Sister Style: Exciting Times

A Beautiful Mess tee shirts Emma Chapman Plant lady teeI feel so STOKED for the next few months—there’s some exciting times ahead. Mainly I’ll be traveling to Nashville to visit Elsie three times in the next two months. Yes, it’s mostly for work-related reasons, but I guess one of the new benefits of my job is I get to visit my sister in her cool city. So I can’t complain. 🙂 The seven hour drive gives me plenty of time to catch up on all my favorite podcasts and also talk to myself like a crazy lady. Ha! But really, it just helps me process sometimes. I talk to myself when I walk our dogs around our neighborhood too, and I’m pretty sure by this point our neighbors are unsure about me. 🙂

I’m also really excited for a few fun things happening with ABM in the coming months. We have a big project planned for next month that involves giving back to both our communities, and we’re going to get you all involved—so that should be fun. I’m also sort of interested in trying out FB Live videos. Do you guys watch those? Would you be interested in seeing us do that from time to time? Idk.

Cute tee shirts Faux lepord purse Pastels and plant lady tee Emma of A Beautiful MessEmma’s Wearing: Plant lady shirt/Oui Fresh, Collar shirt/ShopSosie, Jeans/CP Jeans, Shoes/Circus by Sam Edelman (similar), and Purse/Fossil

What about you, Sister? What’s got you excited lately—other than me visiting, obviously. 🙂

Exciting timesSo many exciting things going on over here! This week I am filming my first online class that is almost entirely a video class. Really excited to teach this way because it’s a way I enjoy learning.

This past year went by in such a blur, I’m excited to slow down (although this season isn’t feeling very slow so far) and nest this winter. I feel equal parts business minded and homemaker minded. I want to exercise my homemaker side more, and I’m not just talking about decorating. I would really like to throw parties and have people over more often. That’s something I’m excited about. OMG—and Friendsgiving! My favorite tradition is coming up very soon!!

Jeremy and I have some exciting things going on over here (#notpregnant) that I will share with you soon!

Exciting times Exciting times Exciting times Exciting times Exciting times Elsie’s Wearing: Dress/Pixie Market (similar), Sunnies/Zero UV, Bag/OuiFresh, Clogs/Swedish Hasbeens

Credits //Author: Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. Photography: Janae Hardy and Amber Ulmer. 

  • Its accurately funny that you have to place #notpregnant within this post so your readers don’t jump to that conclusion right out of the gate. What a lovely and well meaning “problem” to have! Whenever/if-ever you decide to have children, you’ll obviously have massive support from all of us.

    Can’t wait to see what else is in store with ABM this year!
    – Rachael

  • Emma your not alone in talking to yourself, I do the same thing and seriously it just helps me process ideas and everything else. I started staying home with our kiddos four years ago and I was used to talking all day long at my job and it was SO weird not having anyone to talk to (besides a baby and a dog who just stared at me) so ive gotten into that habit myself, so maybe we are weirdos together?! And the outfits are great!! Can’t wait to see all the big things ahead at ABM!


  • You ladies are so cute! I really love both outfits AND I cannot wait to see what’s in store the next few months 🙂

    Also, I agree with Shayne – #notpregnant is a very important hashtag these days haha!

  • Loving all the vibrant colours in this post. Both such nice outfits!
    Really excited to see what projects ABM has in store. Have a good week! Life in Blue Skies

  • Hey girls!!! great outfits as usual… great pictures… locations… you rock!
    like Andrea said… you are faaar from alone on the talking thing…

    just a quick silly story. One day i was having lunch in my back garden… you could see the neighbours thru the fence… but… apparently i got totally carried away… there i was, talking to the dishes… full conversation, expressions and all… (i live with my husband now… but i lived alone with my dog for yeaaaars… – i miss those days sometimes… – sorry love!i love you with my heart… but.. alone time, is alone time…!)
    got carried away, sorry… the thing is… there i was full conversation mode on, and at some point… i lift my head… and there they were… my naighbours… staring at me, eyes biiiig open.. mouth big open… as if they were watching a horror scene……………………………………

    well… all i could do was laugh… i guess… you shouldnt be spying into someone else’s garden any way!! (even thou… i also go nuts talking to my self in the street………………… ups!)

    thanks for sharing… and… also love the not pregnant… it comes to an age, when every time you say you have something great to tell… people go like… oooooh she’s pregnant… (that’s not the problem at all… but it does freak me out when i say… no… i’m not… they really feel let down… as i you failed humanity!)

    welll enough!

  • Yes, FB Live videos are fun! It’s a great way to do Q&As or show us some of the behind-the-scenes magic. 🙂 Looking forward to all the exciting new things that are coming soon! -Ruth

  • FB live would be lots of fun! I love the community feel of comments in realtime.

    I’m giggling about the hashtag Elsie threw in there. My brother and SIL just had a baby and like a good auntie I’ve been bragging like crazy about my nephew but definitely pointing out to the unaware and assuming that when I say baby it’s not mine and I’m not expecting! Haha!

  • Love always seeing the differences in your styles and how it works for both of you!
    Also glad you clarified #notpregnant, cause that’s always our first guess whenever someone says they have exciting news! Ha! 😉

    Excited as always, to see what this season has in store for the two of you!


    Jenna & Cortney

    A Whimsy Wonderland

  • I would love to watch videos/livestreams from ABM!
    Some ideas: updates when E&E are together, behind the scenes of big projects, house tours (I really like your youtube house tours), cooking, decorating for a party, etc!

  • Aghhh the #notpregnant makes me laugh. I feel like i need a hat or tee with that on it! Every time we see my in laws they look disappointed when I accept a champagne!

  • I’m almost certain that others won’t agree, but… I’m always super stoked when you aren’t having a baby… either of you. It’s nice to be able to follow along with other women my own age that aren’t on that baby train. Almost every other blogger in our age group has children and I feel like once that happens their blog/business is never the same again. Which is great and wonderful and lovely, for them! Thanks for being like the rest of us!!

  • Hi Lindsey!
    If you it makes you feel better, even though there ARE babies in our future (still #notpregnant haha!) we are more focused than EVER that we want ABM to be about home decor and food. It will not be turning into a mom blog. xx- Elsie

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