Sister Style: Diner Date

Sister StyleHi there! This weekend has been filled with goals, lists and getting inspired. I've been feeling the mid-winter blues this week and sometimes I find that the best medicine is to start new projects! I have been listing just-for-fun activities that I want to try in a little notebook to carry everywhere. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. :) 

This week we both wore outfits with tops layered under dresses. Have you tried it? Layers and pops of color are a few of our favorite ways to make winter outfits a little more fun.

Elsie's Wearing: Dress/Gap, Top/Threadsence, Tights/Target, Boots/FRYE. Emma's Wearing: Dress/ Downtown Clothing Exchange, Shirt c/o ModCloth, tights/Target, shoes c/o Ruche.

Milk ShakeMilk ShakeMilk ShakeMilk ShakeMilk ShakeThese photos were taken at Taylor's diner. It's an adorable spot and I highly recommend their chili. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo. Elsie + Emma 

  • I love your guys bags where on earth do you guy get them! i love the black and white bag from the coffee and bicycle shop post.

  • Love you both! Such great style and inspiration!


  • I love your yellow tights with a black dress! I always grab my colored tights, but feel too “flashy” when I pair them with things. I’ll have to give your inspiration a go!


  • Cute outfits and great pictures! Love the yellow tights! 🙂

    XO Nat
    Nat in Love

  • Elsie, I love the length of your bangs and the way you’ve styled them here. Super cute!

  • Elsie, I love that yellow with the brown and black (or is it blue… it doesn’t matter). Emma, the white under that dress is perfect. So delicate and fem. You girls!

  • You are both absolutely beautiful! Loving your hair Elsie. Happy Birthday Emma for today!
    Still enjoy A beautiful mess so much.. so inspiring.

  • I absolutely love the bright pop of yellow and purple in these pretty black outfits! Black is kind of my thing!!

  • Clara- we have an article about making your own tea bags. Here it is-

  • Sometimes staying motivated in winter can be tough, but new projects are always fun to keep you on your toes and stay creative.

  • I loooove your hair (colours) Elsie!! You dont, by any chance, know the (name of the) colours that were used? They fit together so perfectly well!

  • Had a sleepover with Iliana and Audrina and they both yell “That”s Emma!!!” when we were looking at the blog 🙂

  • Awesome post! Love your blog! Really inspiring!
    I invite you to join my giveaway -


  • Elise and emma you guys rock 🙂 Just came on to your site through google!!! You guys are lovely !!!

  • nothing some marigold tights can’t solve…


  • I have been really into colored tights lately! I have them in almost every color. I need to start figuring out to wear them!

  • You guys are so cute…do your local museums have a free day? I usually go on that day and then go for a chai.

  • Great project idea, I just made my own Valentines! Haven’t done that in years and it was so much fun and I can’t wait to give to my kids! Have a great week girls.

  • I love wearing tops under dresses! Y’all look amazing – I love each of your looks. =)
    New reader from Bloglovin’. =)

  • Fun things to do?
    well hosting a black and white classics movies night!! 🙂 get all old school dressed up audrey hepburn burn style..?

    Have a tea Party with some close girlfriends and dress up like ur in a pride and prejudice book!

    Make a Photoslide show of you and your friends greatest memories and give it to them as a gift ..;) or even them have a viewing of it and invite them all make it into a friends appreciation night!;) thats all I got so far hope it helps!

  • Wow never thought of layering! Loving the purple loafers for a pop of colour too. Well done girls : )

  • love your hair girls!

  • OMG, i love your style, it is really unique, but yet chic and almost like olden days/retro!!! 🙂 <3 love it!

  • please teach me how to make tea bags, some girlfriends and I have been wanting to try that and don’t know how!

  • Oh these pictures are so cute. I’m actually going through Springfield this summer, maybe I’ll stop by this cute diner!

  • You both look so beautiful! 🙂 And layering is awesome! I’ve always loved it 🙂

  • Great outfits! I love Emma’s dress especially! Sorry, this isn’t a DIY/project/just for fun idea… in fact it’s kinda unrelated. But – I was wondering if you could share a recipe for homemade Graham’s crackers? I live in the UK and can’t buy them here; I don’t even really know what they are! (Yeah :O – I know!). If you could do a post on that some time, that would be seriously amazing!!
    Thanks for always being so inspiring!

  • I just have to say this- your both so cute! And these outfits are adorabl, and they are modest too! 🙂
    <3 Liza

  • Hayley, I just got red highlights (mostly in the layers under my hair).

    Thanks for reading the blog!!! Elsie

  • Yay! I love these sister style posts! They are my favourite 🙂


  • Love layering long sleeve tops under summery dresses for colder weather. 🙂 Loving your hair Elsie!

  • I love Emma’s pairing of the lace white button up with the flowery dress. I’ll definitely have to try that sometime.

  • aww looks like you had a lovely time! i love the yellow tights 🙂

    Hannah xx

  • Love the outfits, you both look great! Notebook idea is awesome!

