Sister Style: Midwest Is Best

1111Emma + Elsie's Top 10 Reasons Why Midwest is Best: 

1. We have all four seasons… and only one of them sucks. 
2. Houses are dirt cheap. God knows we like houses. 😀
3. You almost never have to parallel park. 
4. People have accents, kind of… well not to us, but we've been told. 
5. There's never a line at the airport. 
6. Country cookin', hashbrowns, BBQ and the list goes on…
7. Life changing flea markets. 
9. People wave when they drive by. 
10. Everyone is REALLY into decorating their yards for the holidays. 

We love traveling all over, but the midwest is most definitely the best! 

Emma's Wearing: dress/ASOS, tights/Target, shoes c/o BC Footwear, cardigan/American Apparel, hat/UO and necklace/gift from my husband. 

5555Elsie's Wearing: Jacket/Shop Sosie, Jeans/Jessica Simpson, Necklace/Her Silver Lining, Purse/The Limited, Moccasins c/o Minnetonka

xoxo! Emma + Elsie 

  • you guys are so lucky to live around so many beautiful fall/winter colors! #jealous 🙂

  • I’ve only ever lived in Upstate New York, but after I graduate college my boyfriend and I are going for a roadtrip to check out some different places, for the adventure and to see where we wanna live. We both wanna leave New York, but have no clue where we wanna go. What state do you live in? It doesn’t look like it gets as cold there as it does here.

  • love this. the Midwest is sure the best!!! I agree with everything on your list!! It also doesn’t hurt that I live in beer city usa, artprize city, top 10 to buy a house, get a job, raise a family…you only get that in the Midwest!


  • Yes, you are right. Mid-west is best when it comes to home prices.
    I just thought i would browse, OMG! Your not kidding, these beautiful properties are DIRT CHEAP! A slope roof brick 2 bedroom for $41,000?!?!?
    In LA this same home would be in the millions, not kidding, millions. A 1 bedroom bungalow in my neighborhood is around $600,000-850,000 and usually fixers/dumps. It is a whole different world. I would take snow in exchange for these prices any day…

  • #3 is the best- Very true! Im from the STL-Webster Groves area and I can relate to pretty much all of these.

    I would love it if you checked out my blog!


  • I would agree with all of these things except that winter sucks 😉 I love winter in Ohio, unless I need to get somewhere.

    xo Ashley

  • I can’t imagine living somewhere where I could afford to buy a home (not going to happen here in Australia alas, the place I rent despite being delapidated with holes in the walls has been valued at S920K). You are so lucky!

  • I’m from a tiny town in Iowa and can attest to every single one of your faves! You forgot “it’s acceptable to wear cowboy boots anywhere” lol

  • The older I get, the more I love these Missouri seasons of ours. Great post!

  • Very happy photos!
    Nice to see people really loving where they live!


  • I was born and raised in the Midwest…and as much as I love New England, it just can’t compare to the Midwest. I love getting to come home and visit all of my family. The only things I would add to your list are: the smell of the harvest coming in, and the sunsets on the horizon! I never realized how much I would miss the horizon until I moved where there isn’t one!

  • that autumn colour is so gorgeous 🙂

    people wave here too – & say hello when you pass them in the street, small communities are awesome.

  • Looks amazing, would love to go there one day, thank you for sharing some of your love s with us xx

  • I’ve always, alwaysss loved Your outfits!!! I also did what Elsie did way back when, cleaned out My closet and made an inspiration board, and You guys seem to be all over ^^!!!

    Loads of love, SJay!

  • Ladies… you said it! Fall in the Midwest is just the best!


  • I agree the Midwest is best! Born in Chicago and still an Illinois native. Not only do we have all four seasons, but we can have all four in one week!

    Love your blog!

  • I agree the Midwest is best! Born in Chicago and still an Illinois native. Not only do we have all four seasons, but we can have all four in one week!

    Love your blog!

  • oh my gosh! this is sooo cute! my grandparents live in the midwest and i absolutely adore going there because i think that the leaves fall and changing colors and the cold wind is just like a fairytale. this is perfect, oh my goodness!

