Sister Style: Plant Shopping

Sister Style 1Sister Style 2For this week's sister style we took a trip to our favorite local plant nursery to buy some plants for my home. Plant shopping makes me happy and my space is definitely in need of more green! Emma and I are interested in adding more air purifying plants to our homes. We also love pretty plants like these cute little succulents. If you have any suggestions, send em my way!Sister Style 3Sister Style 3Sister Style 3Outfit Details: Emma's Wearing: Sweater c/o Indressme, undershirt/vintage, jeans/JessicaSimpson, purse/mall store(uh…), boots c/o Wanted. Elsie's Wearing: dress c/o Spotted Moth, jacket/Target (last year), clogs c/o ModCloth (the are Swedish Hasbeens and they are no longer in stock- try eBay or Amazon), bag/Orla Kiely, rings/WeAreArrow and c/o Shlomit Ofir + Catbird.Sister Style 6Sister Style 6Sister Style 6Sister Style 6Sister Style 6Sister Style 6Sister Style 6I bought a venus fly trap. He's sitting above my kitchen sink in the window now. Thanks for stopping in for this week's Sister Style! We're gearing up for a weekend full of photoshoots for an upcoming book. It's crazy time around here and we love it. xo. Elsie

*Photos by Katie.  

  • oh you look both so cute, love your outfits! Emma, I absolutely adore your subtle print mixing!!

  • I miss that place. There’s also a really lovely nursery in Bolivar. It’s really big.

  • hey, i´m following you for two years, now and i like to let you know, i definitely like what you do out there. i couldn t hesitate to send you my best wishes, until i ve seen this great pictures.
    i love to fill our little flat with plants. my current love is the ranunculus asiaticus, in german it´s called “ranunkel”. i´m looking forward to a bigger home, maybe with a little garden-like-thing and then i will plant my favorite tree, davidia involucrata, in german called “taschentuchbaum” which means something like “tissuetree”. it s such a nice name, don´t you think so?!?
    have a wonderful day and lovely wishes from germany!

  • I’ve really wanted to get some more plants in my apartment and at the office! I love how succulents look when they’re planted together in a great pot.

  • You two are so adorable! I want a sister 🙁 Need a third???

  • Beautiful photos! My plant shopping is pretty rare since I manage to kill most of them, haha… 🙁 xoxo

  • eep! This is making me so excited for spring and to get out into the garden. You both look beautiful! I love your outfit, Elsie.xx

  • I’m dying over the ABITA (!!!!) box. They’re a local New Orleans beer brewing company, so it’s crazy to see their stuff anywhere else but NOLA.

    Oh…and love the outfits too!

  • I just re-homed a bunch of plants for a friend who is moving out of the country. I have an aloe plant now. :o)

    I have one succulent but it hates life unless it’s on the deck in the middle of august. Good luck!


  • I wish I lived somewhere we could plant shop all the time, my garden would be stunning instead of the heap of snow not only on the ground already, but also snowing right now, hahah! I’d love some of those cacti type plants displayed in my bedroom, that would be nice.

  • I really love checking out ya’lls site. Imagine how weird it was for me to see two girls from up north with an Abita beer box. I have no idea how it got up there, but it made my day. Hello from New Orleans!

  • I love adding sweet greens to my home. I need to find a cart for them all. They are starting to take over. They make me happy.

    Vintagehoneybee.blogspot. com

  • I’ve been meaning to go plant shopping too, I’ve been wanting some cute little succulents! Super cute outfits, too 🙂


  • I had a venus fly trap once, it couldn’t tolerate the New England winter 🙁 Make sure you set the pot in a dish of filtered water (not tap), they’re extremely finicky and don’t like drying out.

  • How fun! Sounds like a great way to be around color and greenery amidst the doldrums of winter. I live in Kansas City, so I know how cold and gloomy it’s been. Except for Monday when it was a freak record high of 75. Did you guys get that warm front? I broke out the shorts and then had to find my parka the next day when it snowed:( You both look so pretty–thanks for sharing!

  • i have lots of plants in my house. i started most of them from seeds or from cuttings from friends’ plants. they aren’t very big yet, but they have grow soooo much since the beginning. it feel gratifying to see them grow. most of them are air purifying plants. my latest feat is trying to grow a lemon, a lime and an avocado tree indoors; so far so good! xD

  • Wow, now that’s a proper nursery! I love that they use terracotta pots for everything. Here, in N.Ireland, the humble nursery is completely dying out due to huge faceless companies and their cafe culture 🙁 I’m an allotment holder and love to dander but never been to one that cool.
    I’m a cactus girl – i have one in my studio called Sebastian 🙂

  • Beautiful place and beautiful girls! I love plant shopping myself and have a personal weakness for tiny succulents. However if you get your hands on a spider plant go for it! They are hard to kill and if taken care of can become large beautiful plants to hang!

    xoxo, Em

  • I love plants, cactus are my favorites!not need much water!

