Sister Style: DIY Forever

Sister Style 1Sister Style 1Sister Style 1Sister Style 1Hey hey. We're wearing DIY in today's sister style, so I thought it a good time to chat about why we love DIY so much, year after year! It's not the money. Don't get me wrong, saving money is cool. And sometimes we save a bunch. We're definitely not saving time, either. I mean, DIY is a hobby that sometimes takes a lot of time. So why do we love it so much? Because it's really, really really fun. We are addicted to the adventure of trying to make an idea look as cool as it looks in our heads. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. But even when we have to laugh off our massive fails, we are doing something that makes us happy, exercising our creative muscles and creating countless memories of funny afternoons spent dyeing and painting and sewing together. This is why we DIY. :) 

Elsie's Wearing: Pony Print Dress/DIY, Hat/TopShop, Bracelet/Vintage, Key Necklace/BuenoBueno, Red boots c/o Seychelles

Sister Style 5Sister Style 5Sister Style 5Sister Style 5Emma's Wearing: necklace/DIY, dress c/o Modcloth, shoes c/o Seychelles

xo. Elsie + Emma

  • Elsie, this pony dress is super cute!

    But I love Emma’s dress, too 🙂

  • Hi ladies!
    Emma, I was wondering if your super sandals are comfortable, i´m in love with them since i saw them here in the blog some posts ago.

  • Lovely as always! I really love your shoes especially, Emma!


  • These dresses are so cool… love that we see a bit of Elsie’s tattoos with the strapless one !

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • I love how you combined the sister style with your love for DIY!
    You are both just so stunning,inspirational and most important so adorable!


  • Loving the hat! I’ve recently included black bowlers in one of my posts. Love them! 🙂 x

  • You girls are gorgeous, love both of your outfits!

  • I like the pony!great! I really love your blog!follow You Everything day!

  • Elsie, I love you lipstick!! It looks so pretty with a different shade in the centre 🙂
    Oh, and I LOVE DIY too – It is so satisfying making things for yourself!

  • Love the bunting- and dresses!

    xo Melanie

  • Love your hat Elsie!

    xo Jennifer

  • You two are just so cute!!

    xo Lisa

  • I’m LOVING that dress. I usually stay away from excessively horsey things (because I ride) but it’s gorgeous!

  • Your sister style posts are always my favorite because you two have SUCH great style! Keep up the posts and the DIY projects!

  • You guys are DIY experts and are inspiring so many people out there. I Love this style of yours.

    xo Janika

  • I love DIY. I love wearing DIY. And I am with you…it is just fun (sometimes frustrating, sometimes failure) but fun. Engaging that part of my brain just feels right.
    I love following your blog because of all of the fabulous DIY and how you incorporate it (in a most stylish way) into your home and fashion. Keep it up!
    Anne @

  • You ladies have the most creative DIY brains, maybe because they’re constantly in use and you’ve grown DIY muscles. Both of you are so lovely!

  • Very cute look. Keep up the good work girls 😉

    xx Jocelina

  • Hey, found your blog by clicking around and I’m really amazed! Such nice looks and such cute girls! I must follow definitely! <3

  • LOVE the black and white! So very in for spring and absolutely lovely with your DIY styles.

    brandy j |

  • Those dresses are so cute. You made that hat?! Can’t begin to comprehend that DIY.

    Kristina does the Internets

  • Love both outfits, and really like your blog! It’s so nice to have your posts everyday full of ideas and just nice to read.

    I specially like Emma’s dress, but can’t find it through the link to modcloth at the bottom! Could you link it? It’s really pretty 🙂


  • Oo, I love that stripes dress. Are sooo nice. Have a great friday.

  • That pony dress is truly amazing. I am forever impressed!


  • DIY Also helps relieve some of the strain on the environment…just in time for earth day!!

  • Great outfits and great backdrop!

    I think it’s fabulous that you both have such an amazing creative outlet, and something that not only makes you happy but provides inspiration and motivation to other people, to let their creativity loose, as well!

