Sister Style: Hello Austin!

Lulu's + A Beautiful Mess Sister Style Yesterday we traveled to the beautiful city of Austin for TxSC this weekend! It's about a 10- or 11-hour drive from our home town. But we don't mind, because we love road trips! For this Sister Style we partnered with Lulu*s, one of the sponsors of TxSC. Elsie 1Elsie 1Elsie 1Elsie 1Elsie's Wearing: Top, Overalls, Shoes and Sunnies c/o Lulu*s. 

Emma 1Emma 2Emma 2Emma 2Emma 2Emma's Wearing: dress, shoes and necklace c/o Lulu*s

Sister StyleSister StyleBest part about roadtrips? The snacks! Do you have a favorite roadtrip snack? Here's ours! xoxo. Elsie + Emma

  • Beautiful! In love with lace…


  • Oh my gosh how gorgeous!! I really want that white maxi lace dress!!! Austin <3

  • You look lovely, both of you!!
    I love this long lace dress!!

  • LOVE the white maxi dress! It’s so beautiful and simple but detailed at the same time.


  • Your outfits are pretty AND look comfy for a roadtrip. Hoping to visit Austin one day! My favorite roadtrip snack is a bottle of Vitamin water and a bag of Ranch Corn Nuts even though they make me smell something awful. My hubby still buys them for me every time! 😛

  • Oh wow, I absolutely love your outfits! So pretty and light, I love it. I adore that dress. And road trips are totally fun, especially when there are snacks involved! 🙂

  • Great outfits!
    My roadtrip snacks are cheetos and sprees!

  • It was SUCH a good time…and it was SO awesome to see y’all speak. You’re an inspiration:)

  • Elsie!!! Dill pickle is my favorite, too!!!! It’s the vinegar! YUM!!!! I love the euphoria in these!! Fabulous!!

  • Oh my gosh. So obsessed with Dill Pickle chips now. It used to be Salt+Vinegar. Not no mo!!!

  • You guys were in my city this weekend! Hope ATX was good to you, despite the heat! And your outfits are, as usual, good stuff. 🙂


  • Hi girls,
    Your blog is amazing and really interesting! It’s such an inspiration as I’ve just created a new blog, – Great posts ladies

    Lots of love,

    Luna from

  • I’m kind of obsessed with those overalls… They’re just so darling! Hope you had safe travels!


  • I am ALL about the salty salty chips with seltzer water to wash them down. Personal favorites are Munchos and Cheez-Its….MmmmmmmMm now I want some.

    Have fun in TX! It’s going to be a great time!

  • Great Bean raw organic chocolate bars are made right here in Austin! Yall should pick some up on the next visit, along with some Sweet Leaf peach tea 🙂 Both highly portable and delicious 🙂

  • Hope you gals had a great time in Austin! I’m loving the summery white – Emma, that dress is especially gorgeous! Also, love the pic of the road trip snacks, such a cute idea!


  • I love Austin! I live about an hour away! Great outfits as always!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

  • love the romper and lace accents on both outfits!

  • Yay for roadtrip snacks! You girls look very pulled together for on a roadtrip… I live in leggings and thongs while on a roadtrip, nothing anywhere near that stylish!

  • Oh, my! You two are so Austin-ish! So many cool shops, restaurants, and people. Make sure you go to The Oasis for the most beautiful sunset…so beautiful they even celebrate it every night! If you have the notion to stop in East Texas on your way home, I can direct you to some amazing stores in my area of small town USA….Mineola, Quitman, Winnsboro, and Gladewater, Texas!

  • Love your girls’ style, always so put together!

  • I heart road trips! My two faves are Swedish Fish and Cheddar & Sour Cream potato chips.

  • Roaaaad trip! I love snacking on gummie sweets, prawn cocktail crisps and chocolate raisins yum yum!

  • Great pictures, they have so much life in them!
    Mafalda ❤

  • Love the lace overalls! So dang cute!!

  • Totally agree, road trip can be ruined with rubbish snacks! Love these Lacey outfits!