  • I love these Sister style posts!!
    Succulent plants are my favourite, especially in my bathroom, they make it feel tranquil.


  • Looks so wonderful out there and cute outfits too! xx

  • Love Emma’s dot shirt!!!
    An amazing sister style post as always!!!

  • You two always look so cute! 🙂 Love this post for all the beautiful photos of plants!
    I want to suggest you try some orchids (I am orchid addicted :D) like phalaenopsis or slipper orchids – they are easy growing and really interesting plants for your home.

  • You two look so pretty – love Elsie’s bag a lot!

    Have the loveliest day,

  • Yeah, good Idea! It’s raining in Hamburg all day long at the moment and I could add some green to my flat! I love these tiny, little plants, great for the windowsill.

  • It’s cool that nurseries look the same even on the other side of the world 🙂 I’m in South Africa.

  • Oh how I love Emma’s hair! Do you think you could post a tutorial in the future? Unless you already have one and I somehow missed it..
    I really wish my tiny apartment could hold all the plants I wanted!

  • I mainly have eton crops (is this the right english word for the plant?)at my home. The seem to be considered kind of old fashioned, but I think they are very lovely!

  • You should buy some bamboo plants! I have one in my bedroom and it’s perfect! My bedroom is on the north side of the house so it doesn’t get much sunlight but I wanted to have a plant in there so I bought a bamboo plant at Ikea in their plants section. Bamboo plants only need slight sunlight (which it is able to get through my bedroom window) and it only needs so much water and the water only needs to be changed every one or two weeks. Mine has been growing perfectly in my bedroom and it makes me so happy! The bamboo plant that I bought is shaped (it kinds of swirls at the top) so it was $5 and I bought a nice blue vase for 69 cents or so (also at Ikea). I also found some black pebbles around the house (bought some time at a dollar store) so I put those in the vase and the roots from the plant grow around them. Bamboo plants don’t actually need stones or pebbles (all they need is water) but pebbles help to keep the plant standing up in the vase so that it doesn’t lean to the side. Happy plant shopping! 🙂

  • Love plants! I just bought the most gorgeous gardenia plant, and it’s making my entire apartment smell soooo good. You should make a little succulent garden and let us know how it turns out.

  • My jade plant is my favorite plant (I saw you got one). It is seriously a brute. Though I am a little embarrassed about it (because it shows how awful of a plant caretaker I am) it survived being dropped down two flights of stairs, getting blown off the top of a car and more.
    Plus it is just beautiful.

  • gorgeous as always!

    plant shopping looks like so much fun! too bad I can’t keep any alive 😉

  • Always stylin’ ladies! I would love more plants but they always seem to die on me, ahhh one day I will learn!

  • Love these pics. Looks like so much fun!

  • Love the boots!

    Btw, I know this is on another thread, but I’m making the accordion potatoes tonight. Hope all goes well 🙂

  • What about herbs or vegetables? Planting something you can eat is always so exciting!!

  • Succulents make wonderful plants and I have several of them. They require very infrequent watering which makes it great for those who are forgetful:)

  • saw a pic on instagram of this! love this- good quality sister time and plant shopping 🙂 what could be better??

  • You two look wonderful! I’m also on a hunt for new plants for my apartment since my bamboo plants died. I’m keen on succulents!

  • What lovely little outfits! I especially love the Modcloth shoes. How fun to go plant shopping. We are interested in starting our own little backyard garden in the spring. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Digging those succulents and the sister styles! I’m in need of some plants too! Maybe this will inspire me to go get some!

  • i love trips to garden shops, it’s one trip i’ve been planning to do one of these days! im not sure which outfit i love more, i can’t decide, both are too cute! you two look absolutely gorgeous together!

  • Such a fresh sister-style! I absolutely LOVE nurseries. They make me so happy and you can always breathe better in there!
    Great post.

  • Love both of your outfits! I want that sweater so bad! You know what is the best about succulents? I can’t kill them hahah!

  • Such cute sister style for the week! And I wish I was plant shopping right now. But that will have to wait. You girls look great as always.

  • You girls are so adorable! Looks like you had a fun day!


