occasions. But overall I tend to think, “Can I easily cook, photograph, run errands, and/or do computer work in this?” If yes, then it’s a work from home outfit. I TRY to make my work from home clothes something I would be fine to wear out of the house, but I don’t succeed every day. 🙂

I would consider this outfit a work from home success story. It’s comfy but still pretty cute. I don’t feel like I’m trying too hard, but if I ran into someone from high school while at the fabric store, I wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Hmm. Maybe my standards are a bit low in this area? Hmm…


Emma of A Beautiful MessPlaid and flats Plaid and flatsEmma’s Wearing: Shirt/Dylan (similar), Jeans/F21, Shoes/Van’s, Purse/ShopSosie. 

I even wore this comfy outfit out later this day when I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them—which ruled! But don’t even get me started on that—ha!

What do you think, sister? You on the comfy clothes band wagon too?

Casual VibesLately I’ve been experimenting with a casual, but not lazy, way of dressing. It’s something I’ve needed in my life for a long time (you’ve heard my yoga pants confessions). When we moved to Nashville last year, I vowed to stop wearing my pajamas in public, and then I lasted all of three days!!! Haha! I feel like it’s not fair that you guys only get to see my cute outfits, but you’ll have to use your imagination because there’s a 0% chance I’m going to do a yoga pants sister style.

Anyway! I’ve been looking for outfits that are comfortable, casual, easy and still put together and cute. This shift dress is a new favorite of mine, and I’m loving comfy dresses (and sometimes tights) a whole lot this season.

Casual Vibes Casual Vibes I took a poll for, like, two weeks and found out that about 80% of people thought my Larry David pin was Bernie Sanders. Haha! I guess they’re kind of the same person (via SNL). Too funny!

Casual Vibes Casual Vibes Casual Vibes Elsie’s Wearing: Shift Dress/Shop Studio DIY, Jacket/Madewell, Hat/F21 (similar), Bag/Fossil, Clogs/Swedish Hasbeens, Necklace/MadewellPins: Bernie Sanders Pin (haha jk), Dolly Parton Pin, Pizza BFF Pin, Black Tulip Pin.  xoxo! Emma + Elsie

  • I love both of your casual outfits! I love Emma’s plaid idea while Elsie’s dress is just so stunning! You both look lovely!

  • Hey. Just read your post On breast reduction. Just wanted to reach out and say I 110% understand. Big tittie problems are real. I have the same outfit problems and my clothes purchases totally depend on if they will fit them and not look like I’m flaunting them. No strappies or strapless dresses for me. And I have back pain too. Both my mom and aunt had reductions. I wasn’t too scared of it until I saw my mom go threw it. I might still go threw with it someday but I’m planing on a second kid soon. Thanks for sharing your story aka making me feel better about someday doing it. And of course you two look fabulous as always.

  • You both look adorable! And I can totally vouch for Fantastic Beasts being AMAZING! We loved it!

    A Whimsy Wonderland

  • Yay! Glad you feel inspired Celina. Sometimes the lazy dressing struggle is real, but I always feel a bit more like myself when I take a little time to put something cute and comfy together.

    Also, I like that you added emojis to your comment. 🙂


  • You def had me at “wearing pjs in public comfy.” Putting that on my list to check out.


  • No, not this year. But good to hear you loved your version last year. 🙂


  • The color is totally why I bought it, ha! I like this style anyway but I hadn’t seen one in pastel purple. 🙂


  • Your outfit is really flattering Elsie! Love the pins!! Emma- your eyelashes are soooo long!! Stunning <3

  • Both looks are gorgeous! I love Emma’s bag and I love Elsie’s dress and bag as well!

  • Ohhh I just love both bags <3

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  • I love plaid! I wish I could pull it off as well as you.

    – Charmaine

  • I am with you on this Emma. I like my clothes comfy to. I only make it a bit more neat if I have who comes to visit at work (which is not that often). Otherwise it is jeans and a top/blouse/jacket for me.

  • I feel inspired. I’m a family assistant and sometimes step in as a Nanny …and there are lots of days I feel like lazy dressing …but I’m going to look trough my closet to find comfy, work from home but step up outfits?????

  • Loving these casual looks ladies! I hope you had a wonderful holiday last week!

  • I saw Fantastic Beasts too and LOVED IT. My husband, who isn’t even a Harry Potter fan, really enjoyed it too. Also Elsie, loving that denim and baseball cap pairing – so cute! 🙂

  • Cute clutch! I love casual but not lazy 🙂
    – Belen
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  • You ladies should check out LulaRoe! I have a friend who got me into it and they are super cute patterned clothes that are also SUPER comfy. Wearing PJs in public comfy.

  • Hi, ladies! Will you be selling planners again this year? I love, love, love mine from last year and would adore a 2017 version! Thanks 🙂

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