Sister Style: I Did My Best

Ombre hair Funny tshirts The Babe with the Power tshirt The Babe with the Power tshirt The Babe with the Power tshirt Emma Chapman Sometimes Elsie and I will plan, or at least TRY, to coordinate our sister style outfits or the general feel of the images we go shoot apart, but more often than not, we just end up surprising each other. I really like that in this one, we both ended up wearing dark colored tops with words on the front. She’s wearing a sweater that says, “I did my best.” While I’m wearing our Oui Fresh bestseller “The Babe with the Power.”

By the way, we recently restocked this shirt, so if you’ve been waiting on your size to come back, go check the site.

The messages kind of could not be more different, but both are sort of empowering in their own way, and that makes me smile. 🙂

The Babe with the Power tshirt Emma Chapman Emma Chapman Emma’s Wearing: T-shirt/Oui Fresh, Skirt and sunnies/F21 (similar), Shoes/Circus by Sam Edelman, Purse c/o ModCloth

Take it away, sister!

I did my bestAwwwe! Emma looks so cute!

Here’s me in my new favorite spot – playing records in our den. I’ve been pretty obsessed with collecting old and new records and keeping them spinning lately. It’s one of those things that makes our home feel so much cozier, and I really enjoy our weekend tradition of picking up a record or two after brunch.

Recently I found a store with a great collection of old records (mostly for under $3), and that’s been a lot of fun! I’m currently working on my Frank Sinatra, Elvis and holiday record collections. What else should I be collecting? I want to hear your suggestions for old music!

I did my best I did my bestI did my best Elsie’s Wearing: Sweater/, Necklace/Madewell, Shoes/ASOS (out of stock – boo!) 

Credits//Photography: Janae Hardy and Amber Ulmer. 

  • I live in Nashville as well and am currently building up my record collection. Aside from the monthly flea market, I haven’t found any records for $3. What shop did you recently discover?

  • Ah! I adore both of your outfits in this post! Both are so easy and wearable. Love it!

  • Emma looks super cute in that outfit, and I love the look of your record collection Elsie. I’m loving The Mamas & the Papas at the moment!

    Janelle x

  • Aw, they’re almost a sandal version of your little wedding shoes.

  • LOVE THE LEATHER LOOK SKATER SKIRT! Such a fun summer look!

    Love Gigi

  • What is the record store that you like to go to? I’m taking a trip to Nashville in September and I’d love to check it out. Thanks.

  • Tragic Kindgom is such a great album!! I just picked up a Chuck Berry greatest hits, and it’s a great record for throwing on at parties AND having a private dance sesh in your undies.

  • Great music suggestions for your collection! I’ll add Todd Rundgren, with the Something/Anything album as a start if you are not familiar with his stuff.

  • That’s such a cool shirt/skirt combination Emma!

  • LOVING both of your outfits! I have a record player and I also love collecting old and new records for it! I’m always on the hunt for a Beatles or Fleetwood Mac record!

    xx Chelsea

  • Our local coffee joint has a record player and introduced me to Françoise Hardy. I kinda want a record player just to listen to her old albums now!

  • My old common law partner had a record player and a bunch of old records that we would put on Saturday mornings to clean the house. I was a fan of the Beetles, the Beach boys, the Monkeys, Simon and Garfunkel, Bruce Springsteen and anything Motown (Marvin Guay, the Supremes and Stevie Wonder).

  • The photos with the vinyl records on the floor are just so pretty and tasteful! They look like they could even be images for a shop that sells vinyl <3

  • If we’re talking old music, you can’t beat a bit of Ella Fitzgerald or Nina Simone on a Sunday morning!

  • Isn’t that Alvvays album the greatest? We saw them live here in Toronto in December, I think, and they were so much fun!

  • Love both of these looks so much!

    Rilee xx

  • I love your top, Emma! I think I need to get one myself. The Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies ☺️

    I collect records, too, Elsie! I love that you have a den dedicated to yours ? I’ve started collecting old movie soundtracks, and it’s so fun finding gems while thrifting and antiquing!

  • Diggin your den vibes! Patsy Cline, the Temptations, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole and a new rec: Valerie June, she is sooo dang good!

  • Ella Fitsgerald and Billie Holiday sound great on records…I also have a couple of Dean Martin records that I am wearing out. Happy hunting!

  • I have a live Johnny Cash album that my dad gave me in a stack of his old vinyls so that’s one of my favorite “old” albums to listen to 🙂 my four year old always gravitates towards the first Of Monsters and Men album because it’s hot pink and also The XX because well there’s a big X on the cover 😉

  • You definitely need some Otis Redding. Muddy Watters is also great to pick up. The Doors song “riders on the storm” is pretty much made for vinyl. And any classic Neal Young (Decades is a great starter album).

  • Both outfits are really cute 🙂 x

  • Lovely! Love the fun red shoes with a comfy outfit Elsie! For old records I love looking for folk, classic country, and soul like James Taylor, Loretta Lynn, Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke, etc!

  • Old music collecting? I can’t pass up sharing my recommendations! Some of my favorites are Otis Redding, Leon Russell, 70s Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Hank Williams, Nina Simone, Willie Nelson, 70s Emmylou Harris, Flying Burrito Brothers… I could go on for days! Happy collecting – and super cute outfits, as usual! 🙂

  • I was at a record store with my Grandma the other day and she picked up a record by Fats Domino (his greatest hits I believe) and told me she was buying it for me because it needed to be in my collection. It’s great rhythm and blues type music and I bet you can find his stuff for 50 cents or so! Just as my Gma said to me – I definitely recommend checking him out 🙂

  • The beach boys are always a must have!! I am so in love with your record collection… I would LOVE to have one of my own one day!! ♥♥

  • I love both of these outfits! I especially love ‘the babe with the power’ t-shirt. I’ve been a huge Labyrinth fan for as long as I can remember (I was always terrified of the orange things that took their heads off) so this shirt is going straight on my wish list! 😀


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