Sister Style: Forever Changing

Forever changingI’ve definitely felt some shifts in my personal style this past year. And to be honest, I am still figuring it out. On one hand, I have been way more into comfy, cozy pieces. Six months ago, I started buying 75% of my clothes from Madewell and never looked back. The limited choices, mostly neutral color palette and easy to mix factors all really appeal to me. On the other hand, I am more willing than EVER to wear crazy stuff… vintage, giant bell sleeves, those shoes that light up when you walk. Haha!

I always heard that this insane confidence takes over after 30, and I definitely feel it – or maybe it’s just a lot of insecurities that kind of disappear (mind games). Whatever it is, I’m not going to lie – It’s NICE. I am loving my 30s. I feel so much more OK with myself than I did in my later twenties. So much more chill.

Anyway! I am yo-yoing between a very laid back, cozy style and a very bold 60s and 70s inspired dress up style. I don’t know where I will land yet, but I’m enjoying this experimental phase.

Forever changing Forever changing Forever changing Forever changing Forever changing Elsie’s Wearing: Jacket/Madewell, Top and Hat/F21, Shorts/Vintage, Clogs/Swedish Hasbeens, Martini Pin/McKean Studio, Scorpio Necklace/Moorea Seal

Take it away, sister!!!

Emma7 Emma4 Emma2 PurseYes, I think the title “Forever Changing” is totally appropriate when it comes to my personal style too. I guess I sort of feel that fearless 30 year old confidence you’re talking about, sis. But, I also don’t lots of days. Maybe an alternative title could be, “Forever Moody.”. 🙂

It’s funny, but over the years, I actually think my style has gotten a lot more functional and, well, boring. It’s not boring to me, but if you compared my closet now to my closet when I was in high school or college, you’d probably be shocked how much more “normal” I dress now. But I will forever love color, vintage (or vintage inspired) pieces, thrifting (so ill-fitting things that I still just love), and statement t-shirts. I dress very comfy most of the time, but I rarely leave the house in yoga pants. I liked to think it’s somewhat balanced, but truthfully I often think that I really should make more time to develop my personal style. This usually culminates in me working on it a little and then getting derailed because of the expense of it, getting frustrated by my body type (the grass is always greener isn’t it?), and then I start to think maybe the whole thing is just a vain pursuit anyway. But, really, I usually only think that when I’m frustrated because the truth is I think fashion is SO fun and such an easy way to express yourself. But of course, it has to be practical at times too. It kind of has to walk that line, as most good things do.

Emma5 Emma1 Emma8Emma’s Wearing: Boots/Hunter, Dress/ASOS, Vest/H&M, Purse/Oui Fresh (available in white too), Pins/The Golden Girl Rum Club + The Uncommon Place, and Glasses/A Beautiful Mess for BonLook in Snappy. You can see how to do this hairstyle here

What about you? Has your style changed over the years? Do you think it will ever stop evolving? xx. Emma + Elsie

Credits // Authors: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Photography: Amber Ulmer and Janae Hardy. 

  • Age is just a number after all! You both still looking great regardless of what age you are!

  • Elsie, I love that full length photo of you with the jacket draped over your shoulders! Love both of these outfits and can definitely relate to forever changing style!

  • You guys look so pretty and adorable! Elsie i loooove that top and Emma that hairstyle is perfection! :*

  • Yeah we’ll see about that “30’s confidence” (I’ll turn 30 in January). I’m still rarely sure of myself but I’m working on that. My style is also ever changing. I’m more of a classic style when I dress for work (office) so pencil skirts, cardigans, suit jacket (sorry, I’m French and don’t know the English word for it….just a jacket?), etc. And when I’m home and on the weekends I prefer loose fitting shirts and leggings. Some days I choose an outfit for work and don’t like it that much so I end up hating my entire day because I’m not “comfortable” with the way I look (it’s dumb, I know). And then other days I feel like I have the dopest outfit and it just boosts my confidence for the day! Crazy huh?

  • I just love how these pictures look! So crisp and clean! Would love to see how you edit these pictures to look so beautiful 🙂

  • I’m 29 and I still dress mostly like you used to Elsie! I loved your vintage dresses, brightly coloured tights and wedge shoes. I’m keeping that vibe going in my own wardrobe as it’s so much fun!

