Sister Style: We Love Our Dad

We love our dad 1We love our dad 2We love our dad 3On Valentine's Day our dad stopped by our shop and left two matching blue boxes! We thought it was the sweetest thing ever. He picked out necklaces for us. Mine has a sewing machine charm and Emma's has a cupcake. We're wearing them all the time now… so this Sister Style if for our dad! 

Elsie's Wearing: Top/Gap, Skirt/Anthropologie (a very sweet gift from my husband!), Gold Necklace c/o Shlomit Ofir, Mimi Camera Bag c/o Kelly Moore, Clogs c/o Lotta from Stockholm, Belt/ASOS, Glasses/gift from Rachel.  

We love our dad 4We love our dad 5We love our dad 6Thanks for being so sweet, dad! We love you. XO. e+e

Emma's Wearing: Top c/o Ruche, Hour Glass Necklace c/o Barberry And Lace, Jeans/Jessica Simpson Collection, Boots/Vintage. 

  • i absolutely adore your outfit! You are so beautifull 🙂

  • Its seems feeling good when your dad gifted such a nice collection of outfit and stylish accessories.

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  • Elsie, I love your outfit in this post! Cute necklaces too – you have a very kind dad.

  • wow I’m so drooling over your outfit, Elsie! just perfect! And that first photo… one word: DRAWING!! 🙂

  • This is my most favorite outfits both of you have ever worn! Elsie I love the mixed printsand Emma you look super foxy as well! Good looking fam! Your outfit post, how to’s, and sweet treats are so inspring~ every time I visit your blog I have the sudden urge to wear a dress and throw a party. Thanks for sharing!


  • This is so sweet. 🙂 You guys are some very, very lucky daughters!

    Also, Elsie, I LOVE your hair color! I’ve been trying to get my own to mimic the exact shade of yours for a while now! How do you do it?

  • nice blog post for fashion lovers as it produces a fashionable look!…….

  • You have the most beautiful silhouette I’ve just about ever seen Elsie!! Dads are the greatest!

  • Such a thoughtful dad! Those necklaces are beautiful. Also, Elsie: your pattern mixing is just wonderful. I love it!

  • Way to go Dad! Very sweet! I’m totally loving the sewing machine necklace! Do you think he’d be willing to share where he found it?

  • How kind!! Reckon if my dad picked anything out i have nooo idea what i would get lol…..think my mum sorts that kind of thing!!!xxxx

  • Your dad sounds so sweet! p.s. I love the last picture of emma. SO pretty.


  • That is SO sweet! You both look amazing in them:)

    Stephanie May*

  • elsie- please share how you fixed your hair!!! i love it. and at emma- girl look at those awesome collarbones in your last photo! so pretty!!!!!

  • Thats so sweet, although I know my dad loves me deeply, he would never do something like this. 🙂

    And I absolutely love your hair in this, elsie. how do you get those gentle curls? its adorable.

  • Sweet! My dad has been sick for a long time… so the whole family had to take care of him (… He’s been better since two weeks, and I’m so looking forward to have him go shopping with me again!!

  • Perfect gift! How sweet he gave these to you on Valentine’s Day! 🙂 I love your hair Elsie. It always looks so shiny and the color is amazing! Think i’m taking the first picture with me to the hairdresser!

    Love, Sari

  • So sweet. I love the patterns on you, Elsie and love Emma’s simple yet trendy outfit. I’m getting more into fashion here lately, as i’ve never really cared too much about it before.

  • You guys are radiant in these photos. So beautiful! And, Elsie, I adore your outfit. That’s such a thoughtful gift from your dad. 🙂

  • this made me tear up a little…we made the difficult decision this weekend to move my father to a 24 hour care facility due to his battle with parkinson’s disease. i imagine that if he had his cognitive function like he used to he would have done something like this for my sister & i.

    what a sweet & loving gesture from your father. <3

  • My goodness, that is so cute! I love the mix of prints in the first outfits too!

  • Dads are so great and it looks like you guys have a good one, too. Emma is a bombshell in that last photo. I love it.

  • I definetely don’t like the first outfit, but the pics are lovely and you both look gorgeous!

