Sister Style (New Feature!)



I'm happy to introduce a new feature that will pop up around here from time to time. It's called Sister Style! Emma and I have been sharing clothes since Jr. High. We regularly steal outfits from each other's closets. After Em stole this top from me we decided to share photos of both our outfits together… and so the Sister Style idea was born! Emma favors the 1970s bohemian stylings and I favor the more tailored looks from the 50s and 60s. We thought it would be fun to share how we would style one piece of clothing in different ways. In this first post, we both wore a crochet top (c/o ModCloth)….


When I wore this crochet top I belted it and paired it with skinny pants and heels. I feel more comfortable in fitted clothing, so belts are usually a must for me. See more photos of my styling here. 


I love Emma's long necklace and denim shorts. She looks so cute and it's perfect for Spring. Her look is much more 70s and relaxed than mine. She's cool. See more photos of Emma's styling here

Next time I'm stealing one of Emma's dresses! Xo, Elsie 

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  • These are all very beautiful, I like very much

  • I’m a happy blog love student and often reference the the e-course if I’m stumped on what to write, have a random question or need a little inspiration. Such amazing stuff by Elsie and her gal pals 🙂

  • This is a really cool idea! I love how you show that different looks can be made with the same piece of clothing. Very inspiring!

  • I LOVE your style and LOVE your shop!

    It is a pity that Im from Spain:(

    follow you!

    I invite you to visit my blog:)

    (excuse my english, I use translator)

  • Ooh, how much do you charge to advertise on your amazing blog? Please let me know!

  • my sister and i have also done this in the past on our blog! it’s tons of fun (except that she usually looks way cuter than me!) you both look great. i like both of the stylings!

  • I love love love this new feature! I am the oldest of three girls, and my sisters and I always steal each others’ clothes. I’m excited to see more of how you and Emma interpret a piece differently 🙂

  • this is an absolutely fantastic idea for a post – a cross between online sartorialist/what she wore and the real simple mag style comparison of the same style of clothing on young vs. old.

    looking forward to more!

  • I’m so exicted about this feature because my sister and I are best buds, and this gives me an excuse to wear her things! Tee hee! LOVE LOVE!

  • What a fab idea – now I get to see both you beauties style gorgeous pieces in two delightful ways – WIN WIN

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

  • I appreciate your bright ideas in this kunststoff-brille article. Great work!

  • Susan,
    Thanks. I actually had never seen that blog/feature before. I even googled “sister style” to try to make sure it wasn’t used. That said, it’s a good idea and I’m not surprised that we didn’t think of it first. I think it’s pretty clear that we’re doing something different (wearing the same item of clothing in different ways) and it’s a coincidence that we both thought of the same name! :))

  • I’m sure that you didn’t mean to, but this series looks like almost an exact replica of Liz’s sister style series that she started in January.

    just a heads up…

  • Sweet idea! You are so lucky to be so close. I miss my sister’s closet:)

  • so sweet! I have a twin sister, who even at the ripe old age of 25 I still love to share clothes with. I think I’m going to enjoy this feature!

  • Hi Julie, the wedges are from ModCloth (they’re Jeffrey Campbell).

    Thanks for all the kind comments! Elsie

  • both outfits are great!

  • Your relationship with your sister is precious! I love to see it popping up in your blog so often.

  • Adore this post, looking forward to more!

    Must get crochet tops for my store 🙂


  • I love this new feature! Makes me wish I had a sister to play dress up. haha Cute!

  • that crocheted top is gorgeous!! sad they don’t have my size left. so fun to see the different ways you & your sister style it. i always wished my sister & i could share clothes but alas we are very different sizes (i.e. she has a chest &i don’t)

  • Eek! Sounds just like my sisters and I. SO looking forward to these features!

  • The two of you have the same fashion tastes like me and my elder sister! She prefers fitting clothes while i’m more of the bohemian, relaxing type 😉

  • Woah,
    Say Yes to Hoboken does the same thing- ” Sister Style”

  • great idea. I love the fact you share clothes and that your personalities shine through with your choices.

    My sister has always hated my clothes so we’ve never shared, I’m not really sure why she hates them though, I love my clothes lol

  • i LOVE this idea for a feature!

    Sister’s are the best 🙂 my sister and I just got amazing matching tattoos.. and we always share clothes. A definite bonus!


  • oh i love this! my style is much more like Emma’s, but I love seeing the comparison. great idea girls! xo.

  • It’s a great idea, you two are so beautiful and lovely. 🙂

  • I love it! Real inspiration:)

  • You both are just gorgeous and i love the styling of both! Looking forward to more of this feature! Have a lovely day!

  • Aw this is a sweet post! I love to see the bond you two share! My sister is 10 years younger than I am but, we share clothes too. It’s way fun, she’s very preppy and I’m more hippie so it’s always fun to see how she will style something that we share!

    xo Shannon

  • I like both outfits!
    This is an amazing idea!
    I love your yellow heels and Emma’s necklace!

  • This is such a brilliant idea, I can’t wait to see more of these. Nice one girls!


  • My sisters and I usually swap our clothes, but now, it’s un-doable since i live far away from them..

    Love your new feature 🙂


  • Adorable post! It’s fun to see what the individual style of siblings 🙂

  • I love this! It’s such a cute feature! My sister and I steal clothes from each other on a regular basis. I love bohemian style.

  • What a great feature!! My sister and I do the exact same thing!

  • You two have such unique but very cute styles! Looking forward to seeing more of your outfits.

  • You are both insanely cool! 😀 Love the crochet top!

  • What a cute and clever feature! Me and my sister love wearing and sharing clothes. Now that we live across the world from each other (literally) it isn’t possible, but I DID find a few of my things in her closet during my last visit 😉

    Talia Christine

  • You gals both look lovely! It’s always great to see the same piece of clothing styled in different ways.

  • Ohmygosh, this is the cutest idea ever! I can’t wait to see how you girls style different pieces. Yay for sisters! <33

  • I love this idea! Great new feature. Its fun to see how two different people style the same thing 🙂

    Delighted Momma

  • Love this feature! Such a great idea. You both look gorgeous and I love how differently you styled it!

    I look forward to more of these!

  • such a fun idea.. i just wish i had the sister to do this with (O: love your yellow shoes!

  • Love this idea! Only people I could borrow clothes from would have been my brothers….all soccer jerseys and t-shirts.

  • Oh this is nice! My best friend and I share a lot of clothes too, we only recently discovered we wear the same size. I even wore her yellow skinny jeans before she did! 😀

    Love the post! Seeing one piece different ways is always helpful.

  • How clever; Two people, two styles, one textile! PS I love your yellow shoes!

  • how fun! my sisters and i always shared clothes too but we all live in different states now unfortunately. but i love this feature–can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  • I love the bond you share with Emma. You are both such lovely girls – and seem to really take care of one another. Thank you for sharing! xo

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