Sister Style: Kinda Sorta Professional

Sister styleSister style via A Beautiful MessSister style via A Beautiful MessWe work from home or from our private studio most days. That means that sometimes (ok… lots of days) we wear things like plain t-shirts, yoga pants and *gasp* flip flops. We don't dress up every day. To be fair, Emma dresses up more than I do. I'm mostly the one wearing the yoga pants. She makes fun of me… a lot. So there's my confession… done. 🙂

Anyway, all of this casual dressing gets counterbalanced my our kinda-sorta-professional wardrobe… which is everything we wear in public. When we go to meetings, on photo shoots or on trips we try to dress as professional as someone who doesn't really own a professional wardrobe can. The outfit above I wore on a house shopping trip (yay!) and the outfit below, Emma wore on a date with her boyfriend. 

Elsie's Wearing- Lace Blazer/Ruche, Tank Top/Target, Jeans/Jessica Simpson Collection, Purse c/o American Apparel, Heels c/o ModCloth, Glasses/UO. 

Sister style via A Beautiful Mess Sister style via A Beautiful Mess
Emma's Wearing- Peplum Top c/o Ruche, Leather Skirt/Thrifted, Heels c/o Seychelles

I had the best weekend trip with Jeremy! I'll share a little more about that soon. What did you do this weekend? Elsie

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  • Elsie: I Adore how you Rock Turquoise and Yellow , this is not the first time I’ve seen your outfits with these colors *AMAZING*
    Emma: The master of Layering-Cloths 😉 I love that lace shirt and those Sandals *GORGEOUS*
    ** No matter what you girls wear, you’ll always look Amazingly Professional

  • this is so amazing. I love your blog. I will definitely be needing some of these for the summer.
    Friend Link:

  • These photos are so impossibly beautiful. Your work just keeps getting better and better.

  • Ajouté géométriquement formes, comme des cercles et des rectangles, ne sont pas acclimatés – seuls squares.5. Est-il lavable / essuyez-mesure? Ce que vous pouvez faire pour est de fourrer du papier doux dans vos sacs pour préserver sa forme originale. Le film BOPP qui est couverte sur les sacs en cours de fabrication signifie que n’importe quel type de motif et de la conception peut être appliquée à des sacs. Voir le Neverfull monogramme classique.

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  • Both look amazing! Love the white blazer!


  • loooooove BOTH of these outfits! 🙂 you two are the cutest.

  • lusting over Emma’s top and Elsie’s shoes……. 🙂

    love, polly

  • You girls are so stunning. I’m so crazy about lace right now, every time I see it on the street almost always photograph if. Its being used so well lately. Love love love.

    Angel’s Point of View

  • Hun… que delícia…

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  • I love both these looks & lace in general. Do either/both of you still work in the store?

  • absolutely love both of these looks!!

  • I really love both of your outfits and hairstyles in these photos! I’m a high school teacher and sometimes I have the same wardrobe challenge in the summer. 🙂

    This weekend I enjoyed a visit from my mom and her boyfriend, got some flowers for our landscaping, and worked on my blog a little bit.

  • looks nice!

  • You guys have such great style! Inspiration for the day!

  • I love that lace blazer. I also don’t own a true professional wardrobe for work. I just can’t wear dress pants and button up shirts. That is in no way me.

  • One of my favorite sister style posts to date! I love everything about Elsie’s look from her hair to her awesome shoes. Also, I love how soft and romantic Emma looks, her shoes also kill me (in a good way). It’s comforting to know that you both don’t always look so put together (putting us all to shame! haha), but really who does? I’m a college student so 98% of the time I live in yoga pant city! Thanks for sharing as usual! <3

  • I love your outfits.
    And Elsie, your bun is simply awesome.
    I basically live in yoga pants and shirts lately as I am home finishing school stuff. But like you, I try to dress up as good as I can whenever I am up to anything fun. =)

  • and here it is! a picture of elise wearing jeans!
    I love you wearing jeans. All the bloggers I’m following mostly wear skirts ore dresses. That is quiet unusual. LOVE it.

  • Elsie your hair in this is beyond fantastic, I am so in love with it styled that way!

    And I absolutely adore Emma’s lace-y top, such a unique way to wear a lace texture.


  • Elsie love the shoes! I keep saying I will get yellow heals someday soon…

  • Those modcloth shoes are AMAZING. And Emma’s blouse is SO cute. I love it.