  • You girls look fantastic!
    Elsie I love, love, love, your hair color! Tell me your secret!


  • Simple and sweet! My sister is a photographer and I sew, I’ll have to hint at this present idea to my parents…very sentimental.

  • In that third picture, Emma looks exactly like you. Sometimes you two look like twins.

  • aww your dad has good taste! i think this is the best outfit post i liked of yours elsie. The skirt, the top and the necklace, they all go together. love it!

  • really a fan of your blog!! everything on this blog is truly beautiful! from diys, tips, ideas, style to the blog owner herself!!

    from Philippines 🙂
    paint it stripes

  • You have the sweetest dad! And you two are so beautiful!

  • what a sweetheart!



  • Awww what a lovely post! Your dad seriously is the sweetest!
    P.s ELSIE!! I was watching New Girl and I immediately thought of you! Have you watched it? Jess (in the show) is sooo much like you, shes pretty like you and makes cupcakes and likes ribbons and ahh! she just reminded me of you so much haha! its a fab series!


  • your first photo is really pretty 🙂 and i love both the necklaces the cupcake is so cute 🙂

  • Elsie, you’re hair looks so amazing!!!
    Especially in the first photo.
    Thought you would like to know that I love it!!
    XO Samantha

  • Your dad is the cutest. Love how personal a gift it is because it reflects your personalities.

    ♥ sécia

  • love how he pays attention to the details of what you gals love!! melts my heart 😉

  • I love this! Especially how totally unmatchie Elsie’s outfit is! Makes me want to dress more boldly! The location is fascinating, too! Amazing post!

  • Aw, cutest thing ever! He has such good taste too!


  • I really like your outfit here. It looks very organic and carefree, yet put-together chic. The skirt reminds me or African textile, too.

  • That is so sweet of your dad! You both look gorgeous!
    xo Heather

  • You both look so beautiful! I love the hair, Elsie. Did you get extensions or is your hair just growing amazingly fast?


  • Both of these outfits are adorable! The glasses are super cute, too.

  • Aww, what a nice gift from your Dad! Both necklaces are gorgeous. Your Dad has excellent taste!

  • Awww. Your daddy has great taste.

    I don’t think my father would pick out anything like that, however he is relatively patient when I spend 2+ hours in a thrift store, so he still gets an awesome father award.:)

    You gals look amazing!


  • What a lovely gift!! And your mixed patterns are stunning here, as are you lady!! Both you & your sister are so fabulously stylish… lovely inspiration as always! xo veronika

  • I was so taken aback by the gorgeous styling that I almost missed the amazing story behind it. Super Dad!!!

  • awww that is so adorable!!!!! You have such a special dad.
    Love the photos 🙂

  • Oh my goodness. These are some of the most beautiful photos you’ve posted.

    You are both STUNNING.

  • Oh, that’s so cute!!! Dads are always the best men!!! 🙂

  • This shot of you is stunning! This photo makes me want to go get bangs again. Texas humidity says no, but I can live vicariously through your cute hairstyles! Love the color, love the outfit 🙂

  • Elise, Your hair is gorgeous. I see other people commenting on this too, but this is how I want my hair to look so very much, and it never, never will! 🙂

  • What a sweetheart. Family love is a wonderful Valentine gift.Rx

  • This is adorable! I love the sewing machine necklace and I love your clogs. This makes me want to call my sister!

  • those necklaces are gorgeous!!! and I absolutely adore your print mixing! Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

  • so adorable.
    may we see you gals’ tattoos up close sometime? i am in the market for my 1st.

  • elsie, i absolutely adore your outfit today! i’m normally attracted to your bright colors but this outfit is all about bold pattern and neutrals! love it!


  • I second that! I have really thick bangs as well and I would love to know more about your hair care routine 🙂

    xoxo~ Michelle

  • super cute! my bf bought me a sewing necklace charm as well. i love it so much and am waiting to sew something to wear w/ it & then share w/ my blog readers 😉

  • so cute! elise please do a blog on your hair routine color/cut/products/blow. always beautiful!

  • Precious! So thoughtful how he matched your necklaces to your interests.
    Catherine Denton

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