  • I think people in Missouri would like to BELIEVE they’re part of the Midwest, but sorry to say — you’re not. You know which states aren’t Midwestern? Ones that were part of the Confederacy.

  • Was thinking the same thing! I live outside of Chicago and most of these don’t apply!
    Cute post and pics though!

  • Hey, the south is the same way! All the bullets minus the season thing (we get a mixed bag that changes every year)….and the airport thing if you’re like me and live near ATL… 🙁

  • Yes to everything! I live in Columbia City, IN, just west of Fort Wayne, IN. If you girls are ever wanting to pet some pretty ponies, I have a horse farm! I’m a photographer too…I would love to photograph you guys!

    Desiree Dean

  • Supper Clubs, Friday Night Fish-Fries, Ice Fishing, Taco Dip at Potlucks – A few more additions – at least when you live in Wisconsin.

    I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog right now for a subscription to Midwest Living Magazine. Check it out!

  • I LOVE that olive jacket! I’m from Chicagoland, and the houses are rather pricey around here. 🙁 But I do love the fall here (and the sweaters and layering and boots that come with it). 🙂

  • I am now motivated for a mid-West trip!! Cute reasons, and outfits 🙂

  • emma i LOVE your list!!!
    makes me homesick for a place ive never EVEN been too!
    i need to travel!

    i love your bag!
    i was wondering how big it was. (i saw it online but looks are deceiving!)
    i was actually thinking of purchasing!

    thanks gals!
    <3 les

  • I’m sad to say I’ve never been to the Midwest before! I live in Vancouver, BC right now but I’m from Western Massachusetts – and I’m told that we have the same accents as a lot of midwesterners haha. You guys have beautiful foliage!!


  • omg yes yes yes! THE MIDWEST IS THE BOMB. the end. 🙂
    I totally completely agree with all your reasons. Especially #1 and #3 and #8 (Horses for the wiiinnn. I’m so glad you put that one. :))
    Anyway. 🙂 sending love!

  • West Coast! I could never live out of California! Born and raised! On the central coast we’re a few hours from the snow, a few minutes from mountains/forest, not far from wineries, right on the beach and an hour or so from the ‘big’ cities like San Francisco! Perfection!

  • This makes me wanna move to where you are! Loving this weeks outfits! I’m in need of some Minnetonka moccs

    Lulu xx

  • Love, love, love the outfits! I’ve never been to the Midwest but most of these qualities can also be found in Germany 😉

  • I wish I lived there. you made me think so. your pictures are as cute as ever..


  • elsie and emma you gals are too cute. I love seeing your pictures because you’re both always smiling and so upbeat.

  • right? can’t complain about the weather in socal. it’s pretty much perfect. although… i could do without the 80degrees in november thing. i’m running out of clothes!

  • Beautiful!

    Elsie, I love your jacket. Can I ask what size you took it in? I am a 6-8. Just trying to figure out what size would fit me.

    Thank you so much!


  • I’m from the Midwest and my husband and I moved to Texas about a year ago. I never realized how much I would miss the different seasons!!! This post made me a bit homesick! :)Love your outfits as usual! 🙂

  • I’m from Arkansas, so I’m definitely southern. A lot of midwest perks sound similar to southern perks! Those trees are beautiful! Reading through the comments, I’m amazed at how pricey homes are around the world! Crazy!

  • Hannah, I think you are right, and I would argue even those bigger cities aren’t really big enough! I’ve lived in KC and Minneapolis, and neither were big enough for me, and the weather, atrocious. Sure, you get 4 seasons, but spring is rainy (yuck), summers can be ridiculously hot and humid (especially KC where you also get tornados constantly!), and winters are just plain awful! But to each his own—there are certainly things I miss a lot about the midwest, and that is the reason I go back every summer or early fall for a week or two—just long enough to enjoy the things I miss.

  • I recently moved from Kansas to San Antonio, TX.
    It’s still like 90 degrees here and no one understands the beauty of fall and changing colors!! aagh! it’s killing me!!
    (only 43 more days till we venture back that way for the holidays! :D)

  • Bri, me too! I’m in southern California now, originally from WI. I do miss all of the aspects listed about the midwest—especially fall and the home decorating:), but I love the big city and the weather I have here. And winter (in WI) crosses off all of the other positives on the list, IMO!

