Sister Style: Evolving

ElsieElsieElsieElsieThis past year Emma's and my styles have evolved quite a bit. I still feel very much in the middle of an evolution process. I'm trying to find a new mix that works for both special occasions and everyday life. First I did a major clean-out. Next I made a mood board for the type of styles I want to wear. Lately I've been investing (very slowly and thoughtfully) in a few new pieces for fall and winter. It's been a fun process and definitely a learning experience. Have you ever gone through a season where you changed up your personal style? What was it like for you? Any tips?

Elsie's Wearing: Dress/ASOS, Scarf/DIY, Sunnies/UO, Shoes c/o Minnetonka Moccasins

EmEmEmEmEmma's Wearing: Tunic c/o Lulus, Jeans/Jessica Simpson, Sunnies/UO, Ankle Boots c/o Minnetoka Moccasins

xoxo. elsie + emma

  • Cuuute! I can’t pick which one is my favorite outfit. They’re both so classy and beautiful 🙂

  • I know EXACTLY what you mean about changing your style. Last year, I chopped off alllll of my hair. I’m what you might refer to as a “tall drink of water,” and was used to living in blazers, skinny jeans, flowy shirts, and the like. Once I cut my hair off into an Audrey-Hepburn-esque pixie cut, I had to seriously re-examine my style, because, HELLO, I did NOT want to be mistaken for a guy. I brought in more feminine elements and made a point of defining my shape, while still looking modest. Difficult to do on a jobless-highschooler budget, but after a year of trial and error, I’m loving the results!

  • I love, love, love this series. I won’t lie… this is because I’m beauty-challenged and 80% of me hopes that eventually your fabulous style and techniques will magically rub off on me just by the frequency of my reading the posts 🙂

    For now, I’ll save my attempts for major occasions… like birthdays and DMV appointments:

  • My style is changing like so many of you. But I am in my late 50’s (yes, I still love your blog even at my age) and don’t want to look like I am trying to look an age that I am not. Some of the youthful looks just don’t work anymore, but I still love to be a fashionista. I try to keep my look evolving, changing up accesories can really change your whole outfit. As much as I adore black and nuetrals I am putting more colors in and feeling good about it. I try to change up my hairstyle a bit everyday too just to keep it interesting. I like it when someone says . . . wow . . you look so different everyday . . I wish I could do that. I tell them “You can! It’s all about attitude and having fun”. I have used your blog as inspirations, thanks!

  • I’m totally going through a style change at the moment as well…what I’m trying is to make kind of a mood/style board of outfits, clothing/color combinations and accessories that I like and then I’m going to go through all my clothes and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit into the style board!
    Still working on really nailing down the exact style, but I’m getting there 🙂

  • My style changed a lot but not at once. It happened gradually during my Exchange year in Germany. I’m still evolving though.

    I love the idea with the mood board!


  • You are both beauty!!! I LOVE Emma’s hair 🙂 I just made a huge jump and cut off about 5 inches of hair. I am still getting used to it and trying to find the groove…Same with the fashion, it is hard getting away from t-shirts and jeans everyday..thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • Ooh, I adore black and white combos! It looks super great with the turquoise background 🙂

    Xo, Kelsey

  • My resolution for this year is: if buying a new item, purchase it with the intention of the item improving with use and wear.if buying used, buy it with the intention of it having already been improved with use and wear. My style has evolved to include durable fabrics, such as leather and heavyweight canvas and I am finding that I have more antique, well-made items in my closet. I have fewer clothes but the clothes that I have are well-made and get better and better the more that I wear them. The translation is less synthetics, more classy broad outfits.

  • Hello from England! The weather here is cooling too. I have a similar dress to Elsie and it inspired me to wear it today with a pretty scarf. Thank you!

  • i think personal style is always evolving because we as people are always evolving. you two look great as always!

    xo Jennifer

  • Yes, When I was in my twenties I was all hippy with patchwork skirts and Birks but then when I graduated college and got a real job I enjoyed wearing clothing that fit me instead of draping on me. Hey I got this bod one time and I’m going to show it off when I can. I’m going to be 33 on the 30th and I may be the mother of a 14,11 and 8 year old but I will not dress to impress the other momma’s. If I want to wear short shorts, I know I can right now. Hey and my oldest thinks I look cute!