  • Emma and I have the same flavor preferences it seems! I am ALL about barbecue chips and Heath bars when at a convenience store. Cute sunglasses to you both!

    xo, Michelle

  • Elsie in this photo shoot looks quite awesome, loving all the movement! As well the outfits, so cute.

  • Looking gorgeous as always ladies! We always have Doritos on our road trips 🙂

  • You do the cutest poses every time!! Love this weeks sister style! 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • You guys look beautiful!!! I love to see how much fun you’re having!

  • Elsie I love your sunnies, but I love both of your outfits so much! amazing post girls


    Blog |  Winston Willow



  • You guys are the sweetest sisters! I absolutely adore the overalls, been wanting some for a while now.
    Also, a little obsessed with Pringles. And popcorn. Mmmm.

    – Amy 🙂

  • You are so cute girls! Lovely pictures!

    Beauty giveaway inc. Clarins, MorrocanOil,Avene now on my blog!

  • The 2nd dress is amazing! Great looks 🙂

  • Summer road trips are the best. But the GREATEST road trip snack is celery. You might not think its true, but it makes the time fly by and its the perfect balance for the also mandatory chips and candy snacks. Wash up a bunch of celery, cut it into 3 or 4 inch pieces, throw it in a zip lock bag and go!

  • Welcome to ATX! Get some Topo Chico water to go with all those chips! Ice cold and super fizzy…

  • Driving fourteen hours from Norfolk, VA to Vero Beach, Fl… I do NOT look that cute, hahaha. Living off of Monster Javas (UGH), Fritos, and iced lemon cake!

  • Those outfits are amazing!! I love the sunglasses too 🙂


  • My essential travelling buddies would be music and LOTS of snacks like Pocky chocolate biscuit and gummy candies!

  • I love peanut M&M’s and Junior Mints for sweet, and white cheddar Cheez-it’s for salt

  • Coming from a 51-year old woman…your youth and beauty are stunning. Sometimes when you are young, you don’t realize how beautiful you truly are until you are older and you look back – or look at women around the ages you are now – and think, “WOW”. Enjoy your slim bodies, your smooth skin, your cute clothes, your funkiness, your livelihood while you can! 🙂

  • loveeeee Emma’s dress! gorgeous!
    have fun in Austin, i love that place 🙂

  • I love Emma’s dress! And it’s on sale on Lulu’s now too! My favorite road trip snacks are Kit Kats. Gimme a break! hehehe 🙂


  • I miss road trips! You can’t drive more than a couple of hours without running into the ocean here. There’s also no Sonic. What’s a road trip without a large vanilla root beer?

  • oh my goodness. a moon necklace. *glomps* me wants.

  • You ladies look beautiful in white!
    That is quite a long road trip… I’d need more snacks! 😉

    xo Jennifer

  • Looks like you ladies had a blast! My go to road trip snack- chocolate covered pretzels! 🙂

  • How cute are you two?! Answer = VERY.

    I wish my sister was interested in blogging with me. It must be so much fun to be able to do it together.

    Have a great time in Austin. (As if I have to say that! Of course you will)


  • lovely outfits… and lays are definitely the best snacks for a roadtrip 🙂

  • I love Emma’s dress ! So beautiful.
    I talk about you in my (french) blog here :

    Love your blog very much, so many beautiful things to see and to do !


  • Peanut M&Ms are my snack of choice 🙂
    I love the lace!

  • Oh man…dill pickle lays are my weakness!!

  • Your overalls are so cute Elsie! And loving the lace dress Emma is rocking as well. Great looks girls!

  • Both your outfits are amazing girls I love everything pieces from the glasses to the shoes, perfect! And that white dress Emma, simply gorgeous!
    Personally my favorite snack for roadtrip has to be the Tyrell’s chips (red ones, spicy!) and M&M’s…I could eat a kg per mile, really! 😉
    Hope you’re having fun in Austin!

  • Waaay to cute! I love the lace details in both of your outfits! I really loved Emma’s moon necklace too! Now I’ve got a craving to try dill pickle chips!! lol!

