Snow Day Hat DIY

Snow_hat_DIY hello there. i have a cute DIY project to share with you today! i’ve had some snowy days here in Missouri lately and i decided to make a cute hat for the cold weather. this pattern can be modified to fit anyone in your family and even your pup! here are the hats i made… 

Hat_tutorial_suppliessupplies needed: yarn (i like the ultra thick Lion Brand yarn for my adult sized hats and regular yarn for the puppy/doll versions), white yarn for the pom-pom, white embroidery thread, a crochet hook (i like to use larger hooks to speed of up the process!) NOTE: you can easily convert this to a knitting or sewing project, if you would like, scissors and a pom-pom maker (mine is made by Clover & i love it! you can also make them without a tool here’s how).

Step_1step 1: measure around your head (or the head of the person you are making it for) from jawbone to jawbone.

Snow_hat_step_2step two: crochet a rectangle the length of your measurement. make it wide enough to fit like a ‘bonnet’ on your head when you hold one side together. this width will be slightly different for every hat, so do as many fittings as you need to to get it just right. to make this a sewing project, simply cut a rectangle of felt or fleece to fit these measurements (double layers would be even cuter!). 

Step_3step 3: stitch up one side of your rectangle (to create the ‘bonnet’ shape) and turn it inside out. 

Pom_pom_tutorialStep 4: making pom-poms is easy as pie. simply wrap both sides of the plastic pieces with yarn, cut the yarn around the shape and tie them together with a piece of embroidery floss in a matching color (i prefer to use embroidery floss over yarn because it’s easier to get a super tight knot!). trim the stray pieces and ta-da! 

Step_5step 5: stitch your pom-pom to the top point of your hat. use 3-5 stitches to make it extra secure. 

Step_6Step 6: cut two pieces of yarn at least 36 inches (you might want it longer if you plan to tie your strings in a bow). fold them in half and tie them to the edge of one side of your hat. braid the pieces, knot the bottom. 

Cute_hat_DIY there are lots of ways to customize your hat and give it personal touches! you can sew pom-poms to the ends of your ties or use a button closure at the neck instead of ties. here are a few more photos of my finished products…. 

Hat_3 Dog_hat Hat_elsieSnow_hat_lula Puppy_hatIMG_4843Just_for_fun Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy crafting! XO. elsiecake                

  • loved it!!! check out my blog for pics of my doggies with the snow day hat. I was too lazy to make 3 of them… I gotta revisit this project soon.

  • loved it!!! check blog for pics of my doggies with the snow day hat. I was too lazy to make 3 of them… I gotta revisit this project soon.

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  • i LOVE how you “posed” all the hats! They are so dumb cute! I want one for my next bundle…whenever that is!

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  • super easy and cool idea!!! I’m a crafter and I couldnt think on a easier way to make a hoodie/beanie than this… congrats u have a very nice and helpfull blog!

    Come along and visit mine!

    greetings from across the border!! 😀

  • So I tried to make one for my 1yr old daughter but it looks like a sweatshirt hood-bc it’s so big in the back. Any suggestions on how to fix that?

  • Beautiful scarf. I love it. I never see such wonderful scarf.

  • Awesome scarf! I like it’s design and pattern with different colors. The big white head of scarf is very beautiful.

  • I bet you could make a matching scarf and combine it to make one of these:×400.jpg

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  • May I ask, what crochet stitch did you use? It looks like knitting! I’m adept, so I can do it if you tell me! I love the shape, just what I was looking for, ty!

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  • Totally cute idea! I’m going to start one right now in bright pink and pale yellow!

  • I made one today! It’s great. It may be my way of trying to change the weather. It’s supposed to be 100 degrees here in Cincinnati tomorrow.

  • Thanks for this tute, I just made one on the weekend for my bubby. She looks very cute in it. (Just blogging it now if you want to see)

  • soooo cute!!! I’ll try it!!!:)

    and your pug is sooooo lovery,too♥♥!!!

    Thank you:)

  • wow. it is unbelievable. I love it so much . Thanks for your sharing. cool .great. I sure I’ll come back soon.

  • wow, this is awesome, I saw it on northern hi-lights blog and had to come over to make one!

    your dog is tooooooooooooooo cute to exist, I love it!

  • I love this pattern!! So easy but sooo cute! I have posted pictures of my hat and a link back to your pattern on my blog. Thanks so much for the great pattern!!

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  • *gasp* THANKS! i just finished a scarf, so this looks like the next project! so cool! so perfect! its winter here and freezing. 🙂

    thank you for sharing!

  • I just learned how to crochet this past weekend and now I can actually make something cute!

  • I LOVE it! I think I’m going to start knitting matching ones for me and my Blythe like, today 😀

  • I REALLY admire your blog, Elsie!!!