    I like you in this black dress Elsie. Very sexy!!

  • love the background, really cool pictures, love your style. great location!

  • Tip: Set goals. For instance, in middle school I decided I wanted less t-shirt and jeans combinations in my wardrobe, so I set a goal of replacing those items with leggings, skirts, dresses, etc. A few months later, I’d developed a completely different look!

    Also, I seriously want your shoes. AAAH! <3

  • Style is such an evolution. I think it’s only natural that we go through changes in wardrobe as our lives change. My biggest change was moving from Vancouver to Berlin. I went from girly and costumey to everyday basics. A lot to do with the simple street style of Berlin and also largely because riding a bike requires more practical clothing. I’ve never gone back. I always think back on how much fun it was to have a crazy wardrobe full of flirty dresses and vintage pocketbooks, but know that my basic black and giant worn in leather satchel are just more suited to my life, age and needs.

  • You guys have the best style. 🙂 I’ve been unofficially following your blog for some time now. I think I should make it official. 🙂

  • Haha I’ve noticed both of your styles changing! I’ve been going through some changes as well. After discovering this blog, Ruche and Modcloth, the whole vista of possibly fashion styles opened up! But now the problem is sticking with one fashion and not mixing them….

  • that’s exactly what i’m trying to do: changing my style to better fit the new me! i’m a mom now, a young mom and i find myself thinking “can i left this to Zoe when she will grow?” buying clothes or shoes… this means more timeless pieces and better quality! plus i need to get ready in no time so i need to create outfits as soon as possible; read “be careful to buy pieces that can be mixed together”. i’m starting from a moodboard too (that i’ve called “inspiration time”)… seems to work!
    PS: love the background wall!!

  • I changed from black sweaters and jeans into vintage dresses and more skirts and colorful tops! It was a real fun process and now I only own two or three jeans and one black sweater (and 10 skirts, 12 vintage dresses and 6 colorful tops and some sweaters).

    Yesterday I threw away my black autumn coat, it was making me depressed wearing it. It was three or four years old but the best coat to wear in autumn and it just took me ages to find a new comfortable, great looking coat. I bought several vintage coats but they just didn’t do the job somehow. Now I found a colorful but warm coat in beige with pink, green and black geometric figures on them. Its a bit gypsy/hippy/indian style. I love it so so much! Can’t wait to wear it this autumn!

    And thanks for inspiring me 🙂

  • I’m LOVING that black dress Elsie – gorgeous!

    Stephanie May*

  • I think we are constantly evolving and growing–not only style wise but spiritually and creatively.

    My tastes have changed a ton through the years. I’ve gone through phases where all I’d wear is used clothing, and then I went through a phase of all new clothing and now I mix it up. I wear not what is on trend, but what feels good and I wear what I like, no rules for me! My sister said to me yesterday on the phone, “Colored tights are in this season!!” I said to her, and she agreed, “Oh, so I am FINALLY in style?!!”

  • LOVe both these outfits. The little moccasins are too ADORBS!

    My style is so eclectic, but keeping a blog has really helped me to visually see what I gravitate towards!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Funny that you say that. I’ve been feeling the same way! Especially with my jewelry. I’ve been wearing lots of gold accessories. I’m starting to transition back to silver and more classic less statement type pieces. Maybe it’s that we’ve had such a hot summer and are just ready for big changes. We are done with the sandles and all the other same ols same
    ols. Xo Inna

  • Love it! I love emma’s tunic! SO cute.

  • You two are always so cute! Love BOTH of these outfits so much!

  • I’ve been feeling the same way. Today I spent a few hours cleaning out my closet and finally parted with a few things I know I’m not going to wear. I’ve been being more picky about my purchases and buying more “adult” clothes (which has always been tough because I’m 5’2″ and 97lbs), but it’s definitely been worth it so far!