    Juliette Laura

  • Oh how I wish I lived in the US! We don’t have any cool diners over in England! Looks like you guys had fun.

  • Love the outfits. <3 Emma, have you ever thought about bangs? I’m sure they would look amazing on you. 🙂

  • I’ve never layered stuff under dresses before, but I’ll be giving it a go now… You both look amazing. xx

  • Hi girls,

    I love reading your blog and it really inspires me.

    In this post, I really love Elsie’s hair highlights, please can you tell me what you’ve had done and what I should ask for at the salon.

    (long time reader first time commenter!)

  • Very nice pics and I am waiting for odher inspirative posts. Have a great day.

  • Being English, layering over here is practically a necessity! You both look lovely girls. Emma´s dress is especially nice. 🙂

  • I love it how you both have dressed up your outfits with a dash of colour – purple shoes and yellow tights! So cute. Projects – I’m always on the hunt for new projects too but I usually get my inspiration from you both. x

  • YELLOW tights?? Does it get any better than that! 😉 LOVE your sister style posts girls.

  • You girls are the cutest ever! You make me wish I had a sister. 🙂

  • So cute. I’ve been wanted to experiment layering with dresses. Great idea to spice up an outfit!

  • i just looked on the bonlook website to see if i could find those glasses but wasn’t sure if that’s where those were from. there were some that seemed right, but the color was lighter.

    i. want. those. glasses.

  • Cool style. Looks like an amazing date!


  • Y’all look so adorable! I just love those diner pictures too, makes me want a big ‘ole rootbeer float 🙂

  • Great photos! Would love to know the brand name and color of your black nails!! 🙂

  • Lovely pics!! Your pics show how lovely is your moments together 🙂

  • Very pretty style girls!! Elsie I am loving your classes.
    Almost Endearing

  • that’s actually a really cute idea! how have i not thought of that? i think i’m going to start wearing shirts under dresses from now on!

    I am in love with Emma’s blouse underneath her dress!

  • Looks like a cute little place – you girls are so adorable!
    xo Emily @

  • I love both your styles!
    I’m looking at different ways to pull of bright coloured tights and love that look! Really brings your outfit together 🙂
    And the floral dress to so pretty!

  • you look gorgeous !!
    have a look at my new post:

  • This is sweet!
    As for ideas I would love for you to include some more thrift store finds in your fashion posts like you used to.
    I think it would be fun for both of you to have a little challenge, where you see who can create the most inspired outfit solely from thrift store items that meets a certain budget for example $30.
    Not only would it be fun, but a bit of healthy competition usually bears the best results!
    Something to consider 🙂

    Becky ooxo

  • When I get the winter blues, I like to plan a “hot” day. I visit the tropical plant house at our arboretum (which they keep hot!), then I visit a place with a sauna or hot tub (my gym has one, but we also have spas here that have them), and then I go out for Hawaiian food and tropical drinks. Tricks the mind…temporarily anyway.

  • I love your outfits! 🙂 I haven´t found my own style yet, so these posts are really inspiring for me!

  • Gorgeous as always! Layering is so great for winter.
    I love your just-for-fun notebook idea! I’m hoping to do more just for fun stuff to beat the winter blahs. Bowling is high up on my list. It’s something I did a lot as a kid. Do you guys like bowling?
    Have a great weekend!
    xo Allison

  • Love the polka dot blouse under the dress! Fun activity: I bought window markers that crystallize after a few minutes. I bought them for some young friends, but I’ve had tons of fun using them myself. 🙂

  • Such amazing photos. I love those yellow tights. I love your blog and am a daily reader. Thank you for all you gals do. You’re such an inspiration:>

    Danielle @Blissful and Domestic

  • great outfits! i love the subtle details like the collar of Emma’s shirt, the colored tights, and the polka dot sleeves peeking out of Elsie’s dress! very cute!


  • Wow, you guys always have great style! I love those yellow tights, and I’m thinking I should try some dark polish on my nails now, it looks great!


  • Both of you look lovely. Loving the bright tights! I love layering tops under cute dresses too!

    Have a wonderful weekend girls 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • I love these outfits. The little pops of color and details with the layered shirts are so cute! I have the same shirt as Elsie and I never thought of putting it under a dress. I love the little details on Emma’s blouse. Super Cute.


  • If you’re looking for a little creative inspiration, Keri Smith has this really cool 100 Ideas creative project — and it’s meant to be done with a notebook! I’ve attempted doing it myself, but I’m terrible at these sorts of projects, haha.

  • Such nice outfits! Love the bright tights!
    Katie xx

  • love the layering with dresses!
    great idea for during winter 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

  • Elsie, how do you wear your lipstick? do you use a lip pencil as well lipstick and if so what shades of pencil and lipstick do you use? It looks ah-may-zing!

  • You gals look amazing! Both of your dresses are absolutely adorable. I really need to pair shirts under my dresses more, I usually rely on cardigans, but sometimes that is just too much material!

    Have a great weekend ladies!


  • You guys look awesome! Hope you kick that Winter-blues’ butt!

  • Super sweet! Have a great weekend girls.


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