Sister Style: Baby, it’s cold outside.


Elsie and I have both taken a liking to this blue floral dress from Spotted Moth. It has a really unique neckline detail. I happened to wear this dress on a warm and windy day, while Elsie wore it on a cold weather day… it's fun to see the same dress worn in both weather temperatures. Check it:


Elsie paired the dress with a belted cardigan, tights and chunky heels. I love how she choose a mustard colored cardigan, as I think the yellow and blue look really pretty together. You can see more of Elsie's styling here.


I wore the dress with a belt, skinny jeans and moccasins. My look is less dressed-up, but both show off the cute neckline netting on this dress. You can see more of my stylings here.

Sorry about my little doggie's rear-end shot. He's a rascal sometimes.

xo. Emma

  • Super fun. Love the looks.


  • The dress is adorable on you both. How awesome it must be to be able to share clothes with each other. I grew up an only child and it was always my dream to share clothes with a sister.

  • love love love that dress! it’s great on both of you! i love those first two shots of you Elsie! those shoes -love!!!!

  • that dress is amazing! the colour and neckline are amazing.


  • I love wearing dresses with skinny jeans. Really, it’s kind of the only way I will wear them because I’m weird about knees haha! And Emma, I just dyed my hair blue as well! Blue hair rules!

  • Really love your dresses!

    With love,

  • Thanks everyone!!! I love Emma’s hair too!

    Tina, I think this is the post you’re looking for—

  • That is a really lovely dress. The detailing at the collar is so pretty!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • I think your dog makes the picture, so funny! The dress is lovely, and it is so nice to see how you both gave it your own distinct flair. Happy weekend to both of you lovelies from me in Oslo.

    x Anika


  • I love seeing the same outfits styled differently! Both these look stunning and unique 🙂 Such a good job girls x

  • How great to see two versions like that♥ Hmmm how come I can’t see all your posts from January? I remember that you wrote a great post about time management – making time for creativity. I can’t seem to find it. Is it me who has got things mixed up ???? I have bought your e blog course . AMAZING!!! Lots of inspiration. Thanks! Have a great weekend♥ Hugs

  • I love the difference between your styles. How initially you are drawn to the same piece but you style it in completely different & equally awesome ways.

  • I love this feature 🙂 That is such a pretty dress too, it’s neat how the neckline and the hem detail co-ordinate!

    I think I’d wear it over jeans like you! Jeans and moccasins with a dress is one of my favourite outfits <3

  • They have great style. Elsie’s heels are fantastic and your dress is so pretty with the hair colour. -xo

  • I love Elsie’s heels, they are so beautiful and give the outfit a very stylish look. And Emma, you have so much courage to dye your hair blue. And it looks great too!


  • That is a great neckline. I wish there were more interesting necklines around, I’m getting so sick of the old boring scoop!

  • Both of the looks are sweet. I agree that the mustard cardigan looks great against the blue. The bow belt and moccasins are more my speed in casualness + cuteness.

  • Love the dress but those shoes are to die for .. not that I could wear them in my everyday life

  • i can dig it with jeans and BLUE HAIR!! :o)


  • I guess the secret’s out that you borrowed it. 🙂 love it both ways.

  • You gals rock… but you know what rocks even more… your new hair!!! 😀

    p.s: cute doggie 😀

  • i am so not a fashion girl but these posts are inspiring to switch things up in my wardrobe & pair things i would normally not (im the type of person who wears the same outfit to death). thanks for the ideas & inspiration. & i l.o.v.e the color of elsie’s cardigan.

  • I love both of your styles so much! Thanks for sharing different temperature ideas for one item, I love altering how I wear something depending on the weather/season. Very cute!!

  • I’m loving your posts, Emma! And your hair plus that dress is perfection!

  • Oh goodness, I can completely understand why! The colour is beautiful, and the cutouts are simply divine!


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