Sister Style: Coats and Stripes

Sister ShoesElsie + Chevron DressElsieAutumn fashion for us is all about layering. It's amazing how I'll have my heater on during my morning drive to work, but by the time I'm heading out for a late lunch break I feel the need to turn on the air conditioner. Crazy! This makes it hard to commit when putting together an outfit. You don't want to get stuck in a thick sweater if the day turns warm for a few hours.

Elsie's outfit: dress/Ruche, coat/Target (last season), shoes c/o ShoeMint, glasses c/o BonLook.Emma CoatEmmaEmma And so we layer. We pile on jackets or coats or scarves that we could take off if the day turns out to be fickle. And it usually does.

Emma's Outfit: coat c/o Knitted Dove, dress/American Apparel, tights/ASOS, purse c/o Asian iCandy, boots c/o Wanted.
Autumn LeavesHappy fall days to you! xo. Emma + Elsie

  • I love your coats!! Very cool. I love fall!


  • Love this! The leather accents with the girly pieces are superb. I really want some studded boots now…

  • I love the boots! so adorable.

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  • I love Emma’s coat! It’s so pretty! 😀 <3


  • LOve the stripes skirt and the dotted bag is so cute! Lovely looks! xx

  • I don’t know if you wear prescription glasses. But there is this one website that I was reminded of when I saw your third picture from the top. You can get some really cool retro glasses, prescription, and non prescription for about 30$ or under. They have all sorts and I have used them before and they are great! Plus, you can get them as sunglasses too! The webiste is It’s great. <3

  • Elsie, I LOVE your hair! Those highlights look fantastic. And Emma, your coat is just gorgeous 🙂 xo

  • I love Emmas’s coat. Our weather has been really confusing lately, so I have to layer a lot. It’s still very cold at night, but it’s getting warmer in the afternoons. Sometimes it’s raining and then suddenly not.

  • Ooh, I want those studded boots! Too cool.


  • Elsie, I love your glasses and Emma, your coat and boots are to die for! Love it!

  • You both look super cute as always <3

    Here is my version of layering-up:

    xxx Greta

  • I need to own more maxi skirts!!

    Maria xx

  • Beautiful! love elsie’s skirt & emma’s pants!


  • These are great outfits! Love the pop of color in the yellow shoes & the hints of red in the jacket! Loving the hair on both as well!

    Take care,

  • Love Emma’s coat and studded bag!
    thanks for the fall leaves pictures….definitely no sign of fall yet in the south lol

  • You girls always look so pretty!

    xo Jennifer

  • Adorable. Ahhh, Autumn. And, Emma, that coat is to die for!!

  • love love.. 🙂 really pretty outfit for fall. 🙂

  • Lovely!! the bag is gorgeous!!!

    <3 Val

  • I love fall layering! I can’t wait until it’s cooler out! Love the glasses and that studded bag!


  • Both of you have the most amazing style! I always gather such great inspiration 🙂

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  • Oh my gosh. I cannot get enough of your BEAUTIFUL highlighted hair in that shot! The chevron skirt is my favorite!


  • Elsie, gorgeous dress and cute shoes! and your hair.. awesome.
    Emma, those boots are killer. I need a pair of black combat boots with studs.


  • Love your glasses Elsie!

    xo Emilie @

  • Such cute outfits!

    Elsie, I love the pop of yellow with the flats and the glasses. Emma, I love the hair style!!

  • Both great outfits! Love the striped dress and glasses and these studded booties are just perfect for fall!


  • Emma you’re outfit is to die for. Elsie your hair is just so cute. I love the streaks of red! So festive;) you guys are amazing.

  • Oh Elsie I LOVE that outfit!!! You wore it (or something similar in one of your personal posts from Everyday Elsie and I was HOPING you would post something about it on here!!! So darn cute!!!! And those glasses look great on you!!!

    Oh and Emma’s jacket is just beyond adorable!!
    from Cheer up, Old Bean!



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    thanks for the great post


  • You both look amazing. I love Emma’s coat and Elsie’s shoes.

    Xo, Kelsey

  • Very cute~ loving both of your hairstyles right now- love these sister style post- so cute- I think your collaboration together was the best idea ever

  • Your boots are awesome. I’ve been searching for some for two weeks now and still no luck. I’m still looking…

  • Emma, I love your coat and shoes! Very cute!


  • J’adore both those outfits!

    The yellow and stripes, the studded boots and lovely coat. Fall perfection!

    Hope you girls have a great week 🙂

    Virginie xo

  • Emma’s coat is magical! And I’m envious of Elsie’s glasses. You girls are just too cute! xo. Deanna

  • Love this! I was wondering if you had any ideas to make summer dresses work in fall? If you do it would be great if you would tell me on my blog! It would be VERY helpful!

  • I adore the outfits! I really want the jackets.

  • You two lok so great! I love Emmas coat! 😀
    xo, Pili.

  • I love sister style! Elsie I love your skirt and glasses. Emma I love your coat! Great style today ladies.

  • Fall style is my favorite style. I love layering. You guys pull it off spectacularly, and I’m totally digging the low-lights in your hair, Emma. Kudos.

  • Gorgeous looks!!!!!
    I love those amazing boots, coat and the dress!!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  • Lovely pictures as always. Elsie your hair is super pretty in those colours 🙂 And Emma I LOVE your coat! xxx

  • Love love love Emma’s hair here 🙂 layering is perfect for fall! Cut outfits.

  • oooooooooh I love black and white stripes with yellow.
    I have GOT to get myself a black leather coat this season too. 🙂

  • LOVE these edgier looks on you guys. Leather and studs = edgy, right? Anyways, you both are so lovely!

  • Love your outfits. I also love fall for the cozy feeling, the colors, and the layering.


  • Elsie I remember seeing you wear that outfit on instagram when you were shopping for a bar cart and loved it SO MUCH! You two always look so adorable.

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