  • I can relate. My style has “evolved” so much – especially in the past year. I think it changed with my lifestyle. I started living a very healthy organic life – eating different food, using different dishes, and buying organic laundry soap and such. My style started reflecting that “green” life and now I dress very natural and in earthy tones like orange, brown, turquoise, and gray. I’ve also started growing my hair out really long (it’s almost past my waist now) and natural looking – I’m loosing the layers I’ve had since my freshman year! Ahh! It’s exciting to have a fashion change though!
    ps. you two have great style and I love your blog! Keep up the good work!

  • I am slowly changing my look, with a vintage inspired style in mind. Though i don’t purchase much, a few key pieces and accessories have made a huge impact on my style!

  • Love your outfits and this post!

    I think all of our styles are ever evolving, influenced by everything – our work environment, our home, culture, interests, and moods. I try to focus my style each season, creating a “mood board” of sorts. It helps me to not feel overwhelmed by too many options or trends when I get ready in the morning! I wrote a blog post about it here if you’d like to see what I do ( )! Happy Sunday!

  • I have that same dress Emma is wearing from Love it! Most outfits I see Emma in, reminds me a bit of my personal style. I have loved watching your styles evolve! I definitely feel like over the past year or so, I have really began to understand what I do and dont love, and have become alot more picky when it comes to shopping. Making sure its something Im going to love a year from now, if possible. Im still impressed you cleaned out half your closet Elsie! Hats off to you!

  • I love both styles very cute and casual. BTW love love this blog 🙂

    xoxo aley

  • Ugh, I need that blue background thing. lol

    love the outfits. <3

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

    ps-giveaway at my blog soon, take a look??

  • Your outfits are amazing! They’re absolutely lovely! You’re beautiful!

    xx Emily

  • that background wall is perfection! what a find! 🙂 love both of the outfits.


  • I’ve got the same pants, Emma! Super comfy! Check out her cords, they’re beautiful in this warm, scarlet red

  • Just like a lot of those who commented before, I have been trying to simplify my wardrobe recently. Well, It’s actually something that I’ve wanted for some years now, but I’m having such a horrible time parting with anything in my wardobe. It’s getting easier every time I do a cleanout, though.
    I’m also really trying to buy quality rather than quantity (but sometimes I break my own rules).

    Loving the pictures!

  • sometimes it is enough to make other combinations to make something old something new and better! i never throw something out (i know i should) but it’s fun to find something old and wear it again as it looks good again :))

  • i realized that my closet is entirely too full, so i did a big clean-up too. and now i’m making sure that i only pick “investment” pieces that i know i can hold on to for a long time. more simple, easy-to-mix and match pieces.
    ps. love these pictures!

  • Beautiful sunglasses! I like sunglasses with colorful frame!

  • Closet clean is happening more and more often. That’s probably why I don’t like to spend too much on my clothes. Besides I always give them to charity so I don’t feel that bad as someone will be using them!

  • I’ve done this, in both my wardrobe and home furnishings. To avoid buying new pieces that are more the old me, I’ve come up with some short descriptions of the look(s) I want to reflect now, and take a moment to ask myself if the piece fits those descriptions before deciding if I will purchase it. Organizing my closet by color has helped too, as I can easily see what colors I have enough of and what I should be on the lookout for.

  • I feel like my personal style changed a lot while I was in Australia. I was traveling around with one small suitcase full of clothes for six months and so I had to get very creative. When I needed or wanted something ‘new’, I combed through the many, many charity shops in the cities that I passed through. My style became much more adventurous and much more me. Because I was traveling alone, the people that I met had no preconceptions about the way that I should behave or dress. This was very freeing because I found that I could be so much truer to myself than I could around people who have known me for a long time and have this idea of what my personal style is. I feel like, around those people, deviating at all from my established norm would result in negative reactions, especially from my family. While socializing with people that I had never met before, I felt much freer to experiment and discover what I really wanted my style to say about me. It really was a wonderful experience!

  • I don’t get to dress cute for my part-time day job and when I’m working in the studio, I wear old clothes that I don’t mind wiping paint and ink all over. That being said, I feel like I don’t get many chances to dress how I’d like. I’ve been thinking that maybe I could put together some cute outfits for the studio though, even if they are destined to get “ruined.” I like the idea of feeling good in what I’m wearing while I’m working in the studio. Yes, that’s what I’m going to do 😉

    Love your outfits, as always. Looking forward to your fall Sister Styles, for the fall time is my favorite time!