  • i have a whole idea list of great plants that I have in my office space that are air purifying:
    Aloe Vera
    Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema Crispum ‘Deborah’)-good for the low light areas in your house! will still flower. Probably my favorite on the list I have
    Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii’)
    Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)
    Gerbera daisies are awesome. AND PRETTY!
    Chrysanthemum (Chrysantheium morifolium) ANOTHER PRETTY!~:D
    Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) SOOOO COOL! and pretty!!!!
    All ficus are good but weeping is supposed to be the best (Ficus benjamina)

    I would call your local nursery and ask if they have these and if not if they can help you get them! 😀 love love it 😀

  • You should definitely look into edible plants. Not only do they look nice but they have three purposes (breathing, eating & decor). Pansy’s are a great option. They are cute and the entire thing is edible. Would definitely make a fun experiment in the kitchen if nothing else.

  • yay plants!!!! I am a horticulturist and love love love to see people supporting their local nurseries instead of big box store. Plus never have a seen cuter outfits in a g-house! LOVE IT!!!!! i think you should plant them in a frame and hang it on your wall 😀 they are so cool that way!!!

  • i love abita! glad to see it is gaining popularity. the seasonal strawberry beer is HEAVENLY!

  • Those plants are adorable.

    You guys are adorable.

    You guys with the plants…… too much adorable to handle.

    Also, Emma your hair looks so good like that!

  • please take pictures of the venus fly trap. i’ve never seen one for sale anywhere before. i’d love to have one on my kitchen windowsill as well. 🙂

  • These posts always make me wish I had a sister! Lucky ladies!

  • I’m a big time plant fan and have been forever. I still have some that I’ve had since I was a kid, that have been with me throughout every move in life. One is now a tree that is taller than I am! My advise is using pots that are fairly large for the plant and they must have drainage holes. You’ll get to know which plants work well in your space, but be prepared to lose some. Everyone does and it’s probably not because you’re doing anything wrong.

    Cute outfits!

  • I really love flowers and I have many at home. I always like to buy som new. Nice pics. Have a great day.

  • Lovely post and photos- I love both of your outfits!

  • Amazing!!

  • Gorgeous photos! You two always look so cute 🙂 And I’m jealous, I’ve been pining for a succulent ever since I shot photos at a greenhouse for this post:
    I can’t wait to get some little plants of my very own!!


  • another reason why i love you guys: the healthy body image you put out there 🙂 it makes me feel better about myself!

  • Oh I saw your video of plant shopping on vine, it looks like so much fun!

  • I saw y’alls video on the Vine app 🙂 I can’t wait to buy some succulents for my kitchen! Love Emma’s sweater and Elsie’s tights!!

  • plant shopping-what fun! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • I love getting new plants. My favorite right now is my jade plant – it’s gotten SO big over the last few years – so much fun!

  • As always amazing style girls! I’m in need of some new plants in my home!

    Lulu xx

  • I’m loving Elsies bag so much! Never really go plant shopping.. maybe I should, adding some green to my interior wouldn’t hurt.

  • Both of your outfits are gorgeous, I love them! There’s no better way to pretty up your home than adding lots of little plants 🙂 If only they didn’t all die when I try to look after them …

  • What a nice pics! I wanna be there right now! Love shopping plants…I always go with my mum and its a lovely moment 🙂

  • I think ferns are supposed to be really good for air purification. (I have this adorable book called The Hippie Handbook that breaks down the type of music ferns usually like. Hilarious.)

    This is making me really want to get out to my local nursery for succulents!

  • I have no tips, my thumb is black. But I love your hair ~ Elsie’s high ponytail and Emma’s maiden braids!

  • Looks like spring 🙂 Wish to be able to go plant shopping soon but spring is still far away where I live. Really nice photos! Liza

  • I love plant shopping its always fun to see all the different plants there and even more fun to discovery new ones. Im loving your sweater emma, looks sweet & comfy!


  • Love Emma´s hair. And I love plants, yay. I don´t have many, but I managed to care for them for 4 years now. So I must be doing smth right, right? 😉

  • While not everybody’s favorite plant, Gerbera Daisies are supposed to be all around really good for purifying the air.

  • You both look great, Love both of your hair! Aloe is a great plant to have, it is so useful of course on burns, and looks nice too (especially with succulents around).

    Juliette Laura

  • Emma, I love your sweater! I’ve always wanted a venus fly trap. I may have to get one.

  • Philodendrons–they grow from a cutting easily, and you have to try to kill them. I’ve moved with mine three times now, keep it in a dark bedroom and water it about once a week, and it is thriving.

    They are extremely toxic though, so keep them up and away from the pups (even if they don’t usually mess with plants–a few mouthfuls of this stuff can land them in the hospital so it’s important to be cautious)

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