Sister Style: Unseasonably Warm

1212121212Elsie’s Wearing: Sunnies and Necklace/Moorea Seal, T-Shirt/Honey Of California, Purse/ASOS (it’s SO tiny!), Santa Pin/Valley Cruise Press, Jeans/Jessica Simpson Collection, Jacket/Past season F21 (borrowed from Laura), Clogs/TopShop (SO comfy for big heels-LOVE them). 

Hey, guys. Emma here. So this is sort of different for me because this is actually the very first Sister Style that Elsie and I have put together long distance! Her from her new home in Nashville and me back in Springfield, MO. One of the things we talked about as Elsie planned her move was how we still wanted to do our Sister Style feature together even when we were apart. Obviously the world wouldn’t end if we stopped posting photos of ourselves online. Ha! But, what you can maybe-sort-of-kind-of guess from reading this site is that a lot of things we post about we do simply because we love them. And we love Sister Style. It’s fun! So we didn’t want to lose it even though it’s something we’ve shot together for years and years now. 

So I shot an outfit and emailed it to Elsie, then she shot her outfit and put in this post. Then I opened it up and started typing. And here I am. And you know what’s sort of funny that I wasn’t anticipating? I feel kind of like, well, probably like every other ABM reader as I was scrolling through these photos. I hadn’t seen this outfit before and I immediately thought, “Oh, I think she got some new shoes. Cute! And I wonder where that jacket is from? It reminds me of Laura.” Ha ha!

I guess what I’m saying is, it was actually really fun being “surprised” by seeing what she put together. Maybe this seems obvious to all of you, which totally makes sense. But I’m just so used to being there when we shoot together. So it’s kind of fun being on the other side sometimes too. I think this is gonna be a fun. 🙂

76 6 6 3 3 3 Emma’s Wearing: Dress and Shoes/ASOS, Jacket c/o ModCloth (last year), Hat and Tights/Target, Purse/Rebecca Minkoff.

The other random thing about these two outfits is that even though Elsie and I live seven hours apart now, we’ve still both been seeing some unseasonably warm weather. I mean, it’s very often snowing in December, but as you can see, we are far from wearing our snow boots yet.

Anyway, thanks for letting us share (and me ramble on) our first long distance Sister Style. Here’s to many more years of emailing photos of each other back and forth like weirdos. 🙂 xo. Emma (and Elsie)

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. Photography: Laura Gummerman and Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

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