    You have a very good taste and I like it! xoxo

  • love this hat! would you mind if I altered the pattern and sold it on my etsy storefront? thanks!

  • Thankyou, this is such an easy tutorial!! My just nine year old knitted one for her Blythe doll and has plans for more (plus a larger one for herself).

  • I made one for my friend’s new baby! Didn’t have a different colour yarn for the pom but folded some silk and topped the hat with some ruffles:

  • Hey, I had a go at making it and this is how it looked 🙂 { }
    I think I made it a bit too small but I love it anyway (Y)
    thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  • Hey Elsie…for those wanting to know what stitch you made, it’s called tunisian crochet. just youtube it…it’s crochet made to look like a knit stitch.

  • Hi Elsie!! Love your blog….look forward to reading it every day. Just wondering what kind of stitch you crocheted. I tried single crochet but it doesn’t look like that.

  • Todo me parece hermoso es impresionante como hacen cosas que de verdad yo me quedo sorprendida por la habilidad y la creatividad para hacer algo…….De verdad mil felicitaciones y que DIOS bendiga tanta creatividad y originalidad…..

  • Hello! I would really love to have/buy a painting, if you would like to paint a swedish girl!

  • oh mahhh goodness! I love this hat! I think I will make one for myself today for the upcoming snow storm expected around these parts!!

    love your blog dear!!

  • Hey there all! I just signed up as well, can’t wait. What a burst of inspiration this will be!!!!

  • i just have to say, your pug complements the snow hat very well! once a pug owner, always a pug lover! thanks for making me smile. 🙂

  • Very cute hat. I love the picture of the little dog wearing one, I have a black lab and he would hate it!lol

  • hey elsie. we love these here. Thanks for the dyi info! so fun.

    here’s a few pictures of one I made for my baby:

  • hi, i’d like to know what is the crochet stitching called that you used in this hat. is it front loop crocheting? i like it cuz it has that stockinette stitch appearance like in knitting and i want that.

    thx in advanced

  • I have never made more than a scarf, but this was super easy and adorable, I’m in love! I made it a bit wider than it needed to be and then flipped the edge up so it frames the face. I used yarn to tie the pom pom on and made a little bow with the excess strands inside the hat. Thanks Elsie!

  • Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve made one and I’m off to make more! A girl must have a hat in every color.

  • One of my goals for this year is to learn how to crochet and after seeing this I absolutely must! I can’t get over how cute your dog looks in that hat! My dog definitely needs an adorable hat like this!

  • Jessie, I am now sure which blog service you use (google reader, bloglovin or blogspot) but you can usually take the URL and add it in when you are logged into your reader. 🙂 Hope that helps!!

  • I am curious, how do i fallow u? i tried to find a fallow button but cant. could u possibly help?

  • Jessica, I sorta taught myself to crochet… it’s possible i am doing it wrong! lol :)) XO. e

  • This is adorable, but I’m confused. These look like knit stitches. Is this some crochet stitch that looks knit-like? If so, I’d love to know what it is!

    Maybe, also, I’m just crazy. Entirely possible.

  • Super Cute I cant wait to get out my crochet hook again and make one for some friends and family!

  • This is such a good pattern, I am not very good at crochet but will difinately give this a go, thank you very much x

    Susie x

  • Vous avez de ces couleurs sur la tête c’est super, j’adore


  • Il y a vraiment de belles photos et plein de couleurs sur ton blog congratulations


  • I did it :] This was so much fun to make Elsie! It wasn’t perfect but crocheting is my new fave. Practice, practice, practice! Thank you for the wonderful project and inspirational blog xxx

  • Oh, its so cute!
    And thanx so much for the tutorial!

    I gotta go to the store now to get some wool! 😀

  • Very cute! I’ll make one for my self but I don’t think my dog (a mini scnau) would wear one! Too bad!

  • made one last night! not as cute as yours, but i’ll work on it. 🙂 thanks for the great ideas!

  • What a nice blog!
    And that dog is really cute! Sooo awesome!
    Little goody too shoes.

  • I saw this yesterday and immediately decided to knit one for my dog. She thought I was being absolutely ridiculous, but I think she’s adorable:

    Thank you for posting this! I’ll be making one for me, too! ^^

  • This tutorial is great! I made mine from fabric and it really took no time at all. If you want to take a look it´s here:

  • omgosh, no! do you own blythe dolls? oh you are so fortunate. i dream of owning one, one day. anywhoot, kudos on your lil project.


  • So perfectly sweet and simple. I’m making one for me and my girls!

  • Thanks so much for sharing this Elsie! I’ve been looking to buy a cute winter hat, but now I’m going to just make my own! yay!!

