Sister Style: Crazy Days

EmmaEmmaEmmaTransitioning. That's what this last week has felt like. It might be the time of year. The weather is starting to change. Students are going back to school. And here at A Beautiful Mess we are finishing up a few projects to release soon, planning for our autumn content and finalizing the contract for our next big business risk. Transitions are scary. They force you to be brave. Maybe you are experiencing a big change in your life too? In which case I invite you to be brave with us!

Emma's Wearing: Shirt c/o True Religion, Skirt/Thrifted, Sunnies/Urban Outfitters, Shoes c/o Lotta.

ElsieElsieElsieElsie's Wearing: Maxi Dress/ModCloth, Sunnies/Target, Shoes c/o ModCloth, Necklace/Madewell (gift from my blog pal, Courtney!)

XO. Emma + Elsie

  • Ohh, these might be my favourite outfits ever! And I love love love Emma’s hair, it just looks so cool. Fall is the best. I can’t wait for the new season!

  • I started a 365 watercolour quote project in january but it lasted only 2 months! I plan on starting it again next january! 🙂

  • Rumour has it that being an exchange student is a life changing experience… So you kind of spoke directly to my heart just now! Six months in a foreign country with another fellow student… I’m scared, but so unbelievably excited and happy – one life goal achieved! Thank you for sharing some bravery with me!

  • love Emma’s top!! which is shocking because I’m confident it’s the first true religion item I’ve ever loved.

    Mostly, love the message here & trying to do just that! It can be SO hard to be brave and take a risk!

  • Did we every find out what color that lipstick is? I have to have it!!!! I’m obsessed with makeup lately. . .

  • Thanks so much! I’ve been looking for something like this, and this is fantastic.waw your maxi dress is lovely n beautiful………….

  • Happy to see your blog as it is just what I’ve looking for and excited to read all the posts.

  • Hi to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this web page.

  • My fav Blue Q item is the Random Shit box- I put in a genuine Rattle Snake Rattler (minuse the snake) from a yard sale into my box & sent it to my friend..she put in her wisdom tooth & sent it to another friend…and so the chain mail game continues until it is full of eveyone’s random shit!!! I posted on FB 3 weeks ago when it started -the box should return in a month or two! will photograph it again!!!

  • Transitions can be scary, but most of the time I find them exciting. It’s like, anything can happen…

  • i love the messanger bags! the one with the bicycles are the best!!! 🙂

  • I love the Poppies bright and springy! Really eye catching!


  • I just LOVE Blue Q’s tote bag. Colorful. Great handles. Lightweight. Classy. Always receives the nicest compliments. I highly recommend this purchase to anyone who travels either out and about the town or abroad. Susan Geller

  • Love the necklace and the rope belt! Unconventional accessories are my favorites.

  • I have that Madewell necklace, too! Looks great with everything. I’m really loving Emma’s shirt, too.

  • Love the red maxie dress, Elsie! And the belt is a great touch!

  • This dress looks pretty amazing on you Elsie and Emma, I like that urban look, a bit trashy makes it lovely.

  • This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m experiencing some big changes in my life and today was a particularly rough day. The reminder to be brave was a good one, and one that I’ll keep repeating to myself.

  • those circular frames are killer!

    hope all the business is smooth and (mostly) stress free.

  • LOVE the stripe details on both outfits! The first one on the sleeves & shoulders – how perfect! The second one in all over stripes – in RED, my fave!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Aw I love Emma’s jacket!

    xo Jennifer

  • Good luck with the changes! Reading this made me Feel a little better about my own, moving from England to Germany to study, I don’t even speak German! Here is to being brave 🙂

    Ps: You both look so lovely!

  • Love that Maxi dress… and please don’t tell me its fall yet, I haven’t had enough summer to last me through another Calgary Winter.

  • I love elsie’s dress and and emma’s jean shirt.

  • I love the pink lipstick on Emma! I am a sucker for bright lipsticks!


  • I love this look! It looks edgy and bohemian at the same time : )

    xoxo aley

  • THis is so beautiful,m I love your jacket <3 xo

  • AAAh transitioning can be scary, exiting, intimidating, stressful and joyful all at once! Yesterday I just opened up my first online handmade clothing shop, it’s scary to put (myself) out there like that, intimidating how much stuff still needs to be done, stressful that it won’t work out and so so so joyful!

  • Both of you look absolutly stunning 🙂 I love love love elsies necklace ♥

  • I can’t wait for the changing of the season here in New Jersey! And I wish you both the best of luck in your business endeavors ! I know how exciting & scary it can be:-)

  • Can’t wait to hear about your new big venture, and I’m in love with Emma’s top. You guys look lovely as usual xo

  • The details on that denim shirt are amazing!