  • Super cute Sister Style this week! Love you DIY creations and its getting me thinking what I should create this summer 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • Love the colors….. u ppl are beautiful 🙂

  • Je suis amoureuse de la robe d’Emma!
    Malheureusement, je ne l’ai pas trouvé sur Modcloth… elle n’existe peut être plus?
    En tout cas, continuez à me faire rêver 😉

  • Both such lovely looks, big fan of the dresses! xx

  • your diy are so cool, I love your blog…

    DIY on my BLOG…

  • I love both dresses equally 🙂 Emma’s dress has like a 1950s style to it <3

    Robyn ~ The Chic Image xox

  • Wow I couldn’t believe Elsie’s dress was DIY it very well done. Well if u love doing something then keep doing it and because I look forward to reading what new creations you made this time.


  • I love Emma’s dress! And lovely photos!

  • Gorgeous, I love the dress, love the boots, love the hat… It’s perfect!

  • I have a few things to say: Elsie, I love how you style your lips. It’s like inside-out ombre, so beautiful.
    Also, you two are such a great inspiration and I look forward to each and every post on this blog.
    Thank you!

    xo Julia

  • Love the red boots!!

  • I absolutely love your attitude towards DIY and it’s so true – DIY is fun although not always it goes as planned. You both inspire me to try new things and to turn my ideas into actions and projects.

    Take care!

  • A lovely testament to the (non-monetary) value of doing it yourself. Exercising those creative muscles, as you said, is so important. Good for the soul.

  • you two are such bombshells 🙂 and even better, you’re great role models.

  • I love your guys’ dresses!!!

    xo, Clare

  • i love wearing DIY’s, especially ones we make ourselves. 🙂

    love, moon

  • I love diy so much too! sometimes i save lots of money, sometimes just a little…either way it’s all about the process.

  • Wow. That horse print dress is genius. I love DIY as well, especially DIY fashion. It’s a lot easier to buy something that looks cute, but making cute clothes is a whole different level. It takes a lot of time and a lot of creativity.

  • Love both looks! I so want the sandals in the last pic…

  • You are both so cute! I love your outfits and these photos. I also love what you say about DIY. So true.

    Juliette Laura

  • I love the shark tooth necklace. Reminds me of Florida. – Leah,

  • I’m loving BOTH of these dresses here! And I totally agree, saving money is way cool. I need to get working on my DIYs, they definitely are a good way to have fun!


  • I really loved your horse dress DIY! Its nice to see you re wearing some of the things that you make 🙂

    xx Ashleigh

  • The pony dress is soooooo cool!
    I love yall’s Sister stile and D.I.Y posts!


    P.S here is a link to my blog:

  • Elsie, your red boots look so fun! Love them.


  • The pony print dress is fabulous!


  • Oh I looove those red boots. I have some teal ones just like it and I wear them all the time, but I’ve been on the lookout for red ones forever!

    Jillian –

  • I’m personally a huge fan of DIY as well. For me, it all started when I found items, whether it be clothing, jewellery, anything – that I either couldn’t afford or find, but I still desperately wanted. That’s how my hobby started and it’s really cool to see why you DIY. Thanks for sharing!

    – Juliana

  • I just bought a black and white striped dress like in the picture. Can’t wait to try it out with some color popping sandals!

  • I always wished I could make my own clothes and have a sister. You girls are so lucky! I think i’m gonna try making my own dresses after I’m in college 🙂

  • Have I told you that I would like to buy this horse dress Elsie? No, hah? Ok I tell it now, I need that dress in my wardrobe. 🙂

    tsiou, from

  • You ladies are gorgeous! I love Emma’s necklace!


  • I would LOVE to see a round up of all your diy fails! It’s fun to see bloopers and it makes us normal people feel less bad about our own epic fails.

  • I like the colorful sandals! I agree that DIY-ing is all about having fun and trying new things.

  • Love the outfits, espeicaly the pony print dress! I know, DIY is cool! 🙂


  • Love both dresses! I have been making my own clothes since I’m 15 yo. It became my money maker as I’m a costume maker. I love making something that nobody has! That was my first thought when I’d started and that is what made me start! I love sewing! And I am fortunate enough to earn money with my art! 🙂

  • Oh! I wish I had time to DIY my whole wardrobe, but at least I’m making progress! Splitting the work into little 15 minute chunks while the kids are entertained or napping has helped me fit in a lot more of this kind of stuff!

  • You’re right!

    There’s so much pleasure that comes from creating something truly your own and forcing yourself to think outside of the box.


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