  • I believe exploring new styles is the only way to figure out what really fits us well and what type of clothes we feel comfortable in. Because trends shouldn’t dictate what we wear its all about being comfortable and still looking presentable.

  • I noticed two things recently- 1) My “Clothes I like” board did not stylistically match some of the clothing items I did have and 2) a lot of my clothes were years and years old. Worn and ready for either new home or worn out completely. So I’ve purged my closet (about three times this year; each time things I was unsure about etc. were making the sure more). Several LARGE garbage bags later its a more sparse closet. I’m working on adding things in. Made a list of items that I either did not have but needed (A Winter coat!), or that showed up over and over in my style board as timeless and versatile pieces (A brown sweater).

    We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

  • Great work!
    Check this out! If you like fashion, blogs and photography, this is a perfect place for you! See & Share your photos and make your own advertisement and get your own statistics 🙂 I hope you will like it, thanks for your time 🙂

  • That wall is the most fantastic color there ever was! I love the outfits. Tres tres magnifique!

  • I am going through a huge redo of my personal style right now actually! I just donated a lot of clothes, (2- 39 gallon garbage bags) and now I am working on accessories and shoes to donate as well. I feel like this is the best time to do it honestly, for me at least. This way I can purchase some new items that I am in love with!

  • I went through so many phases during my high school years that it just kind of bled into my early-20’s, then eventually i’d refine it as i get older. but i think i will always be that person to have a varying style that changes day-to-day. what can i say, i’m an equal opportunist with clothes.

  • I think my style is always evolving a little. I finally really experimented with my style this past year.I love that I found new items that I truly love and never realized I would, but then again I also have some styles that I tried and now just spend a lot of time in my closet. I wouldn’t take back the purchases though, or I would never evolve in style!

  • Great outfits! I can’t wait to see the changes in sister style posts!

    My style has definitely evolved in the past few years. I like wearing very feminine pieces and paring them with grungy, punk inspired accessories like combat boots. It’s crazy for me to think about how I used to dress (exclusively t shirts and jeans) and ever going back to that. I think when evolving your style it’s important to keep in mind what looks you like and how you want to see yourself.

  • Love this post. I think my style naturally evolves and changes season by season. I love your boho, hippy 1970s vibe Emma and it a little odd to see Elsie in something quite plain and more fitted…but i like!!! Change is never a bad thing, something good always comes from it doesnt it?

    I am mood board mad, and have got all my mood boards up in a little section on my blog if anyone fancies a peep? Its just on the nav bar. I create new ones, update them and revisit them weekly but they are my main inspiration on my style 🙂 xxxxxxx

  • Emma’s tunic is awesome!! I have been changing up my personal style too.. Your closet clean up inspired me to do so too!! I’m gonna pick the most comfortable and cute peaces!!

  • I feel like my style is always changing. Recently I transitioned out of my high school-ish wardrobe and changed my goth aesthetic. No more Hot Topic mall goth, now more grunge/upscale goth with days where I am a bohemian wild child. I have a strange mix of styles.

  • Very nice! I think my style has changed too… a lot! but there are a lot of simple things I like to hold on to because sometimes I go back and say “oh hey I like this again” and see a different way I can use it!


  • Fortunatelly my style have changed in last years, but it was a natural and slow process.
    But i should do something like this, about planning your new in for the new season…

  • I used to love playing with style, so most of my wardrobe consisted of cheap pieces with loud prints. I went through a year in which I knew my style no longer suited me, but I didn’t know where to go. After having a fashion blog for a year, I learned what worked and what didn’t, and now I have a mix of classics and vintage pieces that suit my style and stage in life well. For me, the the biggest hurdle was letting myself buy pieces that were more preppy or basic; I had always been attracted to them, but I was afraid of losing my personal edge. – Leah,

  • I’m currently going through a huge change, from over the top vintage to now loving contemporary pieces and natural tones. It’s a very slow process, I find making a little mood board every time I go out shopping really helps. I make a list of key pieces that will help me bring the rest of my wardrobe into the style I want.
    It feels good to evolve, I think it’s important to change physically with yourself (in a positive way) when getting older and growing into a new groove in life.

