Sister Style: Outside our Studio

Emma Chapman _ Sister Style on A Beautiful MessChapman _ Sister Style on A Beautiful Mess The other day Elsie and I took a little break from working and stepped outside to snap a few photos. And man. It. Was. Warm. I can't complain though, I LOVE summer!

Emma's wearing: blouse c/o SwayChic, Jeans/Jessica Simpson Collection, Shoes c/o Modcloth. Elsie Larson _ Sister Style on A Beautiful MessElsie Larson _ Sister Style on A Beautiful Mess So lately we are sticking with breezy tops and cotton dresses. Enjoying this season as we soak up these summer days.

Elsie's wearing: glasses/UO, dress/Alternative Apparel, necklace c/o ModCloth, belt/UO, shoes c/o Lotta. We love shoes _ Sister Style on A Beautiful MessHappy Friday! xo. Emma and Elsie

  • oh i miss summer!! it’s winter here in australia and even though my version of cold and hot is very different from others (for example…you’re wearing jeans in summer! crazy hehe), i want the heat back!! jealous!

  • Emma I LOVE your top-what beautiful colors! And Elsie-striped maxi dress is next on my list! So cute 🙂 you ladies look great 🙂

  • Emma’s top is cool! How did you make it?
    xoxo Luisella

  • I Love, love, LOVE your top Emma. That thing is seriously gorgeous!

  • You ladies sure do know how to take a photo! In every aspect! You’re such great models as well as photographers!

  • Both of you look very nice and beautiful. The combination of the dress and the shoes was simple great!

  • Love that top, Emma! And the maxi is lovely too! I wish I could say I love summer but I live in Georgia, so the heat is basically a fraction of hell. But, I do love wearing sandals, haha!

  • Love that top, Emma! And the maxi is lovely too! I wish I could say I love summer but I live in Georgia, so the heat is basically a fraction of hell. But, I do love wearing sandals, haha!

  • I never noticed Elsie’s ink before, but I freaking love that little spool of thread tattoo!! Too cute!

  • you ladies look so cute! maxi dresses are a big part of my wardrobe as well xoxo

  • I adore Emma’s top! It looks like a great big granny square blanket re-fashioned. Maybe one could actually do that…hmm…

  • Are your sandals from saltwater? I love them! (I have a pair of red ones from saltwater!)

  • Emma’s sweater is so cool! I love your turquoise necklace Elsie!

  • I would like to see how I could grab your rss feed to stay updated of any changes on your website, but I cant find it, where is the link for it?

  • Love Emma’s top and Elsie’s shoes!!

  • Oh my gosh! Emma’s top is fabulous! I wish one of those would leap magically into my closet 😉 Are they still available somewhere?

  • Love your maxi skirt Elsie! You two always look so cute!

  • You girls look gorgeous.I wonder why you guys never gain weight from all the sweets you eat! im jealous!

  • nice.. Happy weekend.. 🙂

  • I agree with Steena, your shoes ALWAYS look fab! What gives? Tell me your secrets 😉

    You both look wonderful, as always!

  • it has been very warm, hasn’t it? I spent the entire day last Saturday at the movie theater (Spiderman, Savages, Ted. Yep, I saw them all) because it was so hot here in Philly. Easy breezy pieces, such as maxi’s, have been keeping looking fresh during the summer. You two look like you have this down.

  • Maxis and rolled up skinny jeans are the best and definitely on my must haves! Love the quotes on the pictures!

  • Oh, I love Emma’s top! It’s amazing! Perfect for summer.


  • Posts like these make me miss my sister so very much. My sister, Barb, has a furniture business, Knack, in Greenville and I could imagine that if we lived in the same town, we would be doing lots of photo-ing together. I’m happy that you all get to do this 🙂 By the way, I love the turquoise necklace– I just checked ModCloth but do not see it on the website–I’m hoping they bring it back very soon!

  • Supercute looks and love those clogs!

  • I love your dress and the necklace, Elsie!

  • Wondering if you ladies have thought about doing an article on the best fabrics and outfit ideas for hot weather or summer vacations? I am going to North Carolina on vacation and need outfit ideas for hot and humid weather!

  • Loving the teal in front of the red brick wall. Your photos are amazing as always!


  • I am in love with Elsie’s Maxi dress! So cute! And that top is just to die for, Emma… Ah! Can you guys have a sweepstakes to win your wardrobe? 🙂

  • You guys have the best shoes! I’m in love with both of them!

    Xoxo Sarah

  • I LOVE Emma’s top. It’s beautiful. Both outfits are super cute as ever though 😉 ♥

  • So cute!I am loving the tan shoes. Jealous of your summer style – in the UK it is just too rainy for pretty sandals

  • I’m an autumn gal myself, though there is something freeing about summer {must be a hang up from childhood}~*

  • I’m with you on the maxi dresses. They’re perfect for this crazy hot weather and are just as comfortable as shorts and a t-shirt.

  • You gals just always look so adorable. 🙂


  • Aww, love these photos and you girls always have the best hair!

  • omg emma, i so want your sweater! you both look darling. summer is NOT my fave season. in texas, it’s let’s go from one air conditioned place to another. it’s hotter than blue blazes.

  • I adore the colours in the last picture! And you always choose really great backdrops!

  • i love maxis and rolled up skinny jeans in the summertime. they go with everything!

  • Maybe it’s a silly question. Maybe your shoes are just brand new. But how do you keep your shoes looking so nice?! Do they have a beauty regimen? Because I feel like within a few months of buying a brand new pair of shoes, I’ve got scuffs and dings and nicks every which way. Maybe I’m just hard on my feet. Your shoe shots always look like they’re fresh from the box.

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