  • You guys are too cute! 🙂 We just did a bunch of road trips in Europe which was a blast. I’m the worst though when it comes to snacks…I stock up on GUMMIES! 🙂 mmm

  • these photos are great and I love both your outfits especially the little moon necklace and the lace dunagrees. you both look beautiful and like you are having fun! I love roadtrips and the snacks are the best bit xox

  • beautiful looks, ladies! so playful and darling.
    i love trailmix on a roadtrip! or homemade granola bars.

  • tripple yay for more sister style posts lately! love all of them, you two are always an inspiration! – for (road)trips, i have started to prepare fruits and veggies just recently as i found out some months ago that i have problems with gluten (which is used in almost EVERY sweet snack and in most salty ones, too, except for nachos or potato chips). after all, fruits and veggies AND cold matcha keep me awake and fresh during a journey more than sugary snacks ever could, so i am absolutely fine with it. even though i start drooling looking at your pics, haha…

  • Love the snacks haha


  • LOVE both of your outfits! You are such cuties!

    Xo, Hannah

  • that maxi dress is so gorgeous! And dill pickle chips are always a must, as well as mini eggs!

  • I love the lace detail on the dress, it looks so nice and summery 🙂 and the moon necklace is gorgeous too.

  • I love your outfits! My fave road trip snacks are potato chips and ice cream bars, both Dove and Magnum.

  • Coffee, lots of coffee! The only way to keep going 🙂

    Enjoy x

    Turquoise Flamingo

  • You are so right about snacks being the best part! I’m loving the Sour Patch Kids Watermelons. Dangerously addicting.
    Your looks are wonderful. Love how the dress compliments the overalls! Such a great shoot! Sisters are the best. 🙂

  • Love the light and airy lace theme y’all have going on! Perfect for road trips! My favorite road trip snack is definitely pizza-flavored Combos! I buy them for almost every long drive— and for nothing else, curiously! Hmm!

  • Both outfits are so cute! And they seem to match your personalities perfectly!

  • My fav roadtrip snack has to be nutella!!

  • I just love the way you girls dressing!

  • Austin looks good on you girls! Super stylish! Hope you have a great time and if you can find Miss Vickie’s jalapeño chips, pick them up for the drive back. Yum!

  • These are such cute photos! I love both your outfits xo

  • Road trips are the best!! Love your outfits, too. Be safe and have a lovely day. 🙂

  • Those overalls have to be the best! I love it!

  • The crochet overalls are so cute! I haven’t seen anyone with these.

    Are those dill pickle lays good? One I haven’t tried yet!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  • You two are such cuties! Perfect photos! Elsie I LOVE those overalls! They are INCREDIBLE. Your sunnies are adorable as well! And Emma that dress is pure perfection! As well as your necklace and sunnies. You two are too cool 🙂

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Elsie’s overalls are adorable. And now I want dill pickle chips!

  • Have a fun time in Austin! It’s a great city 🙂 Gummy worms are also my favorite roadtrip snacks!

  • I just got back to Chicago from Rochester, NY and road tripped it both ways! It took us 10.5 hrs there and back and like you, my husbad and I had the best time! I brought a lots of fruit, pretzles and hummus, and chocolate. Obviously.

    Have fun in Austin!
    Dana Ivy – Check out my blog!

  • Loving your outfits!

    I love road trips, it’s all about sour, fruity sweets for me, and a bacon roll with tomato sauce if we stop at a roadside burger van on the way… (we also have those same crisps in the UK except they’ve got a different brand name, made me smile when I saw them! The Dill Pickle ones are called Pickled Onion here…)


    Rach xxx
    The Awesome Lady

  • Beautiful white lace ladies! I love grabbing a Naked Juice on the drive (like my recent road trip out to Beaufort, SC!) Enjoy the festival!


  • I wish I could resist the snacks during my road trip to NYC.. I feel so bad after I eat them.

  • Y’all look adorable. I’m a sucker for spicy sweet chili doritos and banana flavored moon pies.

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