    I’m about to move and leave my job for a new adventure. Here’s to fall!

  • I love your shoes!! They are perfect to pair with just about any summer outfit. I also really like the sunglasses and accessories you chose to pair with everything!

  • I too would like to know what lipstick Emma is wearing, please? It’s fantastic!!!

  • It is such a small, small world!! I was admiring the beautiful necklace on Elsie and looked at the credits and saw “Madewell”. Before finishing reading the sentence, my first thought was of my friend Courtney that works at one of their stores..then I finished reading the sentence and of course, its the same Courtney!

    Court–I must come in to Madewell and buy this necklace! Adorbs!

  • Hey Elsie, how do you treat/clean your hasbeens? I just got a pair (yay!), but it says they’re super sensitive to water. Is there a way that you know of to protect them from getting too stained? Thanks!

  • What a lovely!
    I’m getting ready for the colder months now as the weather is so changeable in England! This morning is was pouring down with rain and now the Sun is shinning and its really warm! Very strange!

    Abi x

  • Emma’s shirt is so fantastic! Autumn always feels like a time of change for me… I’m about to start studying for my postgrad, I’m scared yet also very excited!
    Faye x

  • I love the color combo on Emma’s jacket! It adds such a nice pop! And that belt is an adorable accent to your adorable dress 🙂

  • both outfits are again so lovely! Elsie looks a bit like Zooey Deschanel here! (:

  • Love the inspiration this post gives. I’m also in a transitional period of my life. So, encouragement is just what I needed.

    – tianna 🙂

  • I’m being brave this season too 😉 I LOVE Emma’s lipstick so much! Perfect with her shit. Wow!

  • OH my godness. that jean jacket is AMAZING. And that red dess is perfect! Lovely.

  • Elsie- I have those same sunglasses 🙂 When my best friend saw them she laughed and said, “Only you could pull those off.” She was wrong, ’cause you look fabulous!

  • Love that denim shirt! Can’t wait for things to cool off down here in the South : )

  • Such pretty looks! I adore Elsie’s dress…the shape is so flattering on her body!

    – Samantha

  • Lovin’ the colorful detail of the True Religion shirt.
    Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  • change is good but scary. things always work out for the better! best of luck to you two!!!

  • i love both of your looks! great jacket and maxi dress!

  • Just moved back to school! That transition is hard! Hang in there ladies 🙂 And you look as cute as ever.

    xoxo Sarah

  • Emma’s shirt is the winner for me, so unique. I love it.

    Giveaway on my blog for craft goodies open till 28th August check it out.

    Sam xo

  • Very nice outfits. I love the red dress & Emma’s shirt!
    I don’t think I will be having big changes, but new experiences? Yes, and very scary. But good things will come I hope. 🙂

  • love the red&white stripe dress ! So gorgeous !

    XX :: Luba
    Well Living Blog

  • wow yes! I do have some really big changes coming up – big life changing things. It’s been super stressful but it’s a comfort to know I’m not the only one going through it 🙂


  • Definite changes here, too…looking at getting to the end of grad school & switching jobs come 2013 (hopefully), going through the relationship transition with my new boo to a new season (I’m a teacher & it’s back to work time), etc. Scary, yes, but worth it I’m thinking. Glad to know we all are going into it together!

    Also, Emma’s shirt …love.

  • love all you guys wear.. u guys are so fashionable.. I love your style! We are on a big change right now.. my hubby and I are busy packing and getting ready to move fr ND to FL in the next 8 weeks.. huge change for us.. but it’s been a dream of ours for years! We are being brave right alongside of you! hugs xo

  • The shirt Emma is wearing is INCREDIBLY and girlfriend you kill me with your amazing locks.

  • Wow, that striped maxi dress is lovely. 🙂 Thanks for this post — reminds me to keep up with the courage! 🙂

  • I love Emma’s shoes and Elsie’s dress, so cute!

    I’ll be experiencing some big changes soon.. I’m moving from Norway to Portugal in September, my best friend already lives there and we plan on sharing a flat in Lisbon. I’m so excited!

  • love emma’s shirt – rainbow cuffs, yes! – and elsie’s maxi
    the reflection in elsie’s sunnies of the scenery beyond is a cute little touch 🙂

  • The cuffs on Emma’s shirt are fabulous! Maybe I’ll steal this idea for the next blouse I’ll make 😉


  • I’m moving from Chicago to Los Angeles in a week… it’s a scary/exciting 2000 mile transition!

  • I am in love with Emma’s top!
    I’ve had experienced some big changes over the last year, like graduating from college, moving 1,000 miles away from my family, and change careers at age 30 (almost :)). It can be overwhelming, and scary at times, but, in the end it’s usually worth it!

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