  • You girls always have the best style! Great post!

  • Really enjoyed this post – I’m not near my 30s, but also struggle with my love of fashion but my need to be practical. I just can’t get behind uncomfortable fashion. I’ve started finding some really fun solutions to the practical issues I focus on, and it’s exciting AND I still feel fabulous.

    I’ve been enjoying both of your styles for years and also really enjoy seeing it evolve 🙂

  • You’re both so cute! I’m loving the martini badge on the denim jacket! I’m only 23 and I’ve noticed such a change in my style since bing a teen. I feel like i used to be so experimental! Customising clothes, playing with colours and patterns and now I seem to stick to comfort. The past year I’ve been working on getting it back and I’m enjoying the journey! I forgot how fun it can be.

    Nicky Zeeb xx

  • I sure can relate to being more confident in my 30s. I have wondering if the change in confidence has happened because of the kids I have gotten but I have read now several similar stories of women in their 30s and some don’t have kids, so maybe it has something to do with age. I could assume that at least in my case this whole has definitely something to do with mindplay and adopting more positive mindset. But to be honest, even of my increased confidence I am still lacking my personal style. I can feel that is coming there anytime soon but at the moment it is not yet blooming.

    I found your blog about a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoy your posts and inspiring pics! Keep up the great work ?

  • i like elsie’s outfit! it is very sample and beautiful! x

    jess x |

  • You’re both so cute! I’m loving the martini badge on the denim jacket! I’m only 23 and I’ve noticed such a change in my style since bing a teen. I feel like i used to be so experimental! Customising clothes, playing with colours and patterns and now I seem to stick to comfort. The past year I’ve been working on getting it back and I’m enjoying the journey! I forgot how fun it can be.

    Nicky Zeeb xx

  • Great outfits! Love the pink bag x

  • Such great style!


  • Love the Madewell denim right now – I love the way they offer custom embroidery.

  • I’ve definitely felt more confident about my style over the past few years, and I’m 34. I feel like I can just own my style and not have to wonder if other people are going to like it or not. My style is my style! And you ladies have some of the most unique and beautiful styles that I have ever seen – if you dress anything like you do on the blog – you’re both far from boring.

    Which one of you is older? Have I missed this somewhere or is it a secret?

  • Cute pics, ladies! Always nice to see Dolly too. 🙂 Thank you for opening up such a nice and worthwhile discussion!

    I turned 30 this year and am definitely feeling more confident about my body and everything else. Trying to grow my hair out for the first time in many years (I usually shave it by this point – ha!) and experiment with more colors. It’s naturally blonde and I’ve colored it purple, pink and blue. Some days I want to dress like Joan Jett. Other days Joan Holloway is my biggest inspiration. I mostly try to stick to secondhand and vintage goodies no matter what style I’m feeling.

    Also, this is pretty great:

  • I really love the wide range of styles you wear! No need to feel like you have to settle somewhere! Though I do ‘get’ that desire and feel it myself, especially now that I’ve had kids and got kind of lost or separated from my style. The vintage 50’s dresses just don’t fit anymore, nor are they practical for nursing! But I’m only 24 and just had my third, and am wishing for that 30’s confidence you speak of to go along with it! Unlike an earlier commenter, I DON’T feel like myself with the added weight that appeared from #3 (but not the first two!), but I’m trying to be patient and deal with it slowly and healthily, as well as healing a diastasis that contributes to the look. Separate subject, but gahhh I feel so far from having a great personal style again! But then sometimes a friend will give me the greatest compliment and I’m like, me, really? That’s what you usually see? And that’s a lovely reminder.

  • You ladies are awesome. I love both. So cute! I lean more towards Emma with the functional style myself ?

  • I think this is a fantastic topic that really all of us can relate to in some way shape or form. While I am a few years into my 30’s, I agree that I too feel more confident. Though after just having my second kiddo, I find my body is different again! I think prior to all of this I would have been frustrated and disheartened, but being a mommy (and LOVING IT!) I have embraced this new “me”–added weight and all. Not to say I won’t keep trying to get back into shape and my clothes, but not putting that pressure on myself this go round, I have enjoyed my little ones more. It’s been a very empowering experience to dress my actual body now instead of what I wish it was or even will be. Clothing truly is and can be an in-the-moment expression of our current self.

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