New Oui Fresh Items for Autumn

Oui Fresh autumn dress Emma Chapman Gingham dress and pink bucket bag from Oui FreshGingham dress from Oui FreshOui Fresh striped shirt Oui Fresh striped shirt Elsie and I are excited to share a few new items Oui Fresh is offering this autumn season! One of our goals with our clothing line is to offer a curated number of cute and versatile clothing items each season—and we could not be more excited to share our 3 picks for fall!

Currently in stock we have the Gingham Dreams Dress—$45, Gingham Tunic—$30, and the Straight and Narrow Top—$30. Each item comes in a number of sizes, so check the site to see if we have yours in stock. And Oui Fresh will only be carrying a limited run of each item, meaning don’t delay because once we sell out, we are out!

What we love about each item is they are extremely versatile and work well for autumn and winter, but can transition into a number of different seasons and climates. While Oui Fresh t-shirts make a statement (literally), our seasonal picks are meant to help you build and blend your entire wardrobe for the season so you can layer and create different looks with each item.

Emma of A Beautiful Mess Emma Chapman Golden Girl pin!Oui Fresh striped shirt Oui Fresh striped shirtPink and ginghamYou can layer with tights, leggings, vests, thermals, scarves, collared undershirts, statement necklaces, colorful bags (like this one) and so much more to show off your style!

Also—Don’t forget to pick up your Hocus Pocus or Wine Teeth tee or sweatshirt ASAP if you are planning to wear on or before Halloween. The last of the stock is in the shop now. xo. Emma (+Elsie)

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions


  • I really am not trying to be critical, but this response
    is disappointing to me. I dont think it’s a statement or a personal choice, as I said originally I saw that response of yours to all the other people above. I thought as a business women you in particular Emma would like to hear these statistics. It doesn’t seem like a successful business decision to only sell clothes that 33% of American women can wear. I was hoping for a response more along the lines of “we had no idea those were the numbers, this is definitely a problem we will look into.” I highly suggest you check out Refinery 29’s “The 67% Project.” I swear I mean this out of respect. I’m saying it to anyone that will listen because I’ve always been curvy. I thought there was something wrong with me, that I was the minority because we only see skinny people in the media. Now I get it’s not me. I’m actually in the majority & just wish retailers understood that. If anything maybe it’s a message you can pass along to your manufacturers. Thank you for your time.

  • It’s always helpful to know what you guys want-always appreciated. But please know that if we don’t have a certain size it is NOT a comment on what sizes we are think are most statistically relevant or any kind of statement for that matter. It is not. It is simply what was available this time around. 🙂


  • Very cute! I love that oui! will not just be printed t’s- very exciting! watch out for the typo on the tunic telling me to pair with a ‘collard’ top though 🙂 I mean, I do love my greens and I know half of you just moved south 😉 -Lizzie

  • Hi Ioanna! The dress is 100% polyester. We’ll have the other specs available asap. -Jacki

  • Hi Carolyn! Sorry about that. We’ll get them uploaded soon. The dress is 10% polyester. -Jacki

  • The pieces are wonderful, I love it that you combine black and white with bold colours!

  • I love both these looks! Emma’s dress is so pretty and versatile, and I can definitely see myself wearing Elsie’s cool striped top and overalls ensemble.


  • I see I’m not the only one asking for bigger sizes. I just want you to know that 67% of all US women wear a size 14 and above. That means 2/3 of your potential consumers can’t fit into your product (not just a few of your followers here and there). I get from what you’ve said above it’s not in your control, however, I just wanted to share the statistics with you because it’s a worthy cause. I do admire you guys and don’t say any of this in spite.

  • I love all of these looks! Fall is such a great time for bold, solid patterns! You’re so right – they’re so versatile! I’m definitely checking out that dress!

  • We hear you, thank you for the input and interest! Not every item is possible, and I hope it hasn’t gone unnoticed that we made a point to carry both XS, XL, and 2XL in the majority of our t-shirts for Oui Fresh. We are inclusive and always interested in what you all want. I’d love it if we could order/print exactly the sizes and amounts you’d want but it’s a guessing game that we want to get better and better at over time, so it’s extremely helpful when you leave feedback (thank you). But if we do not carry a certain size please do not interpret it as us choosing to be exclusive as that is not the case. 🙂


  • I (Emma) live in Springfield, MO and my sister, Elsie, lives in Nashville TN


  • Hi Andrea- and everyone requesting other sizes,

    Awesome! We will def keep you in mind for future seasonal picks when possible. Not every item we are interested in carrying comes in every size, but it’s great to know what you want!


  • I looked at the items, and they only come in S,M, and L. It would be a lot cooler if you were inclusive with your sizes, because there are a lot of women that don’t fit in those three boxes.

  • I’d also love an XXL option. I’m pining over that dress, but aware that extended sizes can’t always happen.

  • Where in the Midwest are you guys ?! I checked the about page but did not see it. I just moved to Indiana from NYC. We bought a house here and are renovating and blogging about it. I found your blog looking for photo tips and I am totally blown away! The article about natural light is the best I’ve ever read on photo tips for a novice – thank you. Hope to join a course someday soon.

  • What materials are the items made out of (specifically, the dress)? I don’t see it listed on the website.

  • These new items have such a cool vintage vibe! It’s like you captured the awesomeness of the perfect retro dress/top that you can find on the lucky day at a thrift store, but for everyone! Love them, as always, and can’t wait to get one myself. 🙂

    – Rachael

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