    You girls have been a big factor in my self change, thanks for doing what you love!

  • Love both of your outfits! A few weeks ago i completely cleaned out my closet, simply because the clothes didn’t fit my personal style anymore. I have a weird habit of buying things that i really like on other persons, which is stupid, i know.. So my closet was one big chaotic mess and it was just impossible to combine things, because of all the complete different styles. Luckily I’m step by step discovering my own style again. Lovely post! (:

  • so cute!
    i love the evolution of style – especially if you’ve been documenting it as you go! i’m currently in the midst of my own style revolution! Going from jeans, tops & cardi’s every day (usually in black or other dark colours!) to currently wearing dresses, tights, coats & capes in all colours of the rainbow! it’s fun to try new things & figure out what works for you!
    love both of your styles – good luck with your evolving style! <3
    Cheray x

  • I thnk I’m currently in a change but I’m just not sure where to go. A mood board is a great idea! Thanks!

  • My change in personal style is somewhat recent and involves making a real attempt not to always wear all black. I had gotten to the point that 90% of my things were black! When shopping, if an item came in black, that’s the one I would automatically get. But lately I’ve been trying to add some colour and even wore a few outfits this summer that contained no black at all! It was rare, but it happened!

    Good luck with your style change. I like both outfits you ladies are wearing in this post!

    Loulou Downtown

  • I feel I’m going through a style evolution myself at present. The past year has been full of changes in my life and I think my style is catching on to that. I started a series called “Wardrobe reinvention” on my blog to help me find my new style without buying a lot of new things. I’m still, or should I say again, a student and money is tight, so I make most of my “new” clothing myself either from hand-me-down clothes and fabric, or thrift store finds. I’m a refashionista by nature, so this in the right way for me. But the blog series has really helped me to see my current wardrobes true potential, and also find out what I like style-wise right now.

    Good luck!
    xo Hanna from Pearls & Scissors

  • I like the idea of having a signature style, but I like dressing different every day. I did decide to clean out my closet this year. I had clothes from 10 years ago that I kept just because they still fit, but I realised that I just don’t wear the same things as when I was 16. I felt much better donating things so that someone can use them instead of keeping them in my closet.

  • Interesting concept. I’ve never consciously evolved my style, it’s always been a natural process. I think it’s always been a bit hippy/ indie but it’s now mixed in with a bit of 50s style for work where I need to look a bit smarter. I’m already hankering after some high waisted flared jeans for summer but they’ll have to wait as I’m pregnant at the moment.Rx

  • I like the sunglasses with the fresh turquoise color. The black ankle boots are also my favorite 🙂 The crochet tunic must be the best. Yet the combination of the tunic with the jean make you look a bit shorter. If I were you I would match the tunic with a black tank dress under 🙂

    Anh @ Fab ‘n Fun

  • LOve Emma’s tunic and both o f you shoes are so cute! Wonderful looks!

  • Love the background colour – very effective against your outfits!

  • Hey Elsie & Emma

    I love to see the way that your styles are evolving! My style is in a constant whirlwind, last season I was indie, before that punk, before that Gothic/Harujuku… what now? Thanks for inspiring me, anyway! :)))

    Just Call Me Charlotta…

  • I love the shoes!! Great outfits!!
    Greeting from India!!

  • I do closet clean regularly . I am not crazy about any new trend but I am incorporating lately some new colors ( kaki , burgundy ) and slightly changing my style any season . I love to play with fashion , textures , colors but try to keep a personal style and wear what really suits me .

    XX Luba
    Well Living Blog

  • I’m currently going through a similar process of reinventing my style. After having a baby, my entire concept of comfort and style changed drastically. My standard is much higher these days for working comfort into fashion and breastfeeding friendly clothing. Certainly not the easiest thing to do all the time, but for the most part, I’m pretty happy with where my style is now. 🙂

  • I feel like style is one of those things that constantly changes as you do. For a long time I’d been going for a trendy, cookie cutter fashionista kinda style but I recently came to a point in my life where I got tired of looking just like everybody else. To go along with my current quest for self-discovery, I’ve been changing up my style a lot, and getting inspired by vintage and boho peices that I can’t get enough of! You both always look so amazing, your style is unique and has inspired me to get away from the norm. Especially your shoes. I always love those <3

  • I think it is great to explore new looks. I love cleaning out my closet and giving things away. I have an app on my phone called stylebook which I love to help me build outfits and get rid of stuff I never wear. I personally don’t believe in ‘dressing your age’ as if you look at styly old ladies they take risks all the time. That’s what makes them stand out. Love your blog.