  • sometimes I feel like all bloggers are made up from head to toe everyday. It was a glorious day. So much fun!!!It doesn’t get much better than that!

  • I love both of your styles! I wish I was short enough to feel confident in heels.

  • I love Emma’s top! Would not have thought it was so cute by just browsing on ruche…so darling on!

  • Thanks for answering my question Elsie! Pinning your top knot tutorial for future reference! 🙂


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  • Oh girls, you look stunning! Elsie, I love the teal/mustard color combination. And your lace jacket is just precious.

  • I love Elsie’s purse and Emma’s blouse!

  • It’s reassuring to know you don’t dress up every day. Makes me feel a bit more normal 😉

  • ELSIEEEEEEEEE!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit! Those shoes make it PURRRRR-FECT!!! <3

    Emma = fab-night-out-wear!


  • Elsie, your hairstyle is simply (for lack of better word) amazeballs! Have you ever posted a tutorial on how to get this perfect messy bun or have I missed something? *goes off to rummage in the blog archive*

  • One of my favourite Sister Style posts to date. It’s nice to be able to have a little outfit inspiration. And those glasses are oh, so lovely!

  • Oh we jsut made some Cinnamon Rolls (, met some friends, played cards and ate a lot of great food! 🙂
    Have a nice week 🙂
    Greetings, Luu

  • I worked from home for a year and I don’t think I wore anything but pajamas! haha

    xo Jennifer

  • Spent the week road-tripping with the fam through Colorado, and I spent the weekend recouping, editing photos and blogging about the experience: All done, by the way, in a tee and yoga pants 😉

    You two look lovely as always!

  • You gals certainly do seem to be having a lot of fun …great job!

  • I’ve had my eye on the lace blazer at modcloth, and I love that one too. I might be more convinced to buy one now that I’ve seen yours! Now to pick which one…

  • I cannot get over how adorable you too are. I just love it. I hope my sister and I are as close as you two someday:)

  • You both look so gorgeous!


  • Gorgeous Peplum top and I love love love the top know!! I’m very into buns and up-do’s at the moment! could you do a tutorial?? x

  • I love those glasses! They remind me of Warby Parker eyewear. Very cool.

    Inspiring as always ladies!


  • This is such a beautiful idea. I love that it’s trendy, but in a vague enough sense that it will never grow tacky. I wish I had the motivation (slash confidence in my ability to use tools) to do this. lol


  • I love your top, Emma! I’m slowly trying to be more intentional about my wears. I was known to break a bone or two playing sports so high school and college turned into a tour de sweatpants and sweatshirts. Now I am finally taking an interest in clothes and figuring out how to dress my unique shape. (6ft, athletic, especially broad shoulders, rectangle shape isn’t quite the norm out in stores). You guys make it look easy!

  • Both outfits are super cute and I like how you guys kept the motif of lace! PS that top knot is so fab!!!
    ~ Jillian

  • Both really cute looks and love those glasses 😉

  • That bun is gorgeous Elsie, and Emma, your outfit is simply fabulous, it fits you so well 🙂


  • Oooo super pretty outfits! I love how light they look for this ridiculous summer heat. You are proof that you can look gorgeous no matter what time of year it is!

  • Love the lace and neutrals! So pretty. At school, I always to look put together, but in summer it is so hard since I don’t do as much! It’s fine to look unprofessional sometimes though! There is a time an place for everything(:

  • That lace blazer is to die for!
    I spent my weekend crafting and napping, probably two of my favorite things!


  • I am loving the confessional nature of this post. It is indeed comforting to know that you guys don’t wander around looking all pert and perfectly groomed all day every day.

    Yay for yoga pants!! 🙂


  • I love the sister style post. I also the the first photo what a fun graphic. Elsie I love those shoes and Emma I love the top! I want both. You two look so lovely, like always.

  • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who wears yoga pants at any chance I get! Hahaha. Also, I’m so glad to see you wear clothes from Target. It helps me remember I don’t have to buy designer brand everything. PS your bun is super cute in these photos!


  • That candidness is one of my favorite qualities of blogs. I like when we get a sneak peek behind the curtain of Oz. I assumed you got up every morning and dressed to the 9’s. Nice to know you slum around in yoga pants, and plain T’s. 😉

  • I look care of some things that have been waiting not so patiently to be done! Like posting about my Europe packing adventure. I wish I had gone house shopping too though!

