Sister Style: Taco Tuesday

Taco TuesdayHey, friends! Let’s talk about a subject we are very passionate about… tacos!

Now, I love myself a fish taco, and I had a falafel taco recently that was life changing. In a serious/romantic moment, I even asked Jeremy if we could become “taco people” together.

He, of course, accepted.

I’m joking a little, but mostly serious. Recently we drove across town to try a random bar that looked cute online. Well we got straight up catfished because that bar was NOT CUTE in person, but it was worth it all because as we were driving away, we discovered really good tacos. And let’s be honest, there was basically a zero percent chance I was going to see that BIG PINK SIGN and not pull over.

Meant to be. Stars aligned. Destiny. Tacos. <— a poem

Oh and here are some outfit photos too!

Taco Tuesday Taco Tuesday Taco Tuesday Taco Tuesday Taco Tuesday Taco Tuesday Taco Tuesday Elsie’s Wearing: Dress/DusenDusen, Sunnies/Wildfox, Jacket/Madewell (embroidered at an event at my local Madewell store), Bag/Oui Fresh., Shoes/Swedish Hasbeens.

And because it was right next door, we also visited Bobby’s Dairy Dip for a cherry milkshake.

Bobby's Dairy DipBobby's Dairy DipBobby's Dairy DipBobby's Dairy DipBobby's Dairy DipAlright, sister! Take it away!

Emma Chapman How to wear a bandana Silhouette Emma ChapmanOh man, sister, this makes me wish so bad you were back in Springfield and we were still shooting Sister Style together… because then I would get a taco. Nevertheless, count me in among the “taco people”. The other night our brother, Doren, came over on a Sunday night, so a number of things were closed in our town. But we drove almost 20 minutes (which is kind of far considering our city isn’t that big) for tacos at a favorite spot – Purple Burrito. Only a few of their locations were open at that time, but we were both in NEED of fish tacos, so we made it happen. 🙂

But in these photos, I’m just sipping a latte at Eurasia cafe while Janae patiently snaps a few photos of me. It might not be tacos, but it’s still pretty great. Lattes are probably one of my favorite daytime indulgences. I usually get a vanilla latte (how basic!), sometimes with an extra shot of espresso if I want to feel WIDE awake. 🙂

Shoes Emma Chapman Emma’s Wearing: Top or trench or dress?/Rom.we, Jeans/F21, Shoes/H&M (similar shoes here), Bandana/Hobby store (one of my top hang outs as you can imagine), Purse/Oui Fresh

What about you guys? Are you taco people? What’s your latte order? Happy summer vibes to you!!!! xx. Elsie + Emma

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, Photography: Amber Ulmer and Janae Hardy. 

  • One of my favorite coffee shops (out of the 5 that I frequent; like, who has just 1?!) almost always has a really cute/delicious latte drink of the day so I get that + 4 shots of espresso because this place does not judge. Lol
    If you ever make it to the Quad Cities I highly recommend Coffee Hound in either Davenport,IA or East Moline,IL
    P.S. Beautiful ensembles as always, ladies!

  • I’ve followed your blog on and off for the last several years and I still can’t get enough, even when taking a blog world break! This taco shop looks divine, and I’m adoring both of your outfits.



  • Thank you so much for featuring the trench coat/dress/top from Romwe! I’d never heard of Romwe before and went to check it out and immediately found amazing deals for great items! And the shipping’s way cheap. Anyway…thanks. 🙂

  • I love your dress! It’s super cute! AND those tacos look delicious!

  • Came here to say the same thing! Emma, you’re rocking that coat/dress like nobody’s business.

  • In Texas you have to be a taco person, or they kick us out. JK! But I love me some tacos, they’re technically their own food group here, along with chips and queso. I second the comment about adding some sort of taco shirt to the collection!

  • LOVE both of these! Emma, you look amazing! These are really stunning photos and you look like you’re ready to take on the world.

    You both are so inspiring!


  • Totally taco over here but they’re kind of hard to find in the Northeast. A new place opened near MIT that’s really good and they have super good aquafrescas too! I wasn’t a taco person until I went to Texas last year and got hooked on the good stuff.
    Now I want tacos…

  • Hi Marcy! You can see some of the past Work Wears sister style posts here: 🙂 -Jacki

  • I could eat tacos/Mexican everyday and live a very fulfilled life. I love how you showcase spots in Nashville that I never know about until I look on your blog. It’s sad that I live and grew up here and still don’t know half of these places, but high five for highlighting them!

  • Oh this is such a great location! And I love how happy you look in these pictures 🙂
    Have a great day!
    xx, Carmen –

  • LOVE.

    Would you ever consider doing a Sister Style for the modern working girl? I would love to see what your style would be for a office casual workplace!

  • Tacos: Cactus Taco stand in Hollywood or Malo in Echopark
    Summer coffee order: the coffee carts at my workplace (the Getty Center) serve an iced cafe au lait that’s just perfection.
    Current go to summer treat: Trader Joe’s ice cream in my freezer. 🙂
    Love the outfits, love the convo about SUMMER TREATS, COFFEE and TACOS! 🙂

  • Do you know ANY way you could tell me that dark wall color in Emma’s photos? I have been dying to have exactly it for my living room.

  • That place looks amazing, and I love your dress Elsie!

  • Taco people unite! I live for a good chicken tinga taco. I’m even more tempted to book a trip to Nashville after checking out the menu for Bajo Sexto and seeing the beautiful aesthetic of that place! hmm…..

    ps – Please make some kind of taco themed shirt or apparel for oui fresh?!

  • Love, love, love the black and white dress. And the embroidery on the denim jacket. The black vest is super chic!

  • Wow Emma, you look great in that black dress and I’m really digging Elsie’s denim jacket, so cute! I love this theme so much. Beautiful, beautiful pictures girls!


    Laurali Star

  • These are by far, the most beautiful photos of Emma ever. Perfection. 🙂

  • better question, who isn’t a taco person?!?
    Elsie: The poem was great! That made me smile!

  • Love tacos……but I keep it traditional (no fish tacos for this gal). The only problem is, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a spot where they serve good tacos without that disgusting, vile, evil cilantro (sorry…..I really hate the stuff) so I’ve been avoiding restaurants and opting for homemade instead.

  • Emma, your outfit is amazing. You totally look like you’re ready to take on the world, creative business mogul style. Very cool.
    There is a little restaurant in a gas station (wait for it) that has the most amazing tacos. They are made right in front of you and are the best I have ever eaten. It’s my family’s go to fast food.

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