so far, so good…

here's what's going on in red velvet world this week…. 

-we are preparing for a big update next tuesday…. one week away! next craft kit, and various other new cuties. i'll share peeks all week (that's fun for me :D). 

-i added a headband and some cute embroidery to a vintage/handmade teddy, see…


and a couple new paintings… 



-today i made some headbands, keychain charms and cute bracelets too. yay! 

-little Suki is adjusting to her new home and role as "Official Red Velvet Beloved Pet Icon". 

ha! she's a sweet one. 


and a took a few photos on Monday with the cell phone throughout the day…




whoa… coffee… i wish i had some *right now*. i'm gonna take a bubble bath and watch the last Mad Men episode with Jeremy (and draw, of course!).

XOXO. elsie 

ps. Oh yes, i almost forgot, i only have two sponsor spaces left for August! if you'd like to advertise on A Beautiful Mess next month, e-mail Leigh-Ann for details ([email protected]). xo.

  • Holy Heck ,, Suki is so adorable!! And how cute is that head band on the bear? It is Holy Cute!!

  • I really really really love your work! Makes me smile and inspired all the time… I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU!!! =D God bless!

  • oh, i can’t wait to see the new craft kit! i wanted to buy one of yours but as i decided to do so, all kits (except the pregnancy kit ^^) were sold out 🙁

    so i am just freaking out <3
    great! 😀

  • Aww, Suki is so adorable!

    I’d like to thank you for being so inspirational! Everytime I read your blog at my “real” job I can’t wait to get home and work on the stuff I really want to do, which is sewing and creating jewelry.

    Thanks, you rock!


  • I woke up this morning craving a white chocolate mocha from starbucks…that picture is not helping! :/

    Love the little sewing machine!

  • awww i love it when pugs wear clothes like people, suki is sooo cute. she’s a wonderful rva mascot.

  • Elsie – I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I’m as far away from your world as you are mine. I live in Arizona, I’m nearly 50 years old and I’m a wife and mother of 2 wonderful daughters. Your blog brings me so much joy. I love your talent and I love your drive to make your talent your livelihood. You are an example to me. Keep it up and I will keep following you along the journey.

  • i so love these sunglasses! they really fit you! wish i could find some like these!

    ***aloha*** nika

  • I love Suki’s summery outfit 🙂 too cute!

    I saw some patterned tape today and it made me think of how awesome Elsie Tape would be. You should totally make some patterned tape!!

    Just look at patterned tape pictures on google, and you’ll fall in love 🙂

    Think about it!


  • Dear Suki

    I know I live in Australia but I saw your picture on your Mommy’s blog and I asked my Mummy if I could be your long-distance boyfriend, as I think you’re really pretty. I know long-distance is hard, so I wont mind if you have other boyfriends too, but I would like to be your special Aussie boyfriend.

    I like your pretty skirt and your big brown eyes. I am a handsome boy who loves his Mummy very much (it’s a good sign I know how to treat a lady) and I have a very sweet and loving nature.

    Oh and Mummy says I give great kisses too.

    Lots of love,

    Elvis Hall XO
    Melbourne, Australia
    (via his Mummy Kass)

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