  • I am pretty jealous that you have all of your seasons…well mostly fall. I live in California so we don’t get the beautiful fall leaves as much 🙂

  • Sounds like a great place to live in. The background for your photos is gorgeous.

  • I love your reason why midwest is best! I’m an Iowa girl! And I gotta tell you flying out of the Cedar Rapids airport is awesome! It is so so quick!

  • you girls always make me want to explore more of our country! i’ve lived in southern california my whole life and i’ve never really experienced “seasons”. looks so lovely where you guys live!

  • You know, I LOVE my home city (San Diego CA)…but the idea of owning a house and not having to sell an organ to do so…that sounds pretty awesome (houses are EXPENSIVE here).

  • I’m a Missouri girl too and I would have to agree. I think our winter’s stink but I like everything else. I love your jacket Elsie

  • Ah! One thing I miss about living in the States is FALL… and really, even seasons changing at all, ha. We have one season… and it’s called WARM. I live abroad in Hong Kong, so rather different.

    Thanks for sharing the changing color of the leaves 😉

    Kristin @

  • I’m in STL and most of these are true! Although horses are a bit rare here in the city. 😉

  • Rock on, ladies! Up here is good ol’ Minne-snow-ta, we’re serious about our Christmas decor. 😉

    Great looks! Love the beautiful fall backdrop!

  • I live in DC, but I grew up in Michigan. Although I absolutely love living in DC, my heart often aches for bonfires, lakes, and open roads. People here are amazed by my flea market finds. I say “I got it in the Midwest.” I think that someday I will end up back in the good old heartland and buy a big old house and pay less than half a monthly payment with that mortgage than I do for my one bedroom apartment here. Someday.

  • Yeah Midwest gal here! Beautiful photos I love this time if year. The waving comment made me giggle, it is so true.

  • Loving both of your looks! I wish we had a proper, crisp Autumn here… at the moment it’s very wet and drizzly!

  • i feel i can say all these things about my hometown in canada too! fun!

  • holaaa…
    que fotos más bonitas !!! me encantan los looks que lleváis, estupendos para este otoño jejeje..

  • You both have such cute styles! Love the layering


  • That is an amazing set of reasons why Midwest is best. I want to live there now xo

  • wow, Now I love the west if all this are true.

  • Oh man, same here in Auckland, New Zealand… Houses are ridiculous! In the nice suburbs even the breaking down houses are selling for more then a million! It is super crazy!

    Ngaio xx

  • you both look so cute! i love this kind of posts! there is nothing like sisterhood!<3

  • Whoa, that first photo is so striking! Absolutely gorgeous.

    I’ve had a difficult time adjusting to the midwest (I live in STL) but you guys always do a great job of showing what it has to offer.

  • No parallel parking?? I am there! I can not parallel park to save my life, I’ve not done it since the lesson before my test 8 years ago lol! Love Emma’s dress and Elsie’s jacket BTW xx

  • What a lovely post. I’m English, so it’s been fascinating to hear a little about the midwest. I do like it when people aren’t too concerned about keeping up with their neighbours. I sounds FUN.

  • I’m moving to the midwest in two months..So I was happy to see ten reasons why it’s the best 🙂
    XO, Erica

  • the midwest sounds good!
    and very cute outfits, that jacket is so pretty!
    xo, cheyenne

  • I really love this because you smiled! I really love seeing people smile in photos! Such an inspiration!

  • I’m a midwest girl now in Texas, and I REALLY miss the midwest, especially in the fall! You guys are making me jealous!

  • Amen to no lines at the airport! And having all 4 seasons! Also, you all have made me fall in love with Minnetonka’s and they are at the top of my list of Christmas. 🙂

  • You forgot fantastic fall foliage! Chicago is currently ABLAZE with colors!

  • You gals are just so adorable! I love your dress, Emma – so cute!


