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Elsie LarsonEvery few seasons I feel the need to “clean house” with my inspirations. I like to evaluate all the things I love from colors to music to blogs, how I decorate (etc! This list is getting long…) and figure out what is still inspiring me and bringing me joy. It’s a time to let go of a few trends or styles that I’m not feeling anymore and make room to try something new.

I realize I might sound a little crazy here, but knowing what you LOVE is a huge part of having a style in any creative project you want to do!

This season my new crush is the combo of pink and orange, and also pink and yellow. Also combining a bubble gum pink with a blush with a hint of lavender… yes, please!

Evaluating my inspirations also makes me feel more confident in the things I love season after season! For clothing, it’s bell sleeves, vintage scarves and clogs. These are things I love season after season… just like The Beach Boys.

What about you, little Sis??

Elsie Larson Elsie Larson Elsie Larson Elsie Larson Elsie Larson Elsie Larson Elsie’s Wearing: Dress/ASOS (Similar here), Bag/Kate Spade, Sunnies/Forever 21, Choker Necklace/DIY, Clogs/Swedish Hasbeens

Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess Black and pastels Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess Trench vest and lavender purseOh yes, I’m basically the same. And I know you well enough, Sister, that I pretty much feel like I understand your sentiments here exactly. Like, I am a total creature of habit (as I know you can be too). I feel best when I spend lots of time being a homebody. And I wouldn’t say that my style or likes drastically change from year to year. BUT, I do crave change now and again. It does kind of feel like a cleaning house thing, so I like that you put it that way.

Right now I am in the midst of slightly re-doing my home office. I haven’t even been working from home for a whole year yet, but I’m already changing it – ha! Part of it is I feel like I have a better grasp on how I can make the space more functional. So that’s a very legitimate reason to change it all up. But then, if I’m being totally honest, the other part is just that I want to change up my daily surroundings from time to time, and my home office space is the area I spend the most time. I just crave different colors, moods, and the overall vibe. It keeps me feeling fresh. 

Another random thing I never thought I’d be getting into is pastel colors. I guess I’m mostly talking about fashion here since I don’t decorate our home in pastels much. But I have been gravitating toward more pastel tones in my wardrobe, even though I’m a mostly wear-black-always kind of gal. 🙂 

I’m pretty sure pastels were big about two years ago… so I’m really on top of the trends, clearly. 🙂 

Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess Trench vest Lavender purse Trench vest Emma’s Wearing: Shoes c/o Seychelles, (similar pair here), Jeans/F21, Shirt/sample for Oui Fresh (we are testing lots of different fits right now to try and find the perfect ones for our clothing line), Trench/ChicWish, and Purse/ShopSosie

What about you? Are you craving change currently? xo. Emma + Elsie

Credits // Authors: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, Photography: Amber Ulmer and Janae Hardy. 

  • It’s definitely good to change things up, I completely agree – for me, blush, black, fitted denim and oversized sweaters are always a hit <3

    Charlotte x

  • Loving the dress Elsie! I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks and I might just wear the same thing – it seems so comfy yet chic! Great post, as always you two! 🙂
    xx Dylan

  • Can you guys please do another video chat/Q&A type thing?? I love those!

  • Love your purse Emma! So sad I don’t see it on their website to purchase 🙁

  • Emma – I LOVE your color combination in this outfit! I also tend to wear lots of neutrals – I’m inspired by how fresh paring the olive and black with girly pastels looks. Maybe it’s time to evaluate some of my inspirations! ?

  • Just wanted to stop in and say that I’ve been a follower for years and can always count on loving your posts! You guys are so genuine and have inspired me creatively big time!

  • I feel like I can relate to both of you in this post! Haha!

    Loving the bright, color-blocking trend, as of late but also love going back to my mostly neutral wardrobe at times. But it’s fun to branch out and change it up every once in a while! And bell sleeves are a yes, always.



    A Whimsy Wonderland

  • Bell sleeves are so back on trend! What an ode to the 70s! (Did I get the decade right? Hoho) Anyway, I totally love your bags!

  • Aahhhh thank you Elsie for calling Emma “little sis.” Not that it matters, but for some reason, I couldn’t figure out who was older. And now I know.

    But does anyone else have problems with bell sleeves? I like how they look, but they always seem to get in the way: get in the way of my writing, drag in food, etc. Is this just a #shortpersonprob?

  • The shooting is definitely fresh! I love the mix of pink and yellow ^^

    Check out my latest Michael Kors jumpsuit look!


  • Yeah, I wanna change too. I want to collect basic item in my wardrobes so it would make me easier to dress everyday.

  • Love how vibrant this dress is! Great post!
    Lucie, xx

  • You both look so amazing! Love the outfits and the colour combinations – I couldn’t agree more with you on those colours Elsie. I’m always searching for bursts of colour anywhere I go and will continue on with it into the coming seasons.


  • I <3 you ladies! Your blog is consistently my favourite. And Elsie I totally agree – you have to evaluate what inspires you. One of the things I really enjoyed about your book was the part about making a list of things about you, and places you love, to find your style. So fun and handy!

  • Hey Julia!
    Thank you!! That was my favorite part of the book to write.

    You’re the best!! Elsie

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