sneak peeks & wednesday life notes…

first of all…just a few peeks from our update (Friday 11AM/CST):
we have a new 'camper' themed craft kit
(so so soooo excited! i LOVE camping…. everything about camping reminds me of funny stories about my dad. and eating lucky charms with my sister in our red tent!)

and new stickers.. there are four sets… i'll show you peeks from two, for now…
cameras & musica!! 😀
i'll share more tomorrow!! i have a ton of new paintings, ACEO cards and more cute surprises.
it is SO wonderful having Leigh-Ann here. i usually enjoy working alone, but i've really loved having a 'partner' getting ready for this update. she's seriously amazing. i'm gonna do a concept photo shoot with her later this week.
speaking of, i have so many photo ideas i feel like i am going crazy. it's really exciting. i don't know what caused this rush of inspiration, but i am really thankful. it's probably my favorite feeling in the world… top 5 (at least)!

a few photos from today:
you'll never guess what i was thinking at this exact moment….

3 posts in one day! it's a Christmas miracle!!
Let's celebrate with orange juice OR cereal… i'll let you choose.
Night. Els

  • OMG! The kit looks like it is amazing! I was just looking through your blog at scrapbooking stuff. I tried again tonight but then gave up and felt lost. 🙁 one day…one day…


  • I might have to drive out there and steal your green wall…

    LOVE the camper themed stuff! I hope you have a s’more set. Nothing says camping like gooey marsh-mutts!

  • I love campers too!! My friend and I have been day dreaming about taking a streamline across the states for ages now 🙂

    I’m really happy that you’ve posted so much today too. It’s really great to see new things every time I check in. Thanks for the inspiration Elsie!


  • I wish I had a camper!!! You look beautiful in that last pic by the way. The sun always gives me inspiration bursts, what’s your inspiration instigator?

  • I love the camper OMG 😀
    Can I order the kit already??

    We are looking for a volkswagencamper, a lovely old one.. such a dream..

    I promised myself a creative day today, so I am going to get started! If you want you can check out my website (if you want to leave a message you can do that at ‘krabbelboekje’)

    Have fun!

    ps if you google it’s better to use It is the black version of the white one, but it uses less energy!

  • Hi Elsie,
    I LOVE the camper stuff! I just finished renovating an old “canned ham” camper…it will be road ready in a week or two! How exciting! Can’t wait to see the whole kit!

  • Inspiration is funnn!! 😀

    I’m wondering whether I could persuade you to share your favorite bubble tea recipe?? I just got some large tapioca pearls (they’re actually quite hard to find in Norway), and I’m dying to try bubble tea!!!

  • It is a miracle!!!
    I was writing an essay yesterday (ie I was extremely bored) so I kept checking back…and I was sooooo happy to find so many new posts :o)

  • I love the camping stuff! Are you going to make some with tents? We are a tent family. 🙂 My husband did the camper thing when he was younger though with his grandparents. And I went to the scrapbook store yesterday and bought some of your noel paper from last Christmas. You are so incredibly talented. I wish we lived in Springfield so that I could craft with you. (If you would have me.) 🙂 My friend Jodie got to meet you and I am jealous!

  • I’ve just been linked to this blog for the 1st time, and it is truly amazing. So much inspiration. Love what you do, keep it up!

  • Hi Elsie, I’m a photographer in NW Ohio, and I LOVE looking for inspiration in all kinds of places. Well, your blog is one of them 🙂 So, hello to you !

  • Missteee, gosh! i wish i had a good recipe to share 🙁 let me know if you find one you like! i just made mine up… basically REALLY sweet fruit teas with tapioca!

    Kim… yes.. just in case it sells out before the evening i’ll save you one. no worries. they usually last at least 24 hours, though!

    THANK YOU everyone!!! Loviesss!

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