Sister Style: Playing Dress Up

Color blocking Emma Chapman Cute flare pins Boots Color blockingI babysat my seven year old niece a few weeks ago, and one of the activities we do almost every time she comes over is play dress up. I have a few colorful wigs I bought a couple years ago just after Halloween (you know, when they are basically giving them away). So she likes to wear those and then just go through my closet and MESS EVERYTHING UP. Jk. I mean, she does make a huge mess, but she generally helps me put it all back up… or most of it anyway. 🙂

So, this last time, she walked into my closet and I had just gotten the boots I’m wearing in this post. And she immediately noticed them and said, “Oh, I’m gonna dress up like a rock star because those are rock star boots.” So now every time I wear these boots, I feel pretty cool, guys, because apparently these boots are rock star boots. Obviously I had to pair them with a rock star tee, and my ultimate idol, David Bowie.

But in all seriousness, one of my favorite “tricks” is to try and dress up what is essentially a tee and jeans outfit. I wear tees and jeans SO often. I also love dresses, leggings, and all that, but jeans end up being something I wear more often during the week because you can do anything in them (like computer work or stand on a step stool to take photos of food or craft projects—ha!). So finding ways to dress up that uniform works well for me.

Jack and Norma glasses David Bowie teeColor blocking Emma’s Wearing: Tee/eBay (similar here), Coat/SheIn, Jeans/F21, Purses/Marc Jacobs, from Sarah Rhodes IG sale (similar), Boots/Rebecca Minkoff (similar pair), Choker c/o Bauble Bar, Glasses/ABM for BonLook Jack and Norma frames. Also, my pins are all my “local” pins as they are from Springfield, MO: Golden Girl, The Mixtapes, and Coffee Ethic

Take it away, sister!

Elsie LarsonElsie LarsonElsie LarsonElsie LarsonElsie’s Wearing: Dress/ASOS, Shoes/Swedish Hasbeens, Sunnies/ZeroUV

“Dress up time” is definitely on my top five list of things I CANNOT WAIT to do with my daughter. I’m almost tearing up right now! I already have a dress up bin in our kiddo guest room with so many random gems. It’s a fun way to reuse old halloween costumes. And I love having a reason to buy a crazy hat at Goodwill! Ugh—MY HEART.

xx -Emma + Elsie

Credits//Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy and Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with New A Beautiful Mess actions

  • Luckily, I bumped into this blog. That radiant dainty pink dress is a wow! It could lighten up any bad mood. By the way, the coat is so lovely as well!

  • Great outfits! I love anything in red and hot pink!

  • Looking FAB as always <3

    Do you sell the pins from The Golden Girl Rum Club? I would LOVE to buy one, but unfortunately a Springfield vacation isn’t in my near future 🙂

  • You both look great in every sister style post but holyyy Emma, this look is a m a z i n g on you. Killing it!

  • Emma, LOVE your color-block coat, and Elsie, that dress is too fun! <3

  • Emma,

    The first thing I noticed was those boots! They are amazing and your niece is spot on! I love your confidence and look in this outfit. It really is *YOU* and it shows! I love band tees too and I’m filing away nice boots and coat to rock them while the weather’s still cold!

  • Your coat is so cool Emma, everything works so well together in this outfit!

  • Looking gorgeous ladies!! <3 Always love, love seeing your sister style posts and both of these outfits are SO gorgeous! xo

  • Emma, I love your coat!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I’m with the other commenters. That coat is awesome, Emma! And Elsie, I love your dress, too!

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