Sister Style: Day to Night

Day to night 1We know, we know, it's summer. No jackets allowed. But we like having something with us for those summer night events. Have you ever walked in to a restaurant or movie theater and been hit by the icy cold air conditioning. Brrrr! Going from the humid Midwest heat to a cold indoor setting (although a thankful escape) can be a little jarring. So we like to have a light jacket or over sized scarf with us for these moments.

Emma's wearing: dress c/o Tulle, shoes c/o Seychelles, scarf/UO.Day to night 2Elsie's wearing: borrowed dress/Katie, jacket/AE, shoes/vintage from etsy.

Do you have a favorite summer cover up? xo. emma and elsie

  • Any insight as to where to find a big chunky patterned scarf like that? They’re all the rage here in Berlin, but I cant seem to find one anywhere…

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  • Joe, I am so glad that you enjoyed your trip to Splash Kingdom with your frneid, Colby. I bet the water felt really cool on your skin in the hot sun yesterday!

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  • She’s so amazing & stnuning, I love her! I could watch Easy A over and over and over again e299a5I think she looks best on the 3rd photo & on the Asos Cover. XO, Imke

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  • I agree about the jarring feeling of coming out of the 100 degree heat and humidity into a frigid icebox–not exactly my favorite feeling!

  • You ladies look fabulous. I always make sure to have a carigan with me wherever I go especially church, restaurant or movie. People think I’m crazy but it beats freezing in the place you go.

  • I like your dress Elsie!

    xo Jennifer

  • the jean jacket is too perfect, i wear mine everywhere too!

  • wow, I never would have thought about putting a jacket over a dress on a cold night! thanks!

  • Love that you two have such individual but complimentary styles.


  • Wow…I had no idea why I was so cold in the evening until now. Duh!! I should have put on a jacket for my night look. Thank goodness you posted this!

  • Denim jackets are always my favourite.


  • cute outfits!
    i’m a cardigan girl, but i’ve wanted a little jean jacket for a while now,
    just haven’t found the right one yet!
    xo, cheyenne

  • Wow, thanks! I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before! A jacket at night-time? Well, I’ll be.

  • Wow, thanks! Must remember to take a jacket with me when I go out at night! I can’t believe I didn’t know this already!

  • Love it!!!

    {Happy with Sprinkles}


  • Love the second outfit so cute…if it was me i would more likely to wear a white cardigan. Your combo is nice tho…

  • that are very sensible post! my favourite cover up is an oversized b&w scarf i bought in france for 50euros. its in a good quality and i had it for yearrs! plus- b&w match every outfit! xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

  • I love emma’s UO scarf and your denim jacket is one of the staples in my closet! well…not yours, but one from AE that is similar! 🙂

  • Hmm! Very cute!! It’s always good idea to dress in layers, especially in the summer. That air conditioning can really get to you sometimes!! Lol.

  • I like the jeans jacket for cooler summer evening, too. Sometimes I just take a scarf with me and wear it like a jacket/ oer my shoulders. And I love your shoes (both).

  • i love these styles and also love to just be able to walk around with a shawl over a dress on warm summer nights. my mother hand knits these beautiful shawls and I love to wear them.

  • Love love love both of the dresses, but Emma’s is so cute!

  • the dresses are so cute! 🙂

  • I agree with everyone above, I also have a couple favorite cardigans that I always have with me for summer nights. I’m always so cold in air conditioning!


  • Cute dresses you two! My thrifted denim jacket has definitely been a lifesaver for chilly nights (or air conditioned movie theaters). Best $7 I ever spent 🙂

  • I love your blog those outfits are mega cute please check out my blog it’s full of photos and things that inspire me 🙂

  • These pics are so very cute!


  • I agree – the ac can be so freezing! I always carry a light sweater in my bag.

  • I pretty much never leave my house without a cardigan for that very reason! I’ve been caught freezing too many times…plus, cardis are super cute 🙂

  • very true! love it! i like to keep my favorite cardigan for my “just in case” cover up!

  • It has to be my denim jacket or my loose lace knit boho cardi ..

  • I’m loving denim jackets with all of my dresses at the moment – lovely outfits as always ladies!! I’m especially loving Katie’s dress, CUTE!! xo

  • I’m a fan of the big scarf or vintage shawl {but I have a jeans jacket too!}

  • I either wear a lightweigh cardi or a sheer flowy cardi!


  • The jean jackets transform every look to it’s better look! That’s true, true, true!

  • This time I think Elsie’s dress is prettier than Emma’s but both are charming:) My favourite cover-up is a short black sweater that suits to every dress!

  • When I’m super casual, I like an oversized plaid flannelette shirt for a ‘jacket’. It can be tied, rolled, tucked, and stuffed. And because it’s not precious, it makes a great make-shift sun shade or impromptu picnic blanket.

  • I’m doing a little dress styling in a multiple looks today too – have a look! 🙂


  • Very, very cute! I always wear a loose charcoal-colored cardigan as summer cover up over dresses and t-shirts: it’s one of those cardigans that goes with everything!

  • Wow so cool upgrade from Day to Night styles! You are such an inspiration! Have a wonderful and happy evening.

  • The second dress is my literal heaven. Love the post!

  • Absolutely love your blog. The design is great!

    Xx, alexia in the meantime

  • Supercute dresses and love the scarf!

  • Cute! And I agree, always take a sweater because restaurants can be cold. Same thing with work.

  • Beautiful outfits! I usually drape a scarf round my shoulders then cuddle it up to my neck if it gets colder!

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