  • gorgeous looks ladies but west is best. trust me. nothing like this beautiful coast. midwest couldn’t hold a candle to it

  • Sounds like a sweet life!

    We have all four seasons in Toronto too. Unfortunately the one I hate is super, super long and cold. 😉


  • how gosh darn cute!! I think I need to visit 🙂

  • I laughed out loud while reading your top 10 list. I can so relate since I’m from the midwest too. Emma, wonderful job of layering. Your outfit has a fun vibe. Elsie, the jacket you
    wore is super cute as is the clutch. Great job of mixing in the animal print clutch. It brightens up the outfit.

    I will follow your blog. I don’t know how you’re able to cover so many topics in such a wonderful manner.


  • So true!!! I am from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and have lived in New York state, Pennsylvania, Ohio twice, Louisiana, and now South Florida. There is nothing like the fall in the Midwest. I even miss snow – but not the bitter, windy cold. People in the Midwest are also the friendliest and the most polite drivers.


  • Love Elsie’s jacket, love you girls!

  • Agreed! Love the list and the look. You can show up to the Kansas City airport 30 minutes before your flight with no problem. Literally. And I love biscuits and gravy! And BBQ of course (KC)!

  • I agree! I’m from Saint Paul, MN. And contrary to what many people think, we are not surrounded by farmland. Love Chicago though!

  • yes! even though my husband and i recently moved to portland for his new job, i will always be a midwesterner at heart 🙂

  • Yes, yes, and yes! I dont know about the parallel parking though. Here in chicago, that’s all you do, unless you you decide on paying for parking at a lot/garage

  • I think you just convinced me to seriously consider moving to the midwest! Which of the four seasons is bad for you guys?

  • I moved to the Midwest (Iowa) at the end of High School. I was so mad about it — it was soooo much colder than VA and there were fewer people, things to do, and restaurants (I am a huge foodie.)

    I think that some areas of the Midwest are really great for all the reasons you mentioned, but only if you live in a larger Midwest city. If you live in Des Moines, Omaha, STL, Kansas City, etc., your life can rock and houses are affordable and you have great restaurants and entertainment and shopping. If you live in a mid-sized Midwestern town, I think it really sucks.

  • Perhaps you should specify this as “Smalltown Midwest Living”. Haha… I live in Chicago, and while some of the things on the list are the same over here, others are specific to living in a smaller city/town. 🙂

  • One this is for sure the Midwest has some beautiful trees in the fall!

  • I just moved to the Midwest from a bustling city on the East Coast…and while it has been a bit of an adjustment I am so far loving this part of the country 🙂 and as always adorable outfits!

  • Ah, sounds so nice! I would love to go travel through the Midwest for a while, seems so surreal to me since i’m from Europe. I like your jacket and the moccasins Elsie!

  • Oh my goodness. All of these are 100% true! I love the midwest!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • Nice that the houses are dirt cheap. I imagine that’s a huge perk. You can’t get anything where I live for less than 500,000 and 99 percent pf the houses on my block are over a million

  • Ok, I’m not from the U.S. so I don’t know much about the U.S. geographic regions (although I just opened up Wikipedia so I’m learning… 🙂 ) but it does sound like an awesome place!! Your list is absolutely lovely.
    American books and movies make it seem like the U.S. is made up of only two places: New York and California, and it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s so much fun to hear and learn about other states and places!

  • Yeay, I love the Midwest, too, although clearly you must not be flying out of O’Hare as there are always lines there.

  • Both of your outfits are some of my favorite from you. Layers are always perfect. 🙂

  • yes! i’m from ohio and i miss all of these things since we’ve moved to california. although none of my seasons suck 😉

  • i had never tried country cooking before a recent trip to tennessee – can’t believe i lived my whole life without biscuits and bbq! country food definitely tops my list of reasons to love the mid west.


  • Oh, how I love the colors you’re both wearing on this day!
    “3. You almost never have to parallel park.” I’m sold. I can not parallel park to save my life!


  • I live in Vancouver, Canada and its spectacular here, but you would be hard pressed to find a decent, non-breaking down, home for under million dollars. So yes, that point alone makes the American midwest sound appealing!

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