Sister Style: Spring Blossoms

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman   Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson  Abeautifulmess.comKingdom coffee in Springfield, MOSpringfield, moElsie Larson and Emma Chapman Here's some top-of-mind stuff in our lives this week:

•We've been working nonstop to put the finishing touches on Blog Love 2.0 (our new e-course all about blogging). We can't wait to share it with you—hopefully the last week of this month! 

•Trey and I got addicted to True Detective and watched the whole first season in a weekend (last weekend). I know, we have a problem. But seriously, check out True Detective (unless you can't handle murder/crime investigation type shows).

•Yay that taxes are finally over (from 2013)! Even though we had to turn in Q1 books the same week, we're still celebrating. Taxes for any small business can be a little hairy sometimes. 

•I *think* I finally purchased the swimsuit for our upcoming beach trip (next month). Swimsuit shopping online is tough. Plus, I'm one of those ladies who needs two different size bikinis. Anyone else have this problem? 

•Spring blossoms are happening. It's the best. I'm excited to start getting outside more. Time to start planning some hiking or camping adventures.

Emma Chapman and Elsie LarsonElsie Larson and Emma Chapman  Shadow photos Shadow photosOutfit details // Emma's wearing: dress/ASOS, leggings c/o ModCloth, shoes c/o Seychelles, jacket/Express, purse c/o ChicWish and sunnies/UO. Elsie's wearing: Cardigan/American Apparel, Top/Target, Sunnies and Skirt/F21, Barrettes/, Boots c/o ModCloth, Bag/Annie Williams

Happy Spring! xo. Emma + Elsie

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited using Merit from the Signature Collection,  Alice, and Pink and Lavender spots from the Fresh Collection.

Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson A Beautiful Mess actionsP.S. A note on using our color spot actions: These might seem a little tricky, but did you know you can move them and change how they look? Make sure you are using your Selection tool (or just type the letter "V") and select your Color Spot layer, and you can move it anywhere—you can make it bigger or smaller. Sarah moved these around and changed the opacity to be about 35%, and changed the blending mode to Lighten (the blending modes are in the drop-down menu next to the Opacity slider). You can even change the color if you double-click on the spot layer in your Layers palette and then click on the gradient color that pops up. 

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