  • You remind me so much one of my best friends =)
    Beautiful outfits!

  • Ah I love your hair up like that Elsie! And the glasses of too course. Cute!

  • Haha, I always bother my girlfriends about wearing yoga pants outside and trying to make them pass as regular pants! I don’t think you’ve ever done that….lol.

  • Took the boat from Urbanna, Virginia to Deltaville on the Chesapeake Bay. Beautiful times!

  • Hang out in Paris, really… 🙂

    Beautiful ladies!


  • Love both your lacy outfits.


  • You two are so cute! But it is nice to know I’m not the only person who dresses 50% dresses and the other 50% college chic 😉


  • Love the lace blazer, Elise! You both look adorable as per usual.. Love!

  • Love your sister posts…you guys both look amazing

  • Elsie, I adore your blazer! Wow!


  • One of my favorite sister style posts to date! I love everything about Elsie’s look from her hair to her awesome shoes. Also, I love how soft and romantic Emma looks, her shoes also kill me (in a good way). It’s comforting to know that you both don’t always look so put together (putting us all to shame! haha), but really who does? I’m a college student so 98% of the time I live in yoga pant city! Thanks for sharing as usual! <3

  • So cute! Great to have a job where being cute & quirky is expected {I’m a college prof, & we luckily fall in the same category– academics & artists for the fashion win!}

  • Cute!!! I love your hair Elsie. I figured that you dressed up every day. I wouldn’t have guessed you to wear yoga pants most days 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  • I love your glasses, Elsie. Can’t wait to see photos from your trip! My boyfriend and I spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend, drinking beer, watching movies, having bonfires… it was awesome 🙂

  • I don’t own professional clothing either! I have one blazer from Zara that I wear with dresses for interviews, but other than that work-wardrobe can be so tough! Thanks for the ideas, ladies.

  • I love your style and Ema’s lace top is gorgeous.
    I’m also the ioga pants girl and I blame myself for that – although it’s super comfortable it’s not nice to be seen…

  • How seriously beautiful are you two???
    I’m also getting some major long-hair envy going on, love that topknot!

  • I work for a web company – those outfits are ABSOLUTELY professional for my industry 🙂 Super cute – LOVE the grey lace.

  • Kate, it’s a simple top knot like this-
    My hair is naturally course (and frizzy) so it stays big pretty well :))

  • Love the outfits and the Sister Style post! You guys reminded me so much of my sister and I that I just had to share your amazing blog with her. Now she’s hooked, just like me. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Hi! I really enjoy your blog. 🙂 This weekend I cooked, cooked and cooked some more!

  • Oh, and quick question: How did you do your hair like that? Too cute!


  • I LOVE that lace shirt!

    This weekend I got caught up on projects for guest posts and my blog. 🙂

    I also have a link party going on if you would like to join! Thanks!

  • Emma, you look gorgeous! Elsie, your outfit is sweet and very office – friendly too I must say, I am inspired!

  • The top knot looks really nice, thanks for the link to the tutorial! Happy house hunting!:)

  • I love your lace blazer…so pretty! I got back from holiday in Croatia on Friday so my weekend was packed with…laundry (oh the joys of holiday blues!)

  • I love that both of you have some elements of lace to your outfits. I want that lace blazer!! SO cute!

  • you girls look both fantastic! I really enjoyed reading your little confession, I guess we’re all a little bit like that! I don’t get to wear yoga pants or pyjamas at home but I definitely wear more casual clothing when I’m staying at home 🙂

  • ok you’ve convinced me – I must add that crocheted top from ruche to my wardrobe. I’ve been eyeing it since it came out.. love it with the belt!

  • I just love your hair Elsie! You two look gorgeous as always! I’m so glad that you came out and said that you usually wear yoga pants and casual clothes – sometimes I feel like all bloggers are made up from head to toe everyday.

  • So glad to know that you don’t roll out of bed looking this perfect! I agree that those yellow heels could make even the rattiest yoga pants look fabulous.

  • You both look adorable! And house shopping…so exciting! Cannt wait to see what you find :).

  • I think you could probably get away with wearing ANYTHING, as long as those screaming yellow heels are on your feet. (:

  • I low your blazer Elsie, the lace is so pretty. And your hair is amazing.

  • I really really love your outfit && your hair!!I think you should do a tutorial on how you do you hair!

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