  • Oh, my goodness, they’re *so* adorable! Thank you for the tutorial, Elsie! I can’t wait to knit one! =)

  • that’s adorable!
    but bee careful ppls! i cut my finger ridiculously deep making poms poms with my fingers… and it hurt soooo bad!

  • adorable!! now i just need to learn to crochet haha. I can’t get over your pug in the hat! I’ve worked with a few pugs and that is a classic pug expression…soooooo cute!

  • Haha how cute! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!

  • So cute! I’m terrible at crochet, but I think that even I could do this. Thank you!

  • Aw this is so precious! I love the hat! I seriously wish I could crochet because I would LOVE to make this hat. Adorable!

  • Making mine tonight 🙂 🙂
    P.S. I have the same pompom maker & it is simply too fun! It seems like pompoms are popping up everywhere around me now!

  • um, yeah. These are stinkin’ adorable! Must give it ago. How sweet would they be for valentines treats!!!

  • Thank you so much for this tutorial ! It’s such a cut hat ! I can’t wait to buy some nice wool to make It !

  • So cute!!! I just learned how to crochet this past weekend and now I can actually make something cute! My mom taught me the basic single crochet stitch. I am surprised at how addicting crocheting is!

  • LOVE THIS. I’m a begin-er crocheter.. and have been wanting a new hat for a few days now. this is totally perfect, Elsie! gonna’ whip onna’ these out this week.. and possibly make a few for friends as well. 🙂 <3 <3

  • I love this tutorial! So cute! I made one for one of my amigurumi dolls!

  • Definately going to do this. Moving to Columbia, Mo in a week and it’s much colder in the middle of the state than it is on the eastern side. This will keep me warm on my walks to class!

    thanks for the tut!

  • dear elsie,

    you are amazing. and this blog of yours is like heaven. a place i get inspired, not just to create, but just to be happy.. you know what i mean? i really adore it, and i am so happy i found this blog.. you have helped me a lot in 2009. to be happy.. youre so adorable, i wish i knew you 🙂 i hope you neve quit! i just listened to your boyfriend’s music, (donno what took me so long) and is so great! 🙂 wish you the best for 2010. xox

  • Soooo cute! I can’t wait to make one for myself and my little one!!! As always, thank you for the super fantastic ideas.

  • That is so cute! I love how easy this is and how much you can change and embellish it to suit you needs. I’ll be linking.

  • Wow thats super cute and I might just manage with my bascic crochet skills – cheers Elsie, will definately be making this one 🙂

  • Oh my god! this is so cute! I wanna make one for myself 😀 thanks for the inspiration, elsie!

  • Wow! I can’t wait to try this out! Adorable! I’d love to make a little fabric hat too!

  • This is so cute! My crocheting skills are not the best, but this looks like a perfect opportunity to practice. Thank you!

    By the way, I adore you blog 🙂

  • Oh my! How brilliant! I recently started crocheting so this is perfect for me to work on. Especially with the 24 inches of snow that fell here yesterday in northern Vermont.

    Thanks for sharing and being so amazing!

  • I used to make those for my girls…back in the day. Sometimes I would add a shell stitch around the face for a little frill.
    Very cute, Elsie!
    Happy 2010!!

  • Very cute! This will be a great addition to my daughter’s growing hat collection! Can’t wait to give it a try, though I think I’ll knit one first. I’m still a newbie at crochet 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  • so cute! i’m going to have to try this, maybe as a little break…
    warm stew for lunch today, madmen and making this hat!

    also i dig the hair!

  • Thank you very much!
    I tried this a moment ago, but it turns out I’m not as good at crochet as I want to be 🙂 Cannot turn and go the other way, you know? I will learn however 🙂

  • Had my first crocheting lesson this holiday from my grandma. Once I feel a little more comfortable, I definitely want to take this DIY on.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • I looooooove it!

    Elsie I’m a big fan of yours. I live in Brazil and has long appreciate your work. Congrats!

  • This is adorable > If only I could knit! learnt it when I was little (Just can’t remember how!)

  • I love this project! And great timing – it looks like I’ll have a snow day this Friday! Perfect. 🙂

  • this is such a sweet, pretty and simple hat! i’m knitting one right now (i might add stripes soon!). i’m super excited for it to be done. thanks for sharing : )

  • Wow, I love it so much, I wish I could start right now!

  • TOO CUTE ELSIE!!!!!! Especially on Suki, she’s just a little doll!!


  • Aldana, I always learn best from videos. If you do too, try for a crochet video. I’ve learned tons of crafts on there! :))

  • I LOVE it! I think I’m going to start knitting matching ones for me and my Blythe like, today 😀

    I’m not very good at crocheting either… Do you know any website where we can learn the basics?

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • ah, this is totally cute. i need to learn to crochet…like yesterday!
    be safe in the snow – send some white loveliness down to dallas!

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