  • I absolutely agree! I’ve gone through major fashion changes in the last few years from flirty and sweet to more bohemian and whimsical. I think that maybe its just this day and age inspiring us to be who we are, so we feel like we can just change and evolve. Metamorphosis:) I love my style and I think that change is good and lets us refocus in on ourselves for just a bit and forget about everyone else. 🙂

  • although my style has always been true to who i am, recently i’ve really been simplifying my wardrobe and getting rid of things that, sure, are pretty but aren’t really ‘me’. like ponchos and fitted skirts. i’m a shorts-and-tee kinda girl. i like denim shorts, checked shirts and flip flops. and over the last few months i’ve really embraced that.

  • I find it’s very cathartic getting rid of all the excess and unworn things in your wardrobe. Figuring out what works best for you can take a little time but when you get there, it’s good – I’m FINALLY at that point, and now just want to hurry up and buy all the missing pieces that I know I need.

  • I was just talking about this with my fiance the other day, i feel like my style is changing, we live on a ranch and only really head into town on the weekends so i never really gave much thought to what i wear, lately i have been drawn to pretty things, dresses, cute shoes and anything Mustard colored! i think it also has to do with being a mom, my daughter is four and i often get those looks like “poor GIRL had that baby when she was 15” umm, no, i am 25 thank you very i guess i am “dressing my age” i would suggest doing just that, and always, pick things that make you feel comfy and pretty all at the same time! 😀

  • So funny that you mention it, but I too have been changing up my personal style. Your closet clean out has inspired me to clean out my own closet soon, and it will be such a relief when I do! I have lately found myself gravitating to a lot more neutral colors, rather than the fun and bright colors I would usually buy. It’s been interesting creating depth in outfits through texture and pattern, rather than color.

  • You girls always look so lovely! I feel like my style changes as my life changes. For example, my style changed when I started school, and then again when I moved out of my house this past summer, and also when I started my blog. I think just being in tune with that and just going for it, no regrets. 🙂


  • WOW I love Emma’s tunic and your mocs! 🙂 You both look gorgeous, always! Your sunnies match your background, too hehe 🙂

  • Lately I’ve been doing the same! Cleaning out the closet and spending time to revamp my style and to invest in key pieces! I am so excited for fall fashion this year!

  • Recently I’ve been trying to change the way I buy clothing which has definitely made an impact in my style choices. After a long clean out process, I noticed that a lot of my clothes were, well, the same thing. Now I consciously make sure when I purchase something in a store that it is something I do not already have in 5 colors. Makes me feel better about what I’m buying, plus it is helping my wardrobe evolve!

  • I agree! I think it is partly about getting older and figuring out your personal style. As I get later in my 20’s…and closer to 30!…I see that I want less and want more timeless pieces. I know what looks best on me now and have the discipline to stick with it. Looking forward to seeing your new looks for fall!

  • Yes, my style has changed in the last few years. It’s always been pretty indie but now has involved into a more mature indie recently. My advice is try on the things in the shop that normally you would skip over. You may be pleasantly surprised but how much you love it on you.

  • I’ve definitely been evolving my style to reflect my professional life. I’ve been focusing more on “investment pieces.” Not necessarily expensive items, but things I know will carry me through the seasons and from day to night for several months or even years. I don’t like to look “cheap”, but that doesn’t mean we have to spend a lot to achieve that goal. Xoxo

  • Great outfits and I love the background wall.

    I kinda feel like my closet is always evolving and the items that end up always making the cut tend to be the pieces I invest in. So maybe just buying a few big ticket items is a better idea? Idk though, I still love my cheap thrift finds and don’t think I could give those up. Either